The 3 Best Laser Printer For Label Sheets 2022

When everything is neatly kept in their designated position, you can effortlessly fish them out in times of need. This is why organizational skills are known to be the key ingredient of a hassle-free professional and personal life.

One of my most favorite assembling techniques is labeling. The process simply includes pasting a tag on the object’s body, making recognition easier. A specific spot is also reserved for everything in your house, allowing you to identify what needs to be placed where.

Want to bring some order into your life?

Try labeling! You will only need the best laser printer for label sheets. Going through our reviews will help you find just that!

Best Laser Printer For Label Sheets

What To Look For When Selecting A Printer For Label Sheets

Hand-picking all the perfect features will make sure the money spent on your printer is worthwhile. But, to do so, you need to know what to seek and what to avoid.

Here are some things that you need to look for while picking the best laser printer for label sheets:

Print Speed

If you do not print your labels in a rush, then you can opt for something around 20 ppm and still receive satisfying results. However, if you are somebody that prints out labels regularly – for example, a seller whose product requires tags – then pick a device with a speed of around 30 ppm. They will swiftly get the job done and make sure that your work is never held up.

Output Quality

As labels tend to only contain texts, you need not worry about image quality. Instead, sharp and crispy texts need to be sought for so that you can clearly read what is written. Most laser printers ensure this, but once again, if labeling is a part of your business, do look at the printing resolutions to ensure superior quality. Again, something around 600 x 600 dpi will get the job done!

Media Compatibility

Some labels have a matte finish, while others shine brightly due to their glossy coating. Clear labels are also used, which have a plastic-like texture that differs completely from regular paper. So, while purchasing a printer, check the supported media to make sure it is compatible with your label sheets.

Ink Cost

Aside from the printer’s initial cost, you will also have to worry about the running cost, which is dependent on the ink. A printer that can let its ink last for a long time will save your money and remove the hassle of constant replacement. So, look for laser printers that utilize efficient printing systems and include toner-saving features.

The Best Laser Printer For Label Sheets On The Market

Picking 4 or 5 laser printers from dozens of options is quite a tough job. However, our team has done extensive research, and we are confident we have come out with a few of the right choices. These 3 are so far the top option. We will keep updating you.

1. Best Laser Printer For Shipping Labels – HP LaserJet Pro M404n

Best Laser Printer For Shipping Labels - HP LaserJet Pro M404n

Selection Criteria:

  • Print Speed: 40 ppm
  • Output Quality: 1200 x 1200 dpi
  • Media Compatibility: Glossy & Label Paper
  • Ink Cost: 2.2 cents per page

About HP LaserJet Pro M404n

Is label printing a part of your business? Are you a professional crafter or scraper who prints out tags on a regular basis?

If yes, the HP LaserJet Pro M404n is probably going to be your desired pick! With an outstandingly high speed (40 ppm) and resolution (1200 x 1200 dpi), it manages to churn out perfectly printed label sheets. Once this output is used for decoration or sold to customers, you are bound to receive a lot of positive feedback.

Users can print on clear, matte, and glossy labels as the printer uses an enhanced laser printing technology. White toners can also be swapped out to make prints on black sheets for regular ones.

In terms of energy efficiency, the printer manages to be my most preferred option on the list. Up to 18% more energy is saved, in comparison to all its predecessors, cutting down on your electricity bill. An auto-on /auto-off feature is also implanted within its system to ensure that the device is not unintentionally left functioning for long periods.

Lastly, I have to mention the compact size that allows you to perfectly fit into all workspaces. In addition, a built-in paper tray makes cleaning easier, allowing all your label sheets to be stowed away from dirt.


  • Leaves a small footprint
  • The printer’s price is budget-friendly
  • Can be securely connected to phones wirelessly


  • Not ideal for printing decorative labels

2. Best Laser Printers For Waterproof Labels – Brother HL – L2300D

Best Laser Printers For Waterproof Labels - Brother HL – L2300D

Selection Criteria:

  • Print Speed: 27 ppm
  • Output Quality: 2400 x 600 dpi
  • Media Compatibility: Plain & Label Paper
  • Ink Cost: 4.6 cents per page

About Brother HL – L2300D

Although the Brother HL – L2300D offers a smaller printing speed than the HP LaserJetPro M404n, you need not frown upon it. Instead, a higher resolution of 2400 x 600 dpi is provided to guarantee better and sharper quality output for all users. Therefore, small fonts can be printed on tiny labels without facing any hindrance.

One of the major disadvantages of the printer is the lack of wireless or Ethernet connectivity. However, USB cables are provided alongside the device to offer an uninterrupted connection while making prints. The flawless paper handling and straight-through paper path also make contributions to convenience by keeping your label sheets crease-free.

A ‘Toner Save’ mode tags along with other brilliant features to minimize the running cost while causing no negative impact on the quality. When paired with high-yield toner cartridges, label makers are granted high volume prints per month.

Similar to the aforementioned printer, the Brother HL – L2300D comes with packed dimensions. This allows it to be easily placed on your crafting or work desk from where it can make prints noiselessly.


  • Comes at a very low price
  • An extremely high monthly duty cycle is provided
  • Manages to print graphics along with text on labels


  • Does not support wireless or Ethernet connectivity

3. Best Printer For Candle Labels – HP LaserJet MFP M140we

Selection Criteria:

  • Print Speed: 21 ppm
  • Output Quality: 600 x 600 dpi
  • Media Compatibility: Label Paper
  • Ink Cost: 5 cents per page

About HP LaserJet MFP M140we

The HP LaserJet MFP M140we is yet another stunning choice for printing label sheets. It accommodates all your needs with several amazing features like scanning, compatibility with many OSes, and mobile printing. Although the printing speed is slow when compared with others on the list, you need not worry since producing 21 prints every minute is considered pretty efficient!

Users of this printing device can maintain a wired or wireless connection with PC and laptops. Other than this, you can also connect your mobiles or tablets using the Hp Print app to input commands. This increases convenience since you can design your labels on the phone.

When it comes to quality, the HP LaserJet MFP M140we does not disappoint. Thanks to the laser printing technology and 600 x 600 dpi resolution, the black and white output is received. All of your label sheets are handled with care, and they can even be stored in the 150 sheet paper tray which is fitted within the device’s body. This offers a tightly packed build that can effortlessly sit on your table without occupying too much space.


  • Ethernet connections are supported
  • Can be purchased at an extremely budget-friendly rate
  • The setup process is very straightforward


  • Has comparatively high running costs

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Printer Is Best For Label Printing?

The Brother HL – L2300D is an ideal pick for label printing. An exceptional laser printing technology hides within its petite body that gifts its users with outstandingly sharp texts and graphics. Hence, all the labels you print with it are of excellent quality. Moreover, people can quickly link the printing device with their computers and laptops to receive output at an even quicker pace of 27 ppm. It stands as the perfect pick for label-making businesses when paired with its extremely high monthly duty cycle. 

2. Are Laser Printers Good For Labels?

Yes, laser printers are an exceptional choice for printing labels. They always manage to offer crisp texts which are perfectly visible despite the size of the fonts used. Output is also served at an amazingly fast speed which conveniences your work gravely. Furthermore, although laser printers are expensive, the running cost is low since toners last for a long time. This acts as another advantage since it also manages to be the more budget-friendly option. Lastly, the availability of white toners enables printing on black labels – a feature that inkjet printers cannot provide.

3. What Kind Of Printer Do I Need For Clear Labels?

To print out clear labels, you need to utilize a device that works using laser printing technology. As clear labels have a feel similar to that of plastic, it resists the absorption of liquid ink. Instead, the ink needs to be fused using heat, followed by laser printers. First, powdered ink is attracted to the clear label using static electricity, and then it is heated to stick to the clear label permanently.

Inkjet printers, on the other hand, are unable to do this. They are, therefore, not suitable for printing on clear labels.

4. What Type Of Printers Can Print Labels?

Inkjet printers can be used to get colorful labels that have imprints on their surface, whereas laser printers can be used to get text-based labels. However, you cannot say that this is true for all printers.

Some printing devices will not be compatible with the label sheets that you use. During such instances, you need to purchase or use another printer whose specifications meet your needs. If you have a photo printer, you can also try to print labels successfully. 

5. Is Inkjet Or Laser Better For Stickers?

As stickers may consist of photographs, clip arts, colors, and designs, inkjet printers stand out as the preferred choice. They provide a high-resolution and vibrant output, which are appealing to look at, grabbing the attention of others. In contrast, laser printers provide poor quality colored prints which do not do justice to your intended work. Results might be blurry, preventing your stickers from showcasing the intended graphics.

Nevertheless, if you intend to print out completely writing-based stickers, laser printers are ideal. They offer more precision when it comes to text, properly displaying everything.

6. Can Avery Laser Labels Be Used With Inkjet?

Yes, you can use an inkjet printer to get etches on the surface of an Avery laser label. However, the quality will be very poor as it is mainly built for laser printers that use heat and electric-based technology. In addition, a lot of the ink will not be properly absorbed, creating smudges that can ruin your Avery label’s look.

Instead, you should seek the Avery Inkjet labels, which are built to pair up perfectly with liquid. In addition, they are quick to soak up the ink sprayed on by printheads, providing the user with outstanding hard copies of their labels.


Label printers will help you maintain order in your surroundings. It keeps everything sorted and decreases the time you spend searching for items. You can also utilize their assistance to tag all the spices in your kitchen, making your cooking time much less confusing.

If you have properly gone through our reviews and buying guide, by now, you must have stumbled onto some of the best laser printers for label sheets. So which is the printing device that mainly caught your attention?

Do scheme through all the features, benefits, and drawbacks before making a pick! Then, have a fun time printing and labeling!