Free Printable Baby Cards

A new baby is always a blessing. You can congratulate your friends or neighbors who just had a new baby by sending them beautiful theme cards. And you won’t have to go to any store for that. Just get some free printable baby cards on the internet and print them on colorful or plain white paper.

You can get several types of baby cards designed specifically for baby boys, baby girls, or twins. The baby girl printable cards will come in pink colors with flowers or angels, and you can start printing on them. But you can also get different colored cards for a baby girl. The baby boy printable cards have printed cars, toys, baby pictures, etc. But the printable cards for twins are unique.

Baby cards are more gorgeous than regular cards. Sending some printable baby cards will show your regards to the parents and will also make them happy.

Resources For Free Printable Baby Cards

1. Free Printable Baby Boy Cards

New babies bring joy to families and friends. When your friend or neighbor has a newborn baby boy, you can send them some greetings with some cards. Even if you don’t have enough money, you can get some cards online and get them printed.

There is a wide variety of baby boy cards available online. You can get the cards that have printed animals like bears, pandas, rabbits, cats. Make sure the cards don’t have too shiny colors.

Typically, blueish colors are best for baby boys. Therefore, get some cards with mixed blue colors. You can also print some stars, cars, or toy cutouts and attach them to your cards.

2. Free Printable Baby Cards for Twins

Twins are pretty special to parents. So, you can’t just send some regular cards on their luckiest moments.

Some pictures or stickers symbolize twins. You can just download and print those cards. If the stickers don’t match with the cards, print them separately and then attach the stickers over the cards.

It’s better to choose multi-color cards for the twins with animals like baby elephants and dolphins. You can also add some customized text along with the stickers or photos. There are also some cartoons that the twins may like.

3. Free Printable Baby Girl Cards

A Baby’s arrival is one of the most precious events in a parent’s life. And the baby girls are considered a lucky charm. So, you have to send some amazing cards for the newborn.

Purple and pink color cards will look gorgeous with some customization, like colorful text, pictures of the baby girl, stickers of babies or animals, etc. If you have some idea in mind, you can just print the colorful cards and customize them fully to send over.

As the cards are free to download, print some extras to send a couple of them. There are also some printable kids’ worksheets to regulate the activities of the baby girl.

4. Free Printable Baby Milestone Cards

The baby milestone cards are pretty helpful when you want to remember specific events in their lives. It freezes the time capturing as many details as you wish.

You can use the baby milestone cards in two ways: monthly events and new events. Whenever your baby does something new, capture the moment without posting it on social media. Then, attach it to the milestone cards with colorful text and stickers.

The monthly cards are mainly used to monitor how fast your baby is growing. Even if your baby gets older, these monthly milestone cards will capture every growth with related events.

5. Free Printable Baby Registry Insert Cards

Registry templates are not only to use in weddings. You can use these insert cards for babies too.

You can get free printable vintage recipe cards, editable and printable registry cards for babies, recipe templates, the ultimate registry cards online. There are also options in MS words to make baby registry insert cards.

The registry cards also come in customized options. So, decorate the cards according to your wish and send them. You can write as many details as you want.

What To Write in A New Baby Card?

When you are crafting cards for new babies, you may not have enough ideas for that. Therefore, you would need some tips for that.

What To Say to Baby Boy?

When your friend has a baby boy, you can send some cards and bouquets showing gratitude with some text.

You can congratulate them and say, “may your son prosper in life” or “your little boy may have all the blessings and happiness of life.” If it’s the first boy of the family, you can say, “congrats on your little addition to the family, and don’t spoil him with all the love.”

There are also other unique terms like “take care of our little prince,” “best wishes to your baby boy,” etc.  

What To Say to Twins?

Not everyone has twins. So, if your friends or neighbors have twins, it means they get twice the number of blessings.

Therefore, you can write, “twice blessings have come from heaven,” “double hugs with double loves,” “be ready to tolerate double troubles,” “time to replace you both with our new angels,” etc.

If the twins are a baby boy and a baby girl, write blessings differently.

What To Say to Baby Girl?

As mentioned, having a baby girl is like getting an angel at home. So, make sure your printed cards reflect such an idea.

You can say things like – “I am overwhelmed to hear our baby angel has arrived,” “congratulations on being parents of such a cute angel,” “may your daughter be the best buddy for the mom and little princess to the dad,” “best wishes for being blessed with baby girls” etc.

Make sure you write with some colorful paper. It would be better if you could write the wishes in calligraphy or other tricks like it. If not, then print the writing and glue them over your cards.

Bottom Line

A simple congratulation will show your love to the newborn babies. You just have to find some amazing cards and print them. Make sure they are colorful and gorgeous.

You can easily get free printable baby cards online. So, print them, customize them and send them with some loving quotes. May the smile of the babies bring joy to everyone’s life!