Epson Announces New A4 Desktop Color Multifunction Printer WorkForce Pro WF-C4810 MFP

As businesses grow more and more rowdy, owners have a hard time trying to make ends meet. Therefore, a lot of attention needs to be dedicated to cutting down the wastage of electricity, paper, and the like in order to avoid draining all profits. Besides this, everyone also has to worry about the environment as our climate keeps on changing for the worse with every passing day.

So, to help out such business-minded individuals, Epson announced the birth of the world’s first eco-conscious printer. The device is said to use up less energy and ink in comparison to all its predecessors and competitors. Users can hence, now go forward without having to waste thousands of their hard-earned money on running costs!

Things To Expect:

The new Epson WorkForce Pro WF – C4810 MFP is a piece of art that has been engineered to meet all demands. It promises to be a loved A4 printer that churns out hard copies at a speed of 25 ppm (black) and 12 ppm (color). When paired with its good paper handling capacity along with high monthly print volumes, busy businesses are presented with a device that matches their pace. Work will, therefore, not be held up, letting everyone perform to the fullest of their capability.

The WF – C4810 also features auto duplex printing abilities like its predecessors. This is an extremely important addition for business printers since a lot of pages can be saved while working. In addition, the multifunctionality has also garnered attention as scanning, faxing, and copying abilities are all, provided in the package.

Furthermore, the device holds Epson’s Precision Core Heat-Free Technology which uses a Piezo ink ejection process. No heat is produced during the process, meaning that no energy is wasted by being released into the surrounding. The number of moving parts is also toned down, allowing the device to operate without consuming too much power. This means that users are promised a printing device whose running bill does not bring them any headaches!

Just like every other Epson printer, the WF – C4810 does not waver when it comes to providing customers with superior quality. Outstandingly precise colored and monoimages or text output can be received thanks to the extremely accurate dot placement technology. Besides this, the compatible DURABrite Ultra instant-dry pigment ink also introduces prints that dry up faster than any other. 

Shortly, all the printing device features aim to help businesses see printing in a positive light. Big organizations are given the opportunity to be more environment-friendly and budget-friendly. Despite this, if any customer is unsatisfied with the printer’s performance, they are granted a two-year warranty which lets them return the device when faults appear.

Things To Look Forward To:

People will be presented with many amazing characteristics upon acquiring the Epson WorkForce Pro WF – C4810 MFP. Here are some of the most commendable ones:

Outstanding Wireless Connection

The WF – C4810 hides Epson’s latest connectivity under its wings. This means that it is able to provide WPA3 authentication and maintain one of the most secure transfers of data. Hence, all files will be transferred safely through it without being in contact with hackers or viruses.

Straightforward Usage Process

Users of this Epson printing device will notice a colored touchscreen of dimension 4.3 inches on its body. In addition, many icons and commands will be seen on the screen when the printer is operating, allowing everyone to communicate with the printer efficiently. Aside from this, mobile users are presented with the option to download the Epson Smart Panel App. This lets you easily edit and send files for printing while also allowing several alterations to settings.

Wireless Setup

The WF – C4810 has a wide range of connectivity options to offer, meaning that it is compatible with many devices. You can connect to it via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Wi-Fi Direct, and Ethernet. This will let it effortlessly function as a network printer in all businesses.

Flawless Scanning

Aside from dedicating a lot of time to the device’s printing options, the printer’s manufacturers also designated their attention toward the scanner. Every dot of the hardcopy is taken in, forming a precise soft copy that can be viewed with the assistance of Epson Scan Smart. This app’s interface is known to be extremely user-friendly, letting everyone use it with ease.

Things That Might Disappoint:

  1. The device only functions well with genuine Epson ink cartridges that are rather costly compared to third-party inks. Using anything but the Epson-brand cartridges will cause the printer to perform poorly or get damaged.
  2. An internet connection is required at all times to access many of the printer’s features. This means that a poor or disrupted connection will cause severe hindrances to your workflow.
  3. The Epson Smart Panel app needs to be downloaded at all times to smoothly operate the device. In addition, the app requires an Internet connection at all times, meaning that data usage fees will only increase further.
  4. The Wi-Fi Direct feature does not work unless the printer’s software has been downloaded onto your device.

To shop for this amazing printer, you will have to come in contact with a dealer from Epson’s Business First. However, if you are still curious, do check out the for other in-depth information!

All You Need to Know About Epson Business Inkjet:

Epson aims to tend to the needs of office users with its business inkjet printing solution. So, over the years, manufacturers have developed Supertank, WorkForce, WorkForce Pro, WorkForce Pro HC, and WorkForce Enterprise. All the printers in each series have the goal to support different types of businesses while also being eco-conscious and affordable. They are known to have high and praiseworthy performance ability despite using up very little energy.

All of Epson’s business inkjets use the unique Precision Core Heat-Free technology. This makes them more innovative and eco-conscious since very little energy is wasted during usage. In addition to this, the printing solution also involves very few moving parts, decreasing the chances of getting damaged. Overall, this makes the Epson business inkjet printers more robust than the other printers in the market.

More About Epson:

Epson is a leading printer manufacturing brand that has been dominating the market with some of the most innovative technologies. Over the years, the company has been thriving to bring along printing devices that provide precise and fast output while being compact and easy to work with. A lot of care and thought are also allocated to making sure that such machines cause little to no harm to our environment. Furthermore, certain printer lines or models are also built only to ensure that the demands of all groups of people are met. As the result, the company’s products have been an absolute hit in the digital world since 1942!