Free Printable TEAS Test Flashcards

Test of Essential Academic Skills is something that you need to prep for in order to enter the nursing or diagnostic field. One needs to practice diligently to successfully get through the toilsome examination process.

One of the hardest sides of the TEAS test is time management. For example, a Science section is present that consists of 53 questions based on human anatomy, physical science, physiology, etc. Only 63 minutes should be assigned to answering this, meaning that a slow pace is simply signing up for failure!

To quicken your thinking process, you can use free printable TEAS test flashcards and set up trivia from sites like Union Test Prep.

What is the purpose of TEAS test?

The ATI TEAS test is supposed to reflect a particular student’s educational skills and quality. Nursing institutions can then judge students based on these results and choose whether to accept them or not. Most places will have a minimum score that you need to get in order to apply. A lower than the minimum score indicates that a test taker is unsuitable for that institution and the level of education they pursue.

TEAS test will assist in determining a student’s science, mathematics, reading, and English and Language Usage abilities. A score of 85% or above is said to show strong basic skills, while anything lower than 60% indicates the test taker needs more practice and dedication.

Studying for the TEAS also introduces a candidate to information they should be acquainted with. While learning to answer the 170 questions, you will come across several topics like algebra, physiology, human anatomy, vocabulary, scientific reasoning, etc. Gaining knowledge regarding these crucial subjects will prepare you for your future profession.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the TEAS test online or on paper?

One can resort to taking the TEAS test on paper or online, per convenience. The institution you are studying in will take the exam with certified proctors most of the time. You can easily take the exam there and have the results acknowledged officially as long as all rules are obeyed.

Online exams can also be taken if a proctor is present who checks on you throughout the entire process. During such exams, you are not allowed to look sideways or anywhere else other than the screen.

Lastly, official exam venues are also present at PSI National Testing Center.

2. Is the TEAS test really that hard?

The TEAS test can be effortlessly passed as long as you have properly revised all the topics that you will be questioned about. Besides that, as a test taker, you should also spend a lot of time-solving past papers. This will help your brain acknowledge the exam’s structure, so you will be more aware of what is coming next. While solving these papers, you can also focus on your time management. Flashcards can also be used to wire the brain into giving quick responses.

3. What is a passing TEAS test score?

The minimum TEAS test score for every institution defers based on the education quality and reputation. On average, one will need to score something between 60% to 70% to get into an organization. However, top-notch education programs will demand higher scores like 80% to 85%.

So, before taking the TEAS test, do look into the demands of the nursing or diagnostic institution that you want to get into. Then, prepare yourself accordingly to make sure you will not be eliminated as a possible candidate.

4. What is the format of the TEAS test?

When it comes to the ATI TEAS test, you will be tested in several sections like Science, Math, Reading, and English and Language Usage. In total, 170 questions will be provided, and a strict time frame of 209 minutes will be presented.

For science, 53 questions will be presented, all of which need to be completed within 63 minutes. You should spend 54 minutes answering all the 36 Mathematics questions, and 64 minutes should be assigned to reply to 53 questions based on the reading. Lastly, one minute should be used to respond to each of the 28 questions in the English and Language Usage section.

5. How much does the TEAS test cost?

To participate in the TEAS test, you need to pay a sum of $95. Money paid by the candidate is used to pay proctors, test designers, and management.

In order to pay, you have to first register through this site, set up an account, and click on the Register option. Register for the TEAS should be selected if you are a candidate who wishes to take the school exam. Then, click on Register for the TEAS with PSI to independently give your exam. Once your information has been processed, you need to pay $95 to receive your exam confirmation mail.