Print Legal Size Paper On A Printer (Simple Steps)

Legal-sized papers are extremely popular in offices. With a length that is a few inches longer than the letter-sized paper, it is the go-to option for printing out legal documents and affidavits. However, due to the difference in size, people are often confused about how to get prints on such papers.

As your professional life is bound to include some legal-sized papers, you should learn about printing on them. Read our article to become a printing pro!

How Do I Print Legal Size Paper On My Printer?

Steps By Steps Method To Print Legal Size Paper On My Printer

Things You Will Need:

  • Legal sized paper
  • A printer that can print on paper with dimensions 8.5 x 14 inches


  1. When you are done typing out your legal documents on MS Word, press on the Layout tab. It is present on the Ribbon along with several other options.
  2. Once the Layout tab is open, you will notice the Size option amongst the Page Setup section. Click on it to open a drop-down list consisting of several sizes.
  3. Select the Legal option after making sure that the dimensions match your expectation. This will automatically change your printer settings. Next, click on the File tab and select the Print option present on the left-hand side menu for confirmation. Next, check to make sure the paper size is set to Legal. 
  4. With your printer settings ready, you can now focus on loading the legal papers. But, first, detach your printer’s feed tray and remove its cover.
  5. Move the width paper guides to the side, leaving as much place in the middle as possible. Do the same with the length paper guide.
  6. Put together your stack of legal-sized paper. Check to make sure all of them are laid flat and align all the sides together before placing them in the tray.
  7. Adjust the paper guides so that they hold the legal-sized papers onto the position.
  8. Attach the paper tray to the printer and, if needed, push the papers inwards. Remember that the papers need to be touching the printer’s body. This helps the printing machine recognize that it is loaded.
  9. Fix the length paper guide if needed and cover the paper tray.
  10. Check your opened document to make sure everything is correct. Then, click on File and select the Print option.
  11. Alter all the settings according to your choices and then, press the Print button. All you need to do now is to wait for your hard copies to get printed.

Hopefully, the steps we have mentioned helped you print out all your legal documents!