Free Printable Math Flash Cards

There is no doubt that math is an essential ingredient of life. However, it is also the subject that has given all of us frustrating headaches at some point. To build a better relationship between math and the brain, one needs to start learning it from a very young age. That way, your brain is always used to solving complex problems and can quickly build connections.

So, if you are the parent to a youngster, the time has come to get some free printable math flashcards to increase their mathematical intelligence. We will list some of the best sites down below!

Free Printable Math Flash Cards

Top 5 Free Printable Math Flash Cards Resources

1. Free Printable Multiplication Flash Cards from

When in need of free printable multiplication flashcards, math worksheets, or books, is the perfect site to visit. Each item is designed with care by individuals who possess a lot of knowledge about child education. Solving and teaching using their materials will make your child’s mathematical abilities shine.

Over the years, several teachers and parents have looked into for assistance. Hence, you can also depend on them and their books for home-schooling.

2. Free Printable Addition Flashcards from K5 Learning

K5 Learning provides worksheets for kindergarten to grade 6 students. In addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and free printable addition flash cards are available. So you can simply get the entire pack and be equipped with all the materials needed for your kid’s education.

K5 Learning has been working diligently since 2011 with experts only to provide the best. As a result, all their colorful flashcards hold the capability of empowering your child’s mind!

3. Free Printable Division Flash Cards from 3 Dinosaurs

3 Dinosaurs is run by Cassie – an intelligent mother of three brilliant girls – who are ready to gift her readers with vibrant free printable division flash cards. Other math-related flash cards include ones based on addition, subtraction, and multiplication, all of which help youngsters gravely.

Other than math, you can also find flash cards and activity worksheets on grammar, vocabulary, and spelling. All of these combine to form the perfect primary school package for every kid!

4. Free Printable Geometry Flash Cards from Teachers Pay Teachers

Although Teacher Pay Teachers (TpT) was originally started by Paul Edelman, it now consists of work designed by teachers all over America. These talented individuals who have pocketed degrees in child education make free printable geometry flashcards, videos, and math worksheets.

Teachers and parents can also be acquainted with each other’s curriculums and lesson plans through TpT. Therefore, new and upgraded teaching methods can be implemented for the betterment of future generations.

5. Free Printable Shape Flash Cards from Free Flash Cards for Kindergarten

Free Flashcards for Kindergarten is a colorful site with a wide range of items to offer. Other than their free printable shape flashcards, they offer items on math, phonics, verbs, opposites, etc.

Flamboyant posters depicting countries, holidays, places, dinosaurs, etc., are also issued, which parents can utilize to decorate their children’s room. Kids can then familiarize themselves with these words and have growth in learning.

Tips For Using Math Flashcards With Your Child

As long as teaching is made fun, kids will happily welcome new knowledge into their life. Hence, instead of only focusing on teaching, make sure you also pay attention to their entertainment.

Math flashcards are like magical items that can convert study time into fun time. Here are some tips on using these flash cards with your child:

  • Divide your children into two groups and start a match. Use addition and subtraction flash cards to display a question, and the team that answers the most wins. For a single child, you can make a score goal. If they manage to get the desired marks, they can get chocolates or toffees.
  • Do not use the same flash cards again and again. Instead, make separate packs and once you have used one, leave it aside for a few weeks.
  • Keep a note of your child’s skills. If they have managed to flourish in one type of math problem, e.g., additions, then focus on teaching others like subtraction or multiplication. You can also try switching your addition-based flash cards into something that is designed for a higher level. For example, each number can be made bigger by simply adding something before or after using markers.
  • Create a competition between the students where they have to construct their flashcards for opponent team members. In addition, creating their own math problems will further develop their math skills.
  • Every time a student gives the solution to a flash card, loudly repeat the question and then narrate the answer. Then, ask other students whether they understood, and if not, let the student who replied explain the answer to his/her peers.
  • Upon receiving your student’s solution to a flashcard, do not immediately tell them that it is right or wrong. Instead, ask everyone else whether they agree with the answer or not. This will drive everyone to think and help in quick learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Flashcards Useful For Math?

Flash cards are indeed very useful when it comes to teaching younger children math. Once your child has started grasping the way addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division works, you can start using flash cards. With the concept understood, they can focus on quick problem-solving, and with time, their brain is wired to connect all the dots faster. In the future, this will assist them in completing exam papers within the given hours.

2. Why Are Flashcards Important For Toddlers?

Flash cards are designed to increase a toddler’s answering speed. During an exam, kids are often aware of the answer but struggle to write them down within the fixed time. Flash cards eliminate this problem by instilling quick answering skills in children during their toddlerhood. As a result, their brain works quicker on finding a solution making them fit for all competitions and exams.

3. How Do Kids Use Flashcards?

Kids can use flashcards to engage in several games that fester educational growth. Parents can shuffle all of the cards up into a deck and present the top card to their kids one by one. Each kid then has to answer the question within a strict time frame to gain points. After regular practice, you can change up the rules to introduce something that is harder but more fun to play.