Free Printable Sudoku for Kids

Sudoku, or “single-digit,” is a Japanese puzzle game based on numbers. As players fill every empty box in all the grids with numbers, their brain is driven to think. Continuous questioning and logic determination energize the brain and strengthen the player’s memory cells.

With several benefits coming to light over the past years, child educators from the University of Cambridge have emphasized how letting your kids play Sudoku is an amazing idea. They can sit calmly and enjoy the game while enhancing their concentration and boosting their quick-thinking quality.

If you are a teacher, parent, or home tutor, here are some sites that publish free printable Sudoku for kids! Check them out to boost your kid’s educational abilities.

Resources For Free Printable Sudoku for Kids

1. Free Printable Sudoku 6 Per Page from is the home to thousands of printable and playable sudokus. In total, 5 levels are available โ€“ easy, normal, hard, expert, and extreme. You can select whichever you want to minimize or maximize the toughness and let children enjoy a perfect match for their age. Answers are also available for checking. For a fancy gaming experience, look into Samurai Sudoku, Sudoku Today, Cool Sudoku, and Newdoku!

2. Free Printable Samurai Sudoku from Samurai Sudoku

In search of some Samurai sudokus? Well, you are simply one click away!

Samurai Sudokus has successfully provided enthusiasts with one uniquely designed Sudoku every day. Each corner has one grid, and a central overlapping grid is also present, making the game more challenging and competitive. Only one solution is given that you can look into towards the end for the confirmation, but hints can be received while filling up.

3. Free Printable Sudoku Easy from Memory Improvement Tips

Want to heighten the quality of your memory?

Memory Improvement Tips has many resources that will help you do just that! You will find tons of sudokus on their site ranging from easy to challenging levels. These are printable, so you can easily hand them out to kids for solving. Other than Sudoku, over 200 free brain games are also available, including Time Mgmt, Card and Tile, Word Games, Board Games, etc.

4. Free Printable Sudoku Hard from Dad

James Scheller โ€“ a father to four girls โ€“ has been diligently using his knowledge on child education to produce free printable math-based resources since 2008. Puzzles, crosswords, hard sudokus, and worksheets are offered in bulk, making the site top-ranked and loved!

With intricately designed challenging sudoku puzzles, James Scheller wishes to engrave logic and quick-thinking skills in the brains of all children. So, consider being one of his 10 million visitors without further ado!

5. Free Printable Sudoku Medium from Dad

We cannot help but mention this fantastic site by James Scheller once more. When looking for free printable sudokus that are medium leveled, manages to stand out. Five packages are available, each containing 10 puzzles for players to complete.

Besides that, a peek into the site will help you find over 10,000 printables for children that develop memorizing and learning abilities. All of these can combine to benefit your kid’s education gravely.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Should Kids Play Sudoku?

Experts on child education have frequently emphasized the importance of playing Sudoku. While solving, kids are made to think logically, which constantly improves their concentration and patience. This is helpful to several parents and teachers as kids can be kept calm without bringing screen time into the equation.

Memory is improved, which assists children in gaining knowledge. Kids quickly learn new vocabularies, alphabets, numbers, timetables, etc. So, their educational life is made better. Abstract reasoning is also said to be heightened along with decision-making abilities.

2. What Age Is Good For Sudoku?

Usually, Sudoku is meant to be played by people at least 8 years of age. Therefore, players should start with manageable levels and slowly head up to harder ones. This way, their brain is allowed to slowly adjust to the rules of the game and slowly update its thinking process.

Recently, some websites have started publishing Sudoku for kids aged between 4 to 8. These are comparatively easier and manage to prepare them for future gaming moments. Their brain is quickened, making them sharper than others their age.

3. What Is The Benefit Of Playing Sudoku?

As Sudoku drives its players into logical thinking, their reasoning skills are improved gravely. Eventually, this helps people put their points forward and explain their choices in daily life.

Sudoku is also known to better the condition of the brain’s memory cells. This is extremely helpful for players who belong to the older generation as it prevents them from forgetting things too often.

Statistically, it has been proved that Sudoku decreases the effects of Alzheimer’s. Therefore, many professionals will suggest their patients regularly solve one Sudoku and increase their recalling ability.

Lastly, a person’s brain is able to quickly connect dots through regular Sudoku solving. Concentration is improved so they can focus on the task at hand and complete it in an instant.