Compare B5 vs. A5 Paper: What’s The Difference?

A5 and B5 are both ISO standard paper sizes. A5 belongs to A-series, and B5 belongs to B-series. They might look similar, but some differences make them unique. You can also see them when you compare B5 Vs. A5 paper.

B5 papers are widely used for professional printing. For example, you can print invitations, greeting cards, and passports of this size. A B5 paper is slightly bigger than an A5 and offers more space.A5 papers are preferable for large-scale printing. Flyers, stationeries, and leaflets look perfect on this size of paper.

Compare B5 vs. A5 Paper: What’s The Difference?

The A5 paper has a smaller dimension than a B5. Europeans and South Asians commonly use this format. B5 is more prevalent among Americans and East Asian people. Both sizes have different uses according to the person’s choice. But the visible differences distinguish them from each other.

What Is A5 Paper?

A5 paper is an ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standard paper size. It’s a format that belongs to the A-series. The dimension for this size is 5.8×8.3 inches. It is precisely half the size of an A4-sized paper.

You can also calculate its dimension in pixels. That’s why it is popular among North Americans.

What Is B5 Paper?

B5 is also an ISO standard paper size. It belongs to the B series. B series papers are slightly bigger than A series. It has a dimension of 7×9.8 inches. Its area ranges between the area of A4 to A6.

The JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards Committee) has another B size which is slightly bigger than the ISO standards. Many Japanese industries maintain the JIS standard.

Difference Between A5 And B5 paper?

A5 and B5 are both widely used all over the world. But some differences make them unique. Here are some of the differences to give you a better idea about these papers:


A5 can be a go-to size, but a B5 is slightly bigger than an A5. Both of them are the ISO standard. An A5 has a dimension of 5.8×8.3 inches. So, it has an area of 48.14 inches.

The ISO standard of B5 paper has a dimension of 7×9.8 inches. It covers an area of 68.6 inches. So, you can see a B5 is more extensive than an A5.


Not all papers are acceptable in every country. Different countries follow different standards.

People use B5-size paper as a standard size in the USA and East Asia. In Asia, Japan uses B5 as the standard size. It’s the perfect size for Manga writing.

A5 is the most popular size in Canada. But Australia, South Asia, and Western Europe follow the ISO standard A5 papers. Therefore, it is suitable for printing and writing in these regions.


A5 is mainly used for wide-scale printing. These papers are perfect for printing stationeries, greeting cards, leaflets, and flyers. If you love to keep track of your daily life, you can use notebooks made of A5-sized paper.

B5 papers are popular for professional printing. It is perfect for printing flyers in advertisements and magazines. In addition, the size is suitable for invitations, passports, and posters.

How To Choose Accurate Paper Size?

There’s a massive collection of different paper sizes available in the market. But you can’t use all of them. It depends on your work. Here are some cases of how you can choose an accurate paper size:

For Students

A4, B5, semi B5, and Letter are perfect for students. Notebook manufacturers follow these standards. A4, B5, and semi B5 paper sizes are used in most countries. Use Letter-size papers if you’re from the USA.

For Employees/Office Work

A4, A5, A6, B5, semi B5, B6, and Letter size papers are most commonly used in an office. Office paper size depends on your desk space and how often you write.

If you love to write and have enough desk space, you can use a notebook of A4-sized paper. The semi-B5 paper sizes are perfect for any office environment.

Use an A6-size paper notebook if you don’t have enough desk space. It’s easy to make lists in this type of notebook.

For Logbooks/Journals

You can use A5, A6, and B6-sized papers in diary writing. An average-sized notebook between A5 and A6 is perfect for logbooks and journals.

For Notebooks

If you don’t have enough time and space, you should use a pocket notebook to write anything anywhere. B7, A7, and pocket are suitable paper sizes for these notebooks.

For Comic Strips

Like to do detailed drawings? Want to become a comic artist? Then B4, A4, and Letter are the perfect paper sizes.

Use A4 or letter-size papers if you’re from the USA. If you live in the Asian region, then use B4 size.

For Sketching

You can use any size of paper for sketching. For example, try B4 oversized papers if you like to paint landscapes. B4 can adapt to multiple drawings at a time. B5 can endure a wide range of wet and dry media.

Always check the GSM (Grams per square meter) rating of the paper before buying it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is the B5 notebook bigger than A5?

Obviously, a B5 notebook is bigger than an A5. A B5s size stands between an A4 and A5. The ISO standard of B5 paper is 7×9.8 inches. For A5, it is 5.8×8.3 inches.

2. Is A5 or A4 bigger?

An A4 is bigger than an A5. You’ll find the difference if you look at the ISO standard dimension of the A-series.

A4 has a dimension of 8.3×11 inches which is larger than A5. So if you fold an A4 equally to the shorter side, you’ll get an A5 paper size.


A5 and B5 both offer you creativity. An A5 will help you in day-to-day life, like printing long documents, flyers, leaflets, and school notes. But you can use B5 papers for commercial advantages like printing your restaurant’s menu, passports, business cards, drawing landscapes, and paintings.

After reading the passage, you can now compare B5 Vs. A5 Paper. What’s the difference? Hopefully, you’ll have a clear view of these paper sizes. In addition, it’ll help you to find the right paper for the right task.