Canon Launches Six New Printers in 2022 (Latest News!)

Besides causing a noticeable shift in everyone’s daily life, Covid-19 has also left its impact on the paradigm of people’s work environment. Many businesses have decided to completely run based on work-from-home as it helped the owners save rent money and other expenses. Others have created hybrid work environments that maintain a steady rotation between in-person and online work. Furthermore, due to the increase in unemployment, many talented individuals were encouraged to start their own companies, leading to the birth of many small businesses.

So, in order to assist such new businesses and workspaces out, Canon has decided to add not one but six new printers to its portfolio. According to Isao “Sammy” Kobayashi (the senior vice president and general manager of Canon USA), these printers are “the continued expansion of the MAXIFY and imageCLASS printer lines.” Each of the new devices has a joint goal of helping new owners in raising the economy by erasing the “gap between home and office.”

Canon Launches Six New Printers in 2022

What To Expect From the New Canon MAXIFY Printers:

Canon developers have spent hours trying to make the new Canon printers into some of the world’s most versatile printing equipment. They are hence, said to carry some outstanding printing features that contribute to making every user’s printing experience unique. Furthermore, as time-saving features always take the crown of being customer favorite, they have also been included. This means that employees will be provided with tools to juggle their daily tasks efficiently.

As printer ink is one of the most expensive substances in the world, the running cost of printers has always been known for raising complaints. However, with the new MAXIFY GX50520 printer making its entrance, you can rest assured that this will not be a headache in your printing journey. The ink supply system includes mega-sized ink bottles capable of making high-volume prints for days without depleting them out on you. Somebody can  make around 14000 colored prints and 6000 black prints per refill. Thus, the cost per page is significantly reduced, allowing everyone to print to their heart’s content.

Aside from this, the new Canon printers also boast about a new ink management technology that makes refilling effortless for all. It is one of the “no mess” kinds, requiring only a couple of seconds to fill up once the cartridges run out. Businesses can, therefore, dedicate their sole attention to getting hard copies, and no budget is wasted in hiring a professional for refilling.

In addition to this, the senior vice president also proudly claimed that all of the devices are built using eco-friendly technology. This is an extremely important factor in today’s day and age, where the future seems clouded with the harsh results of global warming and climate change. Businesses are hence, provided with the opportunity to minimize their usually large carbon footprint, leading their surroundings to a brighter tomorrow.

Highlighted Features:

  • Media Versatility

By supporting a wide range of sizes, types, and thicknesses of media, this Canon printing device lets everyone produce many works. Users can receive photo prints and text output alike, allowing them to achieve all goals with one printing device’s assistance.

  • Auto Document Feeder

For offices, a printer that lets you work without standing next to it the entire time can prove to be rather beneficial. The new MAXIFY printer offers just that as its ADF has nothing but high potential to serve. It can quickly grab a paper from the tray that holds up to 350 sheets of paper when a print command is ordered.

  • Print Quality

Despite working using inkjet technology, this Canon printer always manages to supply text outputs as sharp as the ones created by a laser printing machine. Furthermore, image prints are also always successful as the printing resolutions are pretty high compared to the predecessors.

  • Eco-Conscious

As stated before, the new printers lower the carbon footprints, proving extremely advantageous. The efficiency gravely decreases the power consumption, letting the tiny printer get its work done without wasting electrical energy. Ink bottles/ tanks are also used instead of cartridges, reducing the amount of plastic discarded to the environment.

  • Poster Artist Compatibility

Poster Artist is an excellent application that lets users print out banners, posters, and signage of the highest quality. However, as the application does not sit well with all printers, many people cannot use it. With the new Canon MAXIFY printer, you will not have to worry about this issue. Gold and silver textured outputs can be received in an instant, letting you experiment and access the very best.

As we mentioned before, other than adding printers to the MAXIFY series, the imageCLASS series has also received its new successors. The three outstandingly amazing printers – the imageCLASS MF453dw, imageCLASS MF452dw, and imageCLASSMF451dw – have promised to grab the hearts of many.

What To Expect From the New Canon imageCLASS Printers:

Unlike the MAXIFY GX5020, the new imageCLASS printers can only make black and white prints. Instead, they use the latest laser printing technology and scribble out some of the sharpest texts, graphs, and data, which are easily visible to all readers. This means that your office documents will always be in safe hands.

In terms of functionality, the imageCLASS MF453dw and MF451dw are three-in-one devices that can print, scan, and copy your data. The former does this at a breakneck speed of 40 ppm, whereas the latter at 34 ppm. You can choose whichever you want depending on the amount of work you wish to finish or the number of members using the printer.

Nevertheless, for users who wish for their printer to meet faxing needs, the imageCLASS MF451dw stands as the only ideal option. With the ability to print, scan, fax, and copy, the printer is the newest four-in-one device that operates at 34 ppm. All these mind-blowing features combine to make the device stand out amongst its predecessors and its competitors.

Like most modern printers, these three new printing devices can receive print commands wirelessly. This is extremely convenient for busy offices where employees can order from their workplace and receive the hard copies once the printing task is over.

Highlighted Features:

  • 5 Seconds for First Print

For all the above-mentioned imageCLASS printers, the initial print can be received as fast as 5 seconds, earning a pat on the back from busy offices. Anyone can complete within due time, and printing queues are unlikely to get too long.

  • Cloud Connection

Do you need to print from your cloud-based account? Or do you want a soft copy of your physical document to be automatically stored on it?

These printers will decrease the burden of uploading files from or downloading files to your device. In addition, they can be connected to cloud-based apps like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and more, letting people print even while being hundreds of miles away.

  • Duplex Scanning in One Go

To add to the printer’s seamless scanning abilities, the one-pass scan feature lets both sides of the paper be viewed at once. In addition, soft copies of both sides are made, removing the hassle of having to refeed each sheet. Disruptions to order are also removed whilst also enabling a faster scanning speed.

  • User-Friendly

In order to make tasks easier for their customers, these three printers come with one of the most user-friendly interfaces. For starters, in comparison to other printers, linking these Canon devices to your Wi-Fi network takes very little time and effort. Users can achieve this without requiring the help of a technician, decreasing the expenses of hiring.

The touchscreen is also unique as it can be paired with Canon’s Application Library to bring all commonly used apps to its home screen. Users can then easily click on these places and activate their desired print commands.

All these imageCLASS MF50 printers are amazing for small businesses and offices. When in need of printing files from iPhones or smartphones, you can even pair them up with the Canon PRINT Business app.

Nonetheless, most new businesses require a device that delivers all the right features while also having a low price point. This is because a startup is expensive, requiring tons of new equipment and space despite having no profit to depend on.

So, to meet these demands, the imageCLASS MF3010 and the imageCLASSMF3010VP (Value Pack) were also introduced to the market. These are single-purpose laser printers that are capable of getting you all the required black and white prints. In addition, speeds have been toned down to 19 ppm, making them the perfect choice for small or home offices where less number of people will be utilizing the device. The first print can be received within 9 seconds, making it faster than the other printers in the imageCLASS MF30 line.

Issues only arise with the MF3010 and MF3010VP regarding connectivity technology. Your gadgets need to be linked up with the printer to form a network through which data can be securely transmitted. This may end up decreasing the space in small offices as cables always tend to create the worst of messes.

For purchasing the six new printers by Canon, you can check out their online store The brand new MAXIFY GX5020 will be worth $399.00 only – a considerably low price since many new features are hidden underneath its body. You can also check out the MF453dw at $349, the MF452dw at $329, and MF451dw at $299 if you only need black and white prints. Lastly, the imageCLASS MF3010VP – $149 – and the imageCLASS MF3010 – $99 – are good picks for cheaper options.

Why You Should Choose Canon:

When talking about printers, Canon Inc. will frequently pop up in the conversation. Ever since the company’s first printing device was released in 1988, they have continued to build up a glowing legacy that never disappoints. All of Canon’s printers have carried on to be a big hit in the market, garnering attention, praise, and profits, which eventually led to roughly $30.6 billion in global revenue. Hence, they have earned a position amongst America’s top five companies.

Canon has some of the best developers who strive to manufacture printers that cater to people’s needs. They focus on all groups of people and gather statistical numbers that assist in producing items which makes everyone’s day a little less stressful. In addition, experiments are regularly carried out between printing technologies and features to stumble upon a new key that opens the doors to more modernized printing solutions.

So, when in need of a new printer for your small or hybrid office, we suggest you give the six new Canon printers a moment of thought! For more info, visit