Eco-Solvent Printer Applications

Eco-solvent printers immediately won the hearts of many as soon as they landed on the market due to their eco-friendly solution. Users can now print in closed rooms, leaving a mark on their health, and discard in cartridges without worrying about adding carcinogenic waste to their living environment. All these aside, it also serves people with vibrant and stunning prints – thanks to the wide color gamut – that are resistant to several factors and thus, have a long lifespan.

If you are interested in this printing technology and wish to learn about eco-solvent printer applications, then do give our article a thorough read!

Eco-Solvent Printer Applications

5 Top Applications Of Eco-Solvent Printer

Graphic Processing And Signage Industry

The graphic processing industry is always on the lookout for accuracy and flamboyant images that properly emphasize every color, so you can guess that eco-solvent printers are their go-to solutions. Users are always greeted with the quality outcome they are looking for at a jaw-dropping speed; the precision of designs is never lost in the printing process. Hence, eco-solvent printing’s widest use is found in the graphic processing industry.

Right after the graphic industry comes the signage industry, where everyone requires perfectly comprehensible images and texts that can be identified even while maintaining a large distance. With all the eco-solvent printing properties mentioned above, you could have guessed that eco-solvent printing does nothing but deliver once again! Scratch resistance and waterproofing characteristics act as an added charm.

Indoor And Outdoor Advertising

Advertisement has only kept on increasing with the passage of time, leading to every street corner and board being covered with banners and flyers. Products, services, movies, songs, artists, etc., are all advertised extensively so that they can gain popularity in the market.

Like the signage industry, advertisements require excellent quality output that clearly shows the value of editing and photography. They need to be recognized from afar so that people are immediately attracted to the advertised products or services. Hence, an eco-solvent printing solution is used to get desired output that promises not to fade for at least three years. What mostly acts as a deciding factor other than the outstanding color performance is the budget-friendliness and speed. It is commonly used in lightbox advertising, store advertising, bus station advertising, etc.

Textile Manufacturing

You will be surprised to know that eco-solvent inks offer stunning quality not only on the page but also on fabric. Therefore, those who are into fabric crafting and producing leather goods frequently end up seeking the eco-solvent printing solution due to its high speed and output quality, which greatly assists their products in attracting customers.

Many will make outstandingly designed mobile phone cases, leather sheaths, and purses due to their ability to print on uncoated surfaces. People can also manufacture personalized digital art pieces, bookmarks, leather-bound notebooks, etc., at a low price. This helps many home businesses grow, and the increased printing speed increases efficiency. As inkjet printers run more smoothly with eco-solvent ink than with solvent ink, users are also less bothered with maintenance costs.

Outdoor Car Sticker

Have you seen busses completely wrapped up in stickers?

With them transporting passengers the entire day, you could have guessed that they have to repeatedly clash with multiple weather factors like the glaring sun, pouring rains, and harsh snow. Hence, eco-solvent printing technology once again acts as the go-to savior supporting scratch-resistant behavior.

Overall, the prints are brightly colored and perfectly depict the images and writings; necessary audiences are attracted due to the eye-catching features. This is possible due to eco-solvent printers being able to print on vinyl. They are fade-proof for a long time, and printing with eco-solvent ink causes a smaller dent on your wallet figures than when solvent ink is used.

Home Decoration And Artworks

Eco-solvent printers serve as excellent photo printers, and thus, you can always turn to them when in need of printing home décor and pictures of life events. As you could have guessed, they will never let your down in terms of color strength and lasting ability. Posters and digital artworks can be easily printed and left on for a long time without having to worry about fading. Ceiling films and wall stickers are also manufactured using eco-solvent printing technology due to the scratch-resistant features. Overall, it serves all homes diligently without any fail.

Last Words

If you have stuck around, you must be well aware of all the eco-solvent printer applications; eco-solvent printers are very useful and can help you accomplish many tasks. It brings countless benefits, including a high-resolution output quality that makes all users gush, a fast printing speed that provides instant results, non-carcinogenic, non-toxic, and toluene-free formula, etc. Therefore, choosing this eco-friendly printing solution is bound to improve not only the environment but your life too!