Epson Announce its First Direct-to-Fabric Printer for North America

As the textile business flourishes, owners look forward to new printing devices that grant them speed and flexibility. That way, they can produce more products per day and increase their sales, causing the profits to skyrocket.

If you are into digital textile printing, Epson’s new announcement is about to bring you immense pleasure. After 20-years of investing huge sums of money into research, studies, and development, they have manufactured their first direct-to-fabric printer. This means that people can now access the prints they desire within an instant instead of having to spend time transferring and weeding!

The Epson Monna Lisa 8000 (ML – 8000) is the first printing device to launch in North America that supports direct textile printing. According to Epson’s product manager Mark Krzywicki, it has been out in Italy for a long time – a country filled with the globe’s largest international high fashion brands. As a result, it has garnered the affections of thousands and “long maintained a strong reputation and market position.”

In their May 17, 2022 report Mark Krzywicki further added, “The Monna Lisa 8000 has been developed to provide that same high quality in more attainable, easy to use package – enabling North American companies to print on a wide variety of fabrics locally for both short runs and large volumes orders.”

So, without further ado, let’s grab a peek at the new technology that will be raiding the market!

What to Expect from the Monna Lisa 8000 (ML – 8000):

Besides possessing an innovative direct-to-fabric printing technology, the Monna Lisa 8000 also has the Epson’s Precision Core technology woven into its body. A total of eight 4.7 inches large print heads are fitted within the printer, allowing it to give your textiles the sharpest and most precise prints. This is paired with their newest imaging technologies, promising everyone results that meet all the newest trends by providing perfect color gradations and resolutions.

In addition to this, a significantly fast speed of 1,744 ft2 /hr1 is also provided, supplying the needs of all major North American textile printing brands. Furthermore, as it is compatible with the Epson GENESTA Pigment, Acid, Reactive, and Disperse ink, users can choose ink depending on the cloth and their personal preference. In addition, 20 liters of each colored ink can be stored within the machine’s body, allowing replacements to be made urgently.

Cotton, nylon, silk, wool, polyesters, viscose, and blended fabric are some of the textiles on which the Monna Lisa 8000 can perform its magic. It is also extremely friendly to all users, thanks to Epson Edge Print which can be downloaded to maintain workflow smoothly. Epson’s new production-management Cloud Solution PORT has also been included to support cloud-based connections and printing. Flexibility and productivity are provided simultaneously, making the device a present to the digital textile printing world from Epson!

Monna Lisa 8000 Advanced Features:

  • High-Level Productivity: As the printing device offers an extremely large printing speed of 1,744 ft2/ hr1, thousands of textiles can be printed every day. The Precision Core print heads also provide outstanding performance throughout your printing journey.
  • Superior Image Quality: To prevent your prints from acquiring a grainy texture, striped colors, or fading, the device uses Epson Precision Dot Technology and Micro Weave.
  • Effortless Operation: Nozzle cleaning, fluff blower, Nozzle Verification Technology, and the ink mist extraction system all combine to minimize the need for maintenance.
  • Decreases Interruption Time: A large 9-inch screen is fixated onto the printer’s body, serving as a control panel that lets you manage your workflow. Navigation is made straightforward, saving everyone time.
  • Excellent Service Support and Consulting: An Epson Textile Solution Center has been established to let all people access experts’ assistance in times of need.
  • Wide Media Compatibility: The ability to pair with many brands of ink and print on different types of paper makes the printer versatile. Thus, users can expand their usage and produce a huge variety of items.


The new and innovative Epson Monna Lisa 8000 can now be found in Epson America. You can easily shop for it there and access the Epson Preferred Plus service, which lets all customers access exceptional coverage plans. To be more acquainted with the printing machine, visit In addition, you can be well acquainted with the pricing solutions, warranties, and service plans.