Free Printable Postcards

Centuries have passed, but postcards fail to lose their charm! However, with a postage fee that is usually smaller than a letter’s, you can easily use them to send your family members a peek at your life.

Upon visiting a new state, tourist spot, monument, or achieving new life goals, you can easily click a picture and share it with a bunch of people. In addition, travelers can make up their own album or wall filled with postcards that act as a memoir for every location they visited.

If you want to mail postcards to family members, get free printable postcards instead of wasting money in making a purchase. We will list some of our favorite sites below!

Free Printable Postcards for Kids from TINKERLAB

TIINKERLAB is a vibrant site that no one should miss out on! It is built by Rachelle, who has gained several experiences through working as a progressive contemporary museum educator. Being a mother and an art educator in an institution has also taught her many things, which she shares in her best-selling books and TINKERLAB.

When it comes to the postcards that Rachelle designs, we cannot stop raving about their elegance. So, waste no time and get your hands on them!

Free Printable Photo Postcards from Ps Print by Deluxe

With a huge customer pool consisting of over 750,000 satisfied users, Ps Print by Deluxe manages to shine. This absolutely loved online printing production has been around for 25 years and provides outstanding color quality along with a resolution that earns them the G7 seal.

Other than printable postcards, you can also access brochures, invites, business cards, etc. Overall, Ps Print by Deluxe is a site that you should not miss out on!

Free Printable Postcard Invitations from Canva

As it carries a unique set of designing and publishing tools, Canva is now one of the most praised editing software around the entire globe. Users of the software can engineer their own printable postcards or make the process hassle-free by using available templates.

Canva has a wide base that makes it available in 190 countries and 100 languages. All the options make it user-friendly, and you are very likely to find any printables you want upon a quick visit!

Free Blank Printable Postcards from Picklebums

In search of blank postcards that you can draw on? Picklebums is undoubtedly the most ideal pick for you!

Picklebums is what the author of the blog website – Kate – calls her children. She and her marvelous family leave in Australia and own a craft fabric shop and also upload their work online. The site has been running since 2005 and harbors the attention of thousands with its beautifully designed printables which your kids can draw upon.

Free Printable Change of Address Postcards from Pinterest

Are you shifting to a new home? Good news for you as Pinterest has just the perfect printable postcards to offer. Pinterest has been flourishing as a site that values art, photography, and design for ages. Users of the apps can pin, share, and download works that they like.

Other than postcards, you can also get planners, journals, and scrapbook printables – all for free. Hence, a shopping spree through the posts will present you with distinct items!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Word have a postcard template?

Yes, postcard templates are available in word. To get yourself one, follow these steps:

  1. You will notice the File option at the top left corner of your ribbon. Click on it and wait for the new options to show up.
  2. From the menu on the left-hand side, click on the New option.
  3. Scroll down to look for any postcard templates that might be available. If you fail to find any here, do not worry! Instead, simply type it in on the search box to be presented with several groups of choices like graduation, birthday, business, ladybug, chameleon, etc.

In case you still have not found one that meets your need, simply design your own by attaching pictures on a blank document. You can then add the Postcard label to evenly arrange your work into four sections.

2. Is there a postcard template on Google Docs?

Unfortunately, no- Google Docs does not have any postcard templates available. Instead, you can design one on your own. Change your paper’s orientation to landscape and then draw a 2 x 1 table. The table can then be stretched out until it fits the paper entirely.

Once this has been done, slowly start typing in information like name, address, and date in their designated positions. Lastly, add a stamp image on the top right corner and type in your message or attach a picture. You can also have the details written using a pen after printing.

3. Can you design a postcard in Canva?

Yes, postcards can be effortlessly designed in Canva. Hundreds of templates are available in the library for you to choose from. All you need to do is open up the app and search Postcards to be automatically presented with tons of options. Now you can select the one you like, make edits, add images, draw shapes and write in your information. Lastly, you can get your prints in high quality using Canva Print.