How Do I Check Printer Ink Level?

Printers are handy devices, but they can run into ink shortage if you don’t keep the ink level in check. You don’t want to run into printer troubles in the middle of your work. So, you must be curious about how do I checkthe printer ink level.

Every printer has a different process of checking ink levels. You can find their unique way in their manuals. But you may also apply the available general procedures. Generally, you can find the ink level status from the menu on the LCD screen of the printer. Also, you can locate the information from the Windows notification area and the control panel.

Even though every printer works in a different procedure,some general guidelines exist. You can apply them with any model of printer.

How Do I Check Printer Ink Level?


Why Do You Need to Check The Ink Level Of Your Printer?

Every printer has its own ink feature. If the ink level is low, you need to refill it. Otherwise, you might face unwanted consequences.

To prevent your liquid ink from drying out in the cartridge way faster than your usual rate, you need to keep an update on your ink level. Apart from these, your printer consumes more ink to provide a decent result while it’s short on ink level.

In emergency times, you might be irritated with poor-quality printing. You should keep track of your printer’s ink level to prevent all these.

Checking Printer Ink Level

Checking the printer’s ink level is essential if you look forward to large printing works. Some general procedures can be applied to some printers.

From Printer Menu

If your printer has an LCD screen on itself, it is easier to locate the ink level from the printer. For this, you do not have to take help from your computer, or you don’t even need to connect it with your computer.

The following content will find the steps needed to know the ink or toner level from the printer menu.

Step 1: First, turn on your printer.

Step 2: Now find out where the Menu or Home button of the printer is. From there, use the right navigation keys to find the status, settings, or reports section from the Menu.

Step 3: The ink or toner level is displayed on the printer’s LCD screen.

If the Toner or ink level is not displayed on the screen, you will need to print the status. This status can be found in the System data.

From The Window Notification Area

If your printer does not have an LCD screen,there is nothing to worry about. You can still identify the level of ink in your printer from the connected computer.

Before starting printing from your computer, you can see the ink level present in your computer from the disk Windows Notification Area.

Step 1: Turn the printer on.

Step 2: Depending on the model of your printer, determinewhether it is connected with your computer in wireless or wired mode.

Step 3: Go to the Windows Notification Area in the bottom right corner of the PC screen. From the Notification area, locate the printer icon.

Step 4: Right-click on the printer icon.

Step 5: Choose the “properties” or “preferences” option from the public menu.

Step 6: Locate the “Ink level” or “Toner level” option.

From the option of “Ink level” or toner level, you can learn about the status of ink present in your printer.

From Control Panel

Other than the Windows Notification Area, you can find your printer’s ink level from the Control Panel. Through the Control Panel, you can locate the whole status of your printer.

Here is the step-by-step process to check your printer’s ink level from the Control Panel.

Step 1: Turn on your printer.

Step 2: Attach your printer with your PC.

Step 3: Open the control menu on your computer.

Step 4: Select “View devices and printers” from “Hardware and Sound.”

Step 5: Double click on the printer you want information about.

Step 6: Tap on Status, and it will show you the level of ink present on your printer.

It is not guaranteed that these three methods can check all printers’ status. But you can give it a try. Otherwise, check the manual of your printer to know the exact process.


How To Check Ink Level in HP Printers

You may check the ink level in any HP printer through the control panel. You will find a cartridge icon, an ink drops icon, a toner level indicator, or an ink levels menu there to get updates regarding your ink level.

In Windows

You may check your HP printer’s ink level through the HP Smart app from Microsoft Store or the Supply Levels of the HP Print and Scan Doctor app.

Simply navigate to Estimated Ink Levels from HP Printer Assistant by searching your printer’s name and number on Windows. For HP Laser Printers, check the ink level through the Supplies Information section from Easy Printer Manager.

For macOS

If you are using an HP Printer with a macOS, then follow the following to check your ink level:

Step 1: Tap on the Apple icon.

Step 2: Go to System Preferences.

Step 3: Now select Printers and Scanners, Print & Scan, or Print & Fax.

Step 4: Choose your individual printer there.

Step 5: Check on Options & Supplies and follow the Supplies tab to complete your job.


Final Words

This post will help you to answer your question, how do I check the printer ink level. For this, you will not have to take out the ink box and take a look. Instead, with the connected device’s help, the printer will let you know about the ink level.

As all printers work in different ways, it is wise not to throw the user manual of your printer. This will help you know your printer’s ink level in no time. Also, it will help you to maintain the overall status of your printer.