Advantages And Disadvantages Of Printers

With printers being sold out as fast as daily necessities (2.1 million units of 3D printers alone in 2020), it is clearly evident how printers need to be utilized everywhere from home to offices and businesses; besides that, the printing industry is also flourishing at a worth of $75.3 billion.

If you are somebody who is planning to purchase a printer, you must be flustered amidst all the choices present. At a time like this, you need to educate yourself regarding the advantages and disadvantages of printers so that you can identify which features to seek and which to avoid.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Printers

Advantages Of Using Printers

Printers usually come with a world of benefits that you can access with a few clicks. We will be listing some of the biggest benefits down below so before making a purchase, make sure your printer can cater to all these advantages.


As modern-day printers grow more advanced, they are able to print on various types and sizes of media. This means a home printer can now be used to print out documents, photographs, legal papers, projects, index cards, etc.

Several trips to nearby office supply stores or commercial printing stores can be avoided. For kids, scrapbooking, making projects, designing journals, and taking on other creative tasks are made easier as they can customize their prints per need and print whenever they need to.

Ease Of Reading

Reading notes, documents, and reports off of the computer screen can be tiring and damaging for the eye. Besides that, we all know it is rather frustrating not being able to mark important parts or highlight required paragraphs.

Having a printer removes all these problems as getting hardcopies require only a few clicks. With a good printer that ensures excellent output quality, you can get sharp texts that will add no strain to your life and make work way easier to handle.

Helpful Features

As mentioned before, printers manufactured within the past few years come with colorful features that you cannot help but crave!

With outstanding resolution, the ability to print on different types of papers, and the availability of facilities like borderless printing, your printing journey will know no bounds. You can print brochures, make printables, print out fabulously designed t-shirts, customize yourself some pretty planners, easily record data on index cards and carry out many other tasks.

Simply put, using these printers you can open up the door to a new creative world that knows no limits. This allows many people to start up their home businesses.

Increased Productivity

With a printer next to you, your printing journey becomes more flexible. You are allowed to print whichever documents or reports you need and going through them requires less of an effort. Overall, work productivity significantly increases and time is also saved.

Disadvantages Of Using Printers

Like all things, the sunny side of having a printer comes with some disadvantages. You should opt to purchase a printer that will minimize these disadvantages whilst highlighting the advantages in your printing.


Initially, when you set out to visit stores and checkout printers, the first complication you will face is the price tag. You will soon realize that a printer with outstanding features comes at an astronomical price that is bound to leave a mark on your bank account. The way through this problem is to look for a printer that will only serve the features you require and nothing extra. With a lot of browsing, you will hopefully be able to find something within your price range.

Maintenance And Running Cost

You will be disappointed to know that even after using up a lot of money when buying the printer, you will need to use up more to be able to use it to the best of its abilities. Printers will require ink cartridges that can be quite expensive and some of the parts needed to run your printer will also need replacing after a while.

You can minimize this cost by getting yourself a printer that is able to run on low ink and has sturdy parts that do not require frequent maintenance.

Wastage And Damage

With a printer at your command 24/7 you will end up printing every little thing that seems to be of need; the number of papers you use up increases meaning more trees need to be cut down to meet demand. Other than that, the ink and toner are made of chemicals that release toxic chemicals to the environment when thrown.

One thing you are also likely to notice is that using a printer frequently will cause an increase in your electricity bills. This is a clear indication that electrical energy is also wasted.

Inkjet Printers

As the inkjet printer dominates the market with a worth of approximately $80.4 billion (a number that is expected to only rise over time), we can easily guess that there is a very good chance of you looking to buy an inkjet printer. Hence, we will take the liberty to quickly list some advantages and disadvantages of inkjet printers in the hope of assisting you further.

Advantages Of Inkjet Printers

Initial Cost

One immediate benefit you are likely to notice once you set out to buy an inkjet printer is the fact that it is extremely affordable; the price tag is very likely to show a value within your price limit despite the printer being multifunctional and offering scanning, copying and faxing opportunities.


When looking for a printer that will provide excellent output quality, an inkjet printer will be your trustworthy companion. With high printing resolution, it serves prints that are pleasing to look at; the color quality that is supported by inkjet printers is unmatched to that provided by other printing technologies.


Inkjet printers tend to be compact and thus, take up very little space. This is especially appreciated by home users or people who have a tiny workspace. It also gives a neat look and makes it lightweight which in turn adds portability as a characteristic.


A quiet operation process stands out as one of the biggest advantages for inkjet printers. Users can work without disrupting the entire home or work environment, unlike the very noisy dot matrix printers.

Startup Time

In a world of a limited time frame, saving every minute is important and beneficial. If you are using an inkjet printer, you can turn it on within a minute and get on with your printing business as, unlike laser printers, it requires no wake-up time. It is thus, time-saving.

Disadvantage Of Inkjet Printers


Although due to the startup time, inkjet printers can be considered as time-saving, the printing speed tones down this feature. Inkjet printers work slowly, producing only a few prints per minute and thus, can be a hassle to work with when in need of printing a lot of documents at once. This can also slow down people’s work pace and result in decreased productivity.


As the parts of an inkjet printer are not very durable, they are easily prone to damage. The printer heads get clogged after usage and end up costing a huge sum in terms of maintenance costs. Most of the users will end up buying a new printer instead of fixing an old one as it is the less expensive way to go.

Smudging And Bleeding

The aqueous ink used by inkjet printers usually tends to bleed through pages; it gets smudged at the slightest touch of water meaning prints made by an inkjet printer are not very durable. Users are also not allowed to highlight documents printed using an inkjet printer.

Cost Of Cartridges

Although you might be happily purchasing an inkjet printer due to the low price, you will have to spend a lot to get the prints. The ink cartridges used by inkjet printers cost a lot which is why many people end up ditching inkjet printers in the long run; this often stands out as one of the biggest disadvantages of having an inkjet printer.

Looking to purchase a printer?

With our list of advantages and disadvantages of the printer fully known, hopefully, you will not have to shed a sweat while choosing out the right printer for yourself. All you need to do is look for features that will maximize the advantages and minimize the disadvantages.

Have a fun time shopping and printing!

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