Difference Between A3 And A4 Printers (Plus Which is Best!)

If you don’t know the difference between A3 and A4 printers and you are planning to buy a printer then don’t! This article is the right choice for you so give it a read before going to buy one.

There are various sizes of papers starting from A1 to A5, A1 is the largest paper size a printer can print. This article is mostly defining the difference between A3 and A4 printers and the kinds of papers they can print.

A single printer cannot print all sizes of paper, it can either print A3 paper or A4 paper. An A3 printer can only print A3 papers and an A4 printer can print A4 papers. Make sure what type of documents you have to print regularly and depending on that go and get your printer.

Difference Between A3 And A4 Printers

What Does An A3 Printer Mean?

A3 printers are designed in such a way that they can print a large variety of paper sizes. The A3 paper is also called tabloid paper and measures 16.5” x 11.7”, this printer can handle both A3, A4 size papers, ledger, and printings.A3 printers are large and can be used as photocopier, printer, scanner, and fax machine. This printer is not portable mostly because of its size, it is also very expensive as it is durable and gives a bigger footprint. All the stores that do printing, scanning, and photocopy use the A3 printers.

What Does An A4 Printer Mean?

A4 printers are smaller than A3 printers and they are mostly used at homes. The maximum size of paper an A4 printer can print is 8.3” x 11.7”. This printer can print A4 size papers, letters, legal, and any smaller size papers whose size is lower than 8.3” x 11.7”. Unlike A3 printers it cannot print A3 papers and ledger-sized papers. A4 printers are smaller in size and can be placed anywhere in your home or office. The only finishing option it has is stapling and it gives smaller footprints.

Difference Between A3 And A4 Printers?

You have already got a slight idea about the difference between A3 and A4 printers, now let’s dig deeper to know more about it so you can easily pick the most suitable printer for you.

Printer size

A3 printers are larger, durable, and heavier than A4 printers and take up a lot of space in the room. Due to its size, it is kept as a stand-alone device. On the other hand, A4 printers are smaller and can be kept on desktops and also as a stand-alone device.


A3 printers are more versatile than A4 printers and are designed to print more paper sizes than A4 printers. A3 printers are capable of printing on A3 papers, A4 papers, letters, legal-sized documents, booklets, pamphlets, and ledger. A3 printers make an entire booklet whereas A4 printers cannot print on A3 papers, it can only print on A4 papers and smaller size papers. A3 printers can print bigger footprints and A4 printers. A3 printers are used for printing out graphs, bars, and charts as everything can be placed in one whole paper. A4 printers are mainly used for business documents, school reports, office works, and menus. Everything that A4 printers can do can be done by A3 printers but the opposite is not true.


As the size of A3 printers is bigger, they can likely print more pages per minute than A4 printers. The reason behind it is the bigger the printer the more toner it has so it can continue doing more printing without any pause. More bottles of ink will be needed for A4 printers. A3 printers are intended for multiple users as they can print a large number of pages per minute whereas A4 printers are most suitable for single users.


A3 printers are bigger and are more productive than A4 printers so it is more costly. To purchase an A3 printer will take a lot of money but if you think about the long run A3 printers cost less than A4 printers. A4 printers are smaller so they can carry less ink so for more number of pages to be printed it needs to refill so more cost is needed, But, for A4 printers you can do lots of printing with one bottle of ink as the size of the bottle is larger and can be used for a longer time.

How To Determine What Size Printer You Need?

You need to take a lot of things into consideration before choosing the right size of a printer for you. First of all, you need to think about why do you need the printer? You have to figure out what sizes of paper you are going to print regularly. If you think you will just print A4 size papers and smaller papers then you should go for A4 printers as it costs less.

But, if you think you have to print bigger papers regularly then go for the A3 printer. With A3 printers you can prints A3 and A4 papers as well.

Another thing you need to keep in your mind is how big your home or your office space is. As you already know A3 printers take up a lot of space so depending on the size of your room you should decide the size of your printer. If you are running out of space, opt for the a4 printer.

Another point is, are you buying it just for yourself or the entire office. If it is just for you then you should purchase the A4 printer and if it is for multiple users then go for A3 printers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does The A3 Printer Also Print A4 Papers?

Yes, A3 printers can print A4 papers along with A3 papers. A3 papers are larger than A4 papers, so if the printer can print the larger paper it can easily print the smaller ones. However, the opposite is not possible. A4 printers are not capable of printing A3 papers as A4 printers are smaller in size.

Which Is Better A4 Or A3 Paper?

This question doesn’t have a definite answer; the answer will vary and will depend on the type of work the paper is needed for. Both are perfect for the purpose they are used.

A4 papers are mainly used for school purposes, business files and common home uses whereas A3 papers are needed for drawings, making charts and diagrams, and large tables.

Is It Worth Getting An A3 Printer?

A3 printers are much more expensive than A4 printers but there is a reason for that as you can use them for all sizes of paper. It is only worth getting an A3 printer if you actually need it on regular basis and have to print more pages of A3 papers.

Another advantage of getting an A3 printer is that it has bigger size ink bottles and can be used for a longer time compared to A4 printers so here you can save cost in terms of the long term.


Now, as you know both sides of the coin and have a clear idea about A3 and A4 Printer, it will be quite easy task for you to decide which printer is going to be best for you. Before everything, you need to figure out the reason behind your purchase, if you are clear about why you need the printer, it will be very easy to take the decision.