The 5 Best Printer For Notary Signing Agents 2022

Do you use a printer for your notary signing agent business? If so, what kind of printer do you have?

Do you need to get another one or you’re simply a newbie in this realm? 

As a Notary Signing Agent, you know how frustrating it can be if you don’t have the right printer. So many different printers claim to be fast and efficient! But do all of those stand by their promises?

Not really!

You want something that gets your works done quickly, not something that’ll add to your stress by being slow!

Therefore, we’ve curetted a list of the best printer for notary signing agents to help you take the right decision.

Best Printer For Notary Signing Agents

What To Consider Before Buying Printer For Notary Signing Agents?

You cannot check dozens of features while approaching to purchase a printer for printing notary sighing documents. We summed up a few features, and these should be sufficient. Please check out these: printing speed and quality, multifunction ability, dual tray capacity, toner/ink cost, and monthly duty cycle.

Print Speed And Quality

The signing agents who are often under pressure due to tight deadlines need a fast-paced printer. But a quick printer shouldn’t cost you quality of printing either! You want your works to look professional, right?

You should aim for a printer that can deliver 40 to 50 printouts per minute (ppm). Depending on your budget you can settle for a bit less. But make sure it doesn’t go lower than 35 ppm.

As for quality, aim for at least 1200 × 1200 dpi. But the higher, the better.

Multifunction Ability

Why purchase several machines if one can do it all? All-in-one and multifunction printers can scan and copy as well. Some can even fax!

Such printers are not only cost-efficient but also space saving. So, in this era of fusion, why settle for a single-function machine?

Apart from that, the multifunction printers can share their features with computers connected through the same network. Sounds quite intriguing, right?

Dual Tray Capacity

A dual tray laser printer is the best choice for a loan signing agent. Some agents suggest inkjet printers, but a dual tray laser printer has better efficiency. It can print the letter and legal size in the same document set.

This printer can interchange the sizes of the document depending on the required size. However, it is really confusing if a letter is printed on a legal-size paper or vice versa. In addition, the loan papers remain unsigned or need to be re-signed because of these problems. So, the paper size is a significant factor for dual tray laser printers.

Dual tray laser printers may seem expensive at first, but these printers are more economical in the long run. Laser toners print quality sheets. Therefore, it is a money-saving machine. The cost of printing per page is 2 to 4 cents. An inkjet printer costs 5 to 7 cents per page.

A loan has to print around 250 pages for the borrower. The dual tray laser is the best fit for this purpose. It can print 12 to 20 pages in a minute, while an inkjet printer prints 3 to 13 pages. Therefore, a dual tray laser is 2 to 4 times faster than inkjets. Also, the result is excellent.

Ink/Toner Cost 

It’s important to stay on top of your business expenses. Signing agents often need to carefully budget for printing, which can be over the top in the long run if you don’t lay your hands on a cost-effective printer! 

Printers that use reasonable toner or ink are necessary because they’ll help keep costs level-headed without harming profits too much.

Monthly Duty Cycle

Since notary signing agents depend on printers, this is a very significant part. The documents that they may have to print on a daily basis might be50 to 100 pages.

So, you must get yourself a printer that doesn’t give out before it fulfills your monthly quota. Now, we can’t necessarily give you estimation as different agents have different amounts of workload.

So, make sure that you’re buying a printer that’s on par with your monthly printing demand. You don’t want to run to cyber cafes around the end of every month.

Why Use A Laser Printer Versus An Inkjet Printer?

Inkjet printers may be cheaper in the short term. However, for the long term, they’re not always the ideal option.

Laser printers provide better quality to texts and can print lots of documents at once without any problem, which saves time! Now, let’s have a look at their differences:

Print Quality

If you need a printer that can keep printing clear documents and satisfactory colored reports or images, consider laser printers because they have the latest technology. 

Most newer models can optimize their print resolutions up to 2,400 x 600 dpi with an enhanced quality of 3800×600 dpi!

In contrast, most inkjet computers may have a resolution that sounds quite high. But if you compare it to the same resolution of a laser printer, the printout made by the laser printer will look more luscious.


Laser printers are the workhorse of any professional office. They’re engineered to print faster, at an average rate between 15-100 ppm (pages per minute), with some models capable of printing up 200+ pages in just five minutes! 

It is because they accommodate such high demand; these machines can’t wait around for you like their low-speed cousins- inkjets who need about 1 minute for 16-page max before they run out.


Laser printer toner cartridges are a much better choice than inkjet ones. They can print more pages and they last longer too!

Most laser cartridges yield around 2-10 thousand page yields, while the average inkjet only prints about 1000 pages.


With a laser printer, you can print more pages relative to its costs. The toner for this model only costs about 2 cents per page, while ink cartridge prices are nearly 3-4 times higher at an average rate of 7-8 cents per page.

The Best Printer For Notary Signing Agents On The Market

Being a notary or loan sighing agent is now a choice for many as a side hustle. Along with other notary agent supplies, having your own printer is a must. We reduced your effort and listed the top 5 printers in the market that best suit printing notary or loan signing document.

1. Best Laser Printer For Notary Signing Agents – Brother Monochrome Laser Printer, DCPL2550DW

Selection Criteria:

  • Print Speed: 36 ppm
    • My Scores – 8/10
  • Print Resolution: 2400 x 600 dpi
    • My Scores – 10/10
  • Multifunction Ability: yes
    • My Scores – 10/10
  • Dual Tray Capacity: Yes
    • My Scores – 10/10
  • Print Cost: 3.5 Cents Per Page
    • My Scores – 6.5/10
  • Monthly Duty Cycle: 15000 pages per month
    • My Scores – 5/10

About Brother Monochrome – DCPL2550DW

Ready. Set. Print. Whether you’re printing for the Signing Agents office, school, or your projects, speed is key with Brother Monochrome Laser Printer DCPL2550DW! 

With a class-leading speed of up to 36 ppm, you can accomplish any task faster than ever before with this machine by your side. From printing reports and proposals to flyers and assignments,it can print them all!

This stylish printer produces prints at a max speed color of 2.0 from your device, that too with 2400 x 600 dpi. It’s the complete partner for the professionals to amp up their hustle.

The laser printer offers you the ability to print on several different kinds of paper formats. It has a 250sheets paper tray. It lowers your overall print costs with page yields that last up to 2x longer.

Furthermore, the manual feed slot will help you achieve printing perfection with its flexibility for handling batches or single sheets of cards and envelopes. 

It’s not easy being stuck at work all day with paper jams and smudged prints when everyone else has gone home already! Luckily, that won’t be an issue anymore. The 50-sheet automatic document feeder helps save time with multi-page copy & scan.

With WiFi and scan-to-PC technology, this addictive wireless laser printer is sure to be the only printer you will need for many months.

Moreover, you can easily print from your phone, tablet, or desktop device using your WiFi Internet connection.

The maximum monthly duty cycle of this printer is 15000 pages. But if you want to stick to a recommended value, that would be 2000 pages.


  • Prints up to 36 pages per minute.
  • The automatic document feeder can have up to 50 sheets.
  • Able to print on both sides of the paper.
  • Comes with USB, Ethernet and WiFi connectivity.


  • The monthly printing duty cycle is not so impressive.
  •  Graphics and photos don’t come out so good.

2. Best Dual Tray Printer For Notary Signing Agent – Brother Monochrome Laser Printer, HL-L5200DWT

Selection Criteria:

  • Print Speed: 42 ppm
    • My Scores – 10/10
  • Print Resolution: 1200 x 1200 dpi
    • My Scores – 7/10
  • Multifunction Ability: No
    • My Scores – 0/10
  • Dual Tray Capacity: Yes
    • My Scores – 10/10
  • Print Cost: 1.8 Cents Per Page
    • My Scores – 10/10
  • Monthly Duty Cycle: 50000 pages per month
    • My Scores – 8.5/10

About Brother Monochrome HL-L5200DWT

Do you want to take your loan signing business game up to the next level? With Brother’s HL-L5200DWT, you won’t have to look for any further for a topnotch notary signing agent printer. 

Get ready for stunning black and white prints that will make your work stand out from the pack. It features a fast speed of up to 42ppm. So, you won’t be getting late for any of your works.

But the blistering speed doesn’t come at the expense of a poor resolution. With 1200 x 1200 dpi, you can print crisp text and images. 

The printer has a large paper capacity for busy workgroups. The dual paper trays can hold 250 sheets and 520 sheets each. Let’s not also forget its 50-sheets multipurpose tray.

You can also add another set of 250-sheet and 520-sheet trays making room for 1,340 sheets altogether.

It includes wireless capabilities. Thus, it can go anywhere in your office without needing cables! 

This printer still works seamlessly with mobile devices through AirPrint and Google Cloud Printer 2.0 technology, meaning you can print without ever leaving your desk!

Prepare yourself for a life where you’ll never have to worry about buying another toner cartridge by yourself. The high-quality printer won’t leave you in the dark when it comes to needing more ink- thanks to Amazon Dash Replenishment. 

This printer uses a special algorithm to determine when your toner cartridges are low and orders replacements from Amazon before your device runs out of it!

You want a printer that does great things for the environment, but before you spend your money on an energy-sucking machine, think about your monthly electricity bill.

It uses Standard Toner TN820, which lasts up to 3000 pages, or High Yield Toner TN850 that lasts for 8000 pages maximum. Hence, before running out at reasonable cost per page rates, this printer makes sure not to burn a hole in your wallet! 

Unlike most printers on the market, this particular model can be used in any operating environment up to 90 degrees F with a power consumption of only 1.3 watts when it’s in deep sleep mode or left on standby.

You can print up to massive amount of 50000 pages per month with this machine. But the recommended monthly print volume is about 3500 pages.


  • Comes with a Built-in wireless interface.
  • Prints fast with good quality text.
  • Running cost is very low.
  • It doesn’t make a lot of noise.


  • The graphics are not as good.
  • The drum unit stops working after a while.

3. Best Laser Printer For Loan Signing Agents – HP Color LaserJet Pro M283fdw

Selection Criteria:

  • Print Speed: 22 ppm
    • My Scores – 6.5/10
  • Print Resolution: 600 x 600 dpi
    • My Scores – 5/10
  • Multifunction Ability: Yes
    • My Scores – 10/10
  • Dual Tray Capacity: No
    • My Scores – 0/10
  • Print Cost: Black 3 cents, Color 11 cents
    • My Scores – 7.5/10
  • Monthly Duty Cycle: 40000 pages per month
    • My Scores – 7/10

About HP Color LaserJet Pro M283fdw

HP’s newest all-in-one Color LaserJet Pro M283fdw printer packs a punch. It features print, scan, copy, and fax versatility, making it a good choice for any professional notary signing agent.

This machine has a decent speed of 22 ppm. The print resolution is 600 x 600 dpi. While it does a satisfactory job, if you’re looking for something of premium quality, it’s not the one for you.

The auto document feeder can accommodate up to 50 pages. So, it can do auto-duplexing in a breeze.

Whether you’re printing at home or in the office, count on Innovative HP Toner cartridges that come with Jet Intelligence to enable professional-quality pages every time. 

These cartridges have been designed for maximum product yield for extended use, and they contain innovative anti-fraud technology that is not subject to imitations.

It is a great device for any modern business with mobile printing and remote management tools. With the HP Smart app, you can turn your phone into a remote print station with real-time alerts about print jobs and job status. 

Additionally, this app increases productivity speed by 50% faster than the previous models. As a cherry on top, it’s easy to set up. 

You don’t want to take any chances with your office printer and sensitive clients’ data, right? With this HP model, you can protect your device- and your data as it’s equipped with built-in security essentials.

This practical color laser printer provides you with a steady connection to dual-band wifi. Ideal for both printing and scanning, it can handle most of your paper works. 

It’s got all the bells and whistles you need to produce official, letter, executive, and legal document prints of any size, whether double postcards or A5 notes. 

The highest monthly duty cycle of this device is 40,000 pages while the recommended amount is 2500 pages. Quite laudable right?


  • Supports two-sided printing.
  •  Easy to operate.
  • The ADF can hold 50 sheets at a time.
  • The monthly duty cycle is great.


  • This printer has a slow print speed.
  •  It has a high running cost.

4. Best Dual Tray Laser Printer For Notary Signing Agent – Brother Business Color Laser Printer, HL-L8360CDWT

Selection Criteria:

  • Print Speed: 33 ppm
    • My Scores – 8/10
  • Print Resolution: 2400 X 600 dpi
    • My Scores – 10/10
  • Multifunction Ability: No
    • My Scores – 0/10
  • Dual Tray Capacity: Yes
    • My Scores – 10/10
  • Print Cost: Black 1.9 cents, Color 10 cents
    • My Scores – 10/10
  • Monthly Duty Cycle: 60000 pages per month
    • My Scores – 10/10

About Brother Business Color Laser Printer, HL-L8360CDWT

The Brother HLL8360CDWT can print business documents at a fast rate. It can print 33 pages per minute on an average. Kudos to its 800 MHz Processor Speed. 

Its stellar scanner will take care of all your scanning needs as well. Hence, your productivity will be accelerated.

There are dual paper trays with this model printer from Brother- one for 250sheets and another for 500sheets. The feature makes one of the most user-friendly printers notary signing agents.

The auto duplex printing makes sure the workflow is smoother than ever before without any stagnant energy. That’s why most office folks love these printers.

With wireless or wired connectivity, you can print with ease. Alongside USB, Bluetooth, and Wifi Direct technology, this printer is also compatible with Morphia, Brother iPrint&Scan, CortadoWorkplace, AirPrint to make printing documents easy on the go! 

The device features a magnificent paper input capacity of 750 sheets and an output paper capacity of 150 sheets.

It can handle different sizes and types of paper. Hence, you can multitask between copying/printing 75 pages in less than 10 minutes. 

The multifunction tray can store 50 sheets at once.The ADF is a delight to work with. Moreover, with its supreme resolution of 2400 X 600 DPI, your documents will look clear as daylight.

With affordable replacement toners for each color cartridge, there should be no need to go elsewhere for your printing needs. You’ll never have to worry about ordering toner for this desktop-formed printer.

It comes with AutoToner where the machine measures the toner level and orders more when it needs to. Therefore, you may be free of added stress.

It’s furnished with a maximum monthly duty cycle of 60000 pages. The recommended print volume is 4000 pages which is better than most of its competitors.


  • The print quality is great.
  • Amazing paper handling abilities.
  • Top-quality toner cartridges.
  • Upgraded features of security.


  • Very large and heavy.
  • The toner cartridges may not last long.

5. Best Printer For Loan Signing Agents – Canon ImageCLASS, LBP6030w

Selection Criteria:

  • Print Speed: 19 ppm
    • My Scores – 6/10
  • Print Resolution: 2400 x 600 dpi
    • My Scores – 10/10
  • Multifunction Ability: No
    • My Scores – 0/10
  • Dual Tray Capacity: No
    • My Scores – 0/10
  • Print Cost: 4.4 cents
    • My Scores – 5/10
  • Monthly Duty Cycle: 5000 pages per month
    • My Scores – 2/10

About Canon ImageCLASS, LBP6030w

Canon offers an assortment of printers to suit the needs of its consumers. If you are usually not in rush and looking for a tiny companion for a small office space, say hello to ImageCLASS LBP6030w.

This printer can print up to 19 pages per minute. This little printer is a compact fireball that’ll make your life easier in more ways than one with its space-saving design and affordable low cost of ownership.

If you were not so impressed by its speed, the print resolution can surely make up for it. With a crisp resolution of 2400 x 600 dpi, it can print crystal-clear documents for you.

It’s compatible with an Apple iPhone 5S (or later), along with all iPhones and iPads running iOS 5.1- 7.1 and android tablets. All you need to do is download an app for either platform to use this printer. 

The accommodating paper tray stores up to 150 sheets of standard size for your last-minute jobs or daily tasks. But unfortunately, it has no ADF for duplex printing.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a printer that doesn’t consume much energy to promote environmental awareness, it’s an ideal product. It only uses 2 watts of power when in Energy Saver mode-an intensity so low it will never bother anyone! 

It uses very little toner as well and can print up to 1,600 pages per cartridge! Hence, you won’t have to worry about any production line problems.

If you’re wondering about monthly duty cycle, that’s 5,000 pages. So, you may need to get several cartridges if you need to print this many papers in a month.


  • Good printer compared to the price.
  • Comes with wireless connectivity.
  • Compact and space-saving.
  • Runs on low power.


  • Difficult to install.
  • It doesn’t come with an Ethernet connection.
  • The print speed is relatively slow.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is A Signing Agent Printer?

The printer a notary signing agent uses to print the documents is known as a signing agent printer.

Printers used for official printing are also used to print notary documents. Laser printers, inkjet printers, dual tray printers, and single tray printers are used as signing agent printers.

Laser printers are preferred over inkjet printers. Faster printing, less toner consumption, and more economical are some of a laser printer’s pros.

Inkjet-printed documents get blurry if they come in contact with water. But laser prints are durable.

Inkjet printers seem cheap, but the toner and printing costs increase while using them. But a laser printer saves some bucks as a signing agent printer.

Dual tray printers can easily hold two types of paper at the same time. So, it’s easy to print to different sizes in the same document. A single tray printer is the best option as a backup.

Not to mention the advantages a multifunction printer offers. Multifunction printers are the best option for big businesses. It comes with a printer, scanners, fax, and copier combined in one machine.

Besides, the price is not as much as laser or dual tray printers. So it saves a chunk of extra bucks.

2. What Is The Best Printer For A Signing Agent?

Laser printers are the best option for loan signing agents because they’re efficient and meet expectations. Ink-based printers take up too much time which may not be compatible with your busy schedule! 

Brother Monochrome Laser Printer, HL-L5200DWT is one such choice for a signing agent. It has great speed as well as resolution. Besides, the massive trays make it an ideal printer with legal and letter tray options.

3. What Supplies Do You Need As A Notary Signing Agent?

Notary signing agents have a lot of responsibilities, and one that they must take very seriously is their supplies. This list has everything you need for the job!

  • A notary agent must have stamps, which are used to authenticate documents officially.
  • The journal, where the signatures of all parties involved in an agreement appear before signing, is invaluable for legal transactions and other important business deals.
  • A thumbprint seal when signing contracts with customers because we want everyone’s word on paper–that means fingerprints too.
  • Messenger bags make excellent backpacks for carrying heavy loads-they should be large enough, so equipment doesn’t get crushed or shifted around while walking.
  • A printer and letter paper for printing certificates or documents on-site.
  • Legal pads to keep track of information while witnessing signatures at events such as signing over deeds, wills, etc.
  • E & O insurance (Notary Insurance) that protects you when acting beyond state lines if called upon by law enforcement officials for any verification.

4.  Are Notary Signing Agents In Demand?

Notary signing agents are in high demand for a variety of industries, including banking and finance.

Not only do many employers value employees with these skills but customers also place their trust in those who offer top-notch service by using authentic documents for authenticating purposes.

5. What’s The Difference Between A Notary And A Signing Agent?

Many people out there use the terms “notary public” and “signing agent” interchangeably, but this is about as wrong as it can get.

A notary public is a person who has been delegated by law to verify the identity of others signing documents that are required for their legalization.

Notaries do not review the content or legality; they apply their seal and make sure it’s legitimate before moving on to another task at hand!

A notary signing agent has an important responsibility. They are the ones making sure that all signatures on a contract or other legal document are in place.

They can also verify whether each person signing had their identity correctly confirmed before doing so.

A notary public with a commission issued by the state is someone who can go on to become an even more important part of the signing process, becoming either certified as a “signing agent”. The requirements for this vary depending upon where you live in America, though!

6. Does A Signing Agent Need A Fax Machine?

Sure, you can still find a notary signing agent with a fax machine. But the good news is that nowadays, an agent doesn’t need to have the fax option anymore! 

More and more people are using scanners. Now you can just scan and email documents directly between parties and that diminishes the need for a fax machine.

Final Words

Printers are the key tool of any notary signing agent’s office. Without them, one cannot print documents to sign for their clients.

It is important to make a smart choice when choosing a printer as this will determine how much paperwork your business can handle over time. So, make sure there won’t be any headache down the line by making an educated decision now.

Each of the products we included in this article can be considered as the best printer for notary signing agents. Check them out and see which one goes well with your needs based on size/feature preferences as well as price range. But remember, quality should never be compromised for anything else.