Free Printable Sunday Crossword Puzzles

Crossword puzzles are one of the most entertaining kinds of puzzles to solve. So whether it’s for educational purposes or for some quality pastime, Sunday crossword puzzles never disappoint.

Crossword puzzles are generally created focusing on a certain genre. For example, puzzles based on vocabulary are published in most newspapers, while educational ones can be found in various textbooks and workbooks.

But, what if we told you that you could enjoy solving all of these Sunday crossword puzzles entirely for free?!

Yes, today, we’ll find you the top websites where you can get access to a horde of free printable Sunday crossword puzzles that will make your day!

Free Resources For Printable Sunday Crossword Puzzles

1. Free Holiday Crossword Puzzles Printable from Sunday Crosswords

What’s better than solving crosswords created by one of the most prominent crossword puzzles creators?

Sunday Crosswords provides for you MerlReagle’s crosswords from various editions of the San Francisco Chronicle for free!

The website also provides the solutions below the puzzle and easily readable instructions for “down” and “across.”

Just clicking on the printable link below each puzzle will automatically download the crossword for you in PDF format.

2. Free Printable Algebra Crossword Puzzles from Teachers Pay Teachers

An impressive way to teach important aspects of algebra, Teachers Pay Teachers comes with a huge range of algebra crossword puzzles that will pose a good challenge for the students.

Once you sort by price, you’ll receive a list of 30+ unique and free crossword puzzles on algebra shared by teachers all around the world!

These puzzles also come with essential information on the topics of algebra that it focuses on as well as the grade for which this puzzle will be effective.

3. Free Printable Animal Crossword Puzzles from Crossword Hobbyist

Crossword Hobbyist comes with a user-interactive interface that is very convenient for enthusiasts.

The website delivers a huge range of animal crossword puzzles with some dedicated to birds, zoo animals, and even dinosaurs!

These puzzles are also rated by the users, and the rating is displayed below each of them, helping you choose the best animal crossword puzzle.

Selecting on any certain puzzle will open it in a new tab, and you can directly print it from the website.

4. Free Printable Criss-Cross Puzzles from Super Coloring

Criss-Cross crossword puzzles are even more challenging than the general ones, and Super Coloring brings you just that!

Several criss-cross puzzles are available, starting with easy ones for children in schools to extremely difficult ones for experts.

The puzzles also have varying difficulties. For example, the easy ones consist of a single letter present in all words, while the difficult ones come with just two letters filled out randomly.

Clicking on the “View PDF” button opens the file in a new tab, ready for download.

5. Free Printable Diagramless Crossword Puzzles from Puzzle Choice

While it’s not as complex as the criss-cross puzzles, the diagramless puzzles are a step above the general crossword puzzles. Puzzle Choice brings you 24 such distinctively-created puzzles to give you a proper challenge!

Clicking on any diagramless puzzle will open a new page with the “Down” and “Across” instructions laid out. Each puzzle also comes with a small hint to get you started.

You can print the page directly from your browser, or you could select the instructions and copy them to a word file.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is The Sunday Crossword The Hardest?

Sunday crossword puzzles are not the hardest.

Saturday crosswords are the most difficult, while the ones on Monday are the easiest, since it’s a work day.

Sunday crosswords are usually neither that difficult nor very easy.

What Section Is The Sunday Crossword?

The Sunday crossword puzzle is available in the “Magazine” section of the New York Times paper.

In some other newspapers, the Sunday crossword can be found in the “Games” section as well.

How Much Does The New York Times Pay For A Crossword Puzzle?

The New York Times pays $500 for two 15×15 dimensions puzzles published from Mondays to Saturdays. 21×21 dimensions puzzles published on Sundays pays $1,500 for two crosswords.

For three or more than three puzzles published, the rate will increase. For example, you can receive $750 for 15×15 dimension ones and $2,250 for the Sunday crossword puzzles.