2 Easy Ways To Install A Certificate On My HP Printer

An HP or other printer should have a digital certificate if you are going to use it. The certification helps with security purposes and verifies the printer’s legality. But how do I install a certificate on my HP printer?

You can install a certificate on the printer in two steps: creating a certificate signing request and installing a root certificate. Create a signing request using some signature algorithm in the certificate management area. Then just go to the settings of the certificate and import the identity certificate and install it.

Certificate authorities set their certificate on encryption with a private key so that your printer remains secure.

How Do I Install A Certificate On My HP Printer

What Method Should You Use?

You have two simple steps to install the certificate: creating a certificate signing request and importing and installing the certificate. Without a signing request, you can’t install the certificate even if you have a genuine product key.

Step-1: Signing Request

First of all, you need to locate the navigation tabs. Search for a security option. You will see the certificate management at the top left corner.

After entering the management, you will find the option called “create certificate signing request” and then click it. The page will want identifying information, and you have to provide the information of that organization which will give you the certificate.

At the bottom, there’s an option called“key options.” Select the key length for your requested certificate.

Another option at the bottom part is the “signature algorithm.” So, you need to select the algorithm to proceed with your signing request.

And lastly, don’t forget to save this content file because you have to show the file to the certificate authority for further processes.

Step-2: Install The Certificate

After saving the file, you need to close the tab and go to the navigation tabs at the top.

On the certificate management panel, you will see “ install identity certificate from certificate signing request (CSR).” Select it and click browse to choose the file. The system will automatically locate the file, and you just have to click open and lastly click install.

Your installation is now complete!

Extra Step

If you just want to import the file and not install it, you need to stop in the middle of the process.When you select the file to import, or the system automatically locates the file, select open (not install).

Sometimes the certificate contains a private key.So, when you click open, it will request a password for the certificate. The password will be in the “certificate password” field. Extract the password and enter it here. The password remains the same for the private key.

Bottom Line

The answer to the question – “How do I install a certificate on my HP printer?” may seem a bit complex to you. But we would suggest going through the process several times to understand it thoroughly and then try it yourself. If you fail, go and ask for help from an expert. Use your printer securely!