Double Sided Printing For Windows Computer

Three hundred million tons of paper are manufactured every year of which, 45% is used by office staff for printing. This results in the cutting down of thousands of trees and deforestation, which in turn harms our climate and habitat.

But what can one do?

We are not wasting paper; we are using it!

One of the simplest solutions to reduce paper usage is switching to double-sided printing, i.e., putting both sides of the paper to use. Are you confused about how to execute this?

Well, we have written this article on double sided printing for Windows computers which will convenience you a great deal.

Double Sided Printing For Windows Computer

Method 1: Permanently Setting The Duplex Printing Feature

If you wish for all your prints to be made on both sides of the paper, then follow the steps mentioned below!

Step 1

Right-click the start button present on the bottom left corner of your desktop. You will see a lot of other options popping up.

Step 2

On the search bar, type in the words Control Panel and select the desktop app named accordingly.

Step 3

Under the Hardware and Sound option, you will notice the View Devices and Printers option. Click on it to open up the list of all printers connected to the device.

Step 4

Check the various printer names and seek out the one to which you want to assign the auto duplex printing feature. Once found, click on it and wait for a drop-down menu to appear.

Step 5

 Choose the Printer Properties option and wait for the Printer Properties dialogue box to appear. This dialogue box consists of a number of tabs through which you can make changes according to your preference.

Step 6

The last tab on the list is the Device Setting tab. Click on this, and you will notice an empty box with Automatic Duplexing Unit written next to it. If your printer supports duplex printing, the writing is darkened, meaning you must tick the box.

Step 7

Once the Automatic Duplexing Unit is activated, click on the Apply button available at the bottom of the dialogue box, and you are all set to go!

Method 2: Activating Duplex Printing Feature While Printing

If you wish to start duplex printing only a few of your documents, this is the method you should follow.

Step 1

Open the file you wish to print and follow the necessary steps to go to the Print option.

Step 2

When present with a Print page or dialogue box, look for any paper settings that say something along the lines of Manually Print on Both sides or Print on both sides. If not available, you can click the blue colored hyperlink saying More Settings and look for the Duplex Printing option.

Step 3

Once you have selected one of these options, you can simply press the Print button or icon and have your work printed out on both sides of the paper.

With the techniques mentioned above, save money and paper!