Features Of Inkjet Printers (Don’t Skip This!)

Well-known for their high-quality printing, inkjet printers can print colored and black-white documents within a few seconds. It’s the best for home and office work. These printers can create images or words with the help of tiny droplets of ink on paper. But do you know all the features of inkjet printers?

The inkjet printers can give high-quality printouts with natural colors and shades. You can easily print both sides of a single page within a few seconds, and you won’t even hear any irritating sounds. As the ink dries up much quicker, you won’t see any ink demolish on the printed papers. An inkjet printer is pretty easy to set up and use.

However, the printers need frequent maintenance, or else there will be problems in their operations. So, you should learn the features and characteristics of inkjet printers if you ought to get one.

Features Of Inkjet Printers

What Is an Inkjet Printer?

An inkjet printer is a revolutionary invention to have physical copies of documents and images from the computer. Every data is printable through a printer.

It can be controlled through the computer with a wire or wirelessly. All you need to do is send the document files or images to the printer and adjust some settings if needed and print them out on high-quality paper. It’s best to use nonporous papers on an inkjet printer.

Heavy-weight bond papers (20lb to 24lb per packet) are preferable in the office. Inkjet printers always need explicitly designed papers to print on. And those papers should have a hard surface that can prevent ink bleeding. Therefore, ordinary photocopy papers are not suitable for inkjet printers.

In the latest addition of inkjet printers, they work as all-in-one machines. That means you can scan the documents, make a photocopy of existing ones, and directly print images or documents. The printer is also applicable for various sizes of paper.

Characteristics Of Inkjet Printers

The inkjet printers are famous for their versatility. You can get several sizes of inkjet printers for your office uses, home, or your DIY projects.

Here are the main characteristics you can count on:


The most prominent feature of a printer is its printing speed. An inkjet printer can print ten pages per minute on average if it’s black and white and five pages per minute if colored images.

The smaller inkjet printers print slower than the commercial ones. But the commercial printers are more expensive.

However, this printing speed is considered slower than laser printers or other models in the market. That’s because inkjet printers use tiny ink droplets to print on the paper.

High-Quality Printouts

Though laser printers are of industrial use, they can’t give a clean and crisp feeling like inkjet printers when it comes to bulk printing.

You can set the highest resolution of any images or colored or black & white documents on an inkjet printer, and the resultant photos will have natural color and shades. This is possible with the mixing of yellow, magenta, and cyan inks on the printer. The maximum resolution on an inkjet printer is up to 5000 dpi, which is higher than the laser printers.

On top of that, the technology of spraying tiny droplets over the paper makes it possible to catch every detail in the image. Therefore, it’s an ideal choice for photographers and graphics designers.

Set Up and Ease of Use

An inkjet printer has the upper hand when it comes to setting up and using it. Even a newbie can use an inkjet printer with some simple directions.

The printer is almost ready when you take it out of the box. You need to insert the ink box and generalize some settings on the LCD screen. The screen also helps to use the printer more easily compared to manual buttons.

Paper Types

Many printers in the market can only print A4 papers. But inkjet printers have versatility in this sector. You can use A3, A4, legal, and many other paper sizes in the printer.

It can easily handle both thick and regular papers like cardstocks or letterheads. You can even print t-shirts, envelopes, DVDs, stickers with proper settings. This is so popular among DIY and scrapbook enthusiasts.

Ink Dries Up Fast

There are often complaints about ink bleeding when users touch the papers right after they come out of the printer. Well, good news, you won’t have to worry if you have an inkjet printer.

As the inkjet printer uses liquid ink, the printed papers dry up pretty quickly. However, there’s a disadvantage to this feature. You have to use the ink on a regular basis. Otherwise, the ink from the cartridge will get dry and thick. Then, you can’t use them further.

Another thing to notice is that the inks are pretty expensive. So, make the most of it.

Frequent Maintenance

If the printer is being used regularly, you won’t need to clean it frequently. Cleaning once a week will be enough. But if you use the printer occasionally, you can clean it every 2 or 3 months.

Well, things won’t be much trouble if you get the latest models of inkjet printers. That’s because they come with pre-installed cleaning tools, which can make your cleaning process straightforward.

Less Sound

Another great advantage of an inkjet printer is its quietness. You might see many printers that make irritating noises during operation. But an inkjet printer hardly makes any noises. The dot-matrix printers seem noisy compared to this printer.

Inkjet Technologies

As mentioned, the inkjet printers work a bit differently. It sprays the ink over the paper like tiny droplets to create the images or copy documents.

The working mechanism is pretty much like pixel settings on a LED screen. When rollers feed the paper, the printhead moves forward and backward to cope with the complete image.

As it uses droplets, the image quality and print quality are dependent on DPI (dots per inch). The low range (300 to 600 DPI) is for black & white or colored documents. But if you want to print high-resolution images, the machine will use higher range DPIs to fill in the ink droplets.

The printing process is carried on by the rollers and printheads, which hold and carry the paper to get droplet sprays. Black, yellow, cyan, and magenta are the most common colors in an inkjet printer.

How Does An Inkjet Printer Work?

The inkjet technology is mainly a drop-on-demand method. It’s for dispersing the ink over the papers.

At first, the ink goes to a tiny reservoir from the cartridge. There’s a small electric heater in the reservoir. It mainly uses small electric voltage to vaporize the solvent and increase the pressure inside the pipes and nozzle.

Then, the ink droplet falls on the paper. That bubble vapor gets condensed and creates contact with the reservoir to draw more ink. The technology is a bit different in terms of commercial printers. They mainly use a piezoelectric material to spray the ink.

Another important thing is that you won’t have to change the printheads in the commercial printers like the consumer ones when a new ink refill is required.

Main Characteristics of Inkjet Printers That Have An Impact On Image Quality?

The inkjet printers are best for printing high-resolution images. But what are the factors behind that?

Well, several internal and external characteristics are responsible for affecting image quality. But the main factors are color reproduction, edge quality, permanence, linear tone scale, resolutions, artifacts, and solid area quality or paper quality.

When these facts work together, a better-quality image is printed out from an inkjet printer. Therefore, you should always insert the best quality ink in the cartridge. As there are many grades of printing papers, make sure you get the highest quality ones. And obviously, don’t use any cheap paper.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the advantages of inkjet printers?

The main advantages of an inkjet printer are low initial cost, better quality print-outs compared to other printers, no startup time, small and compact, easily portable, less noise production during operation, easy to use, various types of paper support, and affordable for home and office usage.

2. How do inkjet printers produce good-quality images?

You would need the essential things for good quality image printouts: high-quality images, the best grade of printing papers, and ink. The inkjet printer sets the image into the highest resolution and sprays the ink over the printing paper in a dot matrix. That’s how it’s capable of providing good quality resultant images with all the details.

Bottom Line

An inkjet printer is a handy machine in your office and home. You can print all the necessary documents and quality-full images in an affordable inkjet printer. The printing speed is also decent. Hopefully, the discussion on features of inkjet printers has given you enough idea of how valuable an inkjet printer is. So, you can get your own inkjet printer today if needed!