How Do I Print Out A Certificate?

Certificates keep records of your success and participation. With technological advancement, you can keep those certificates digitally in PDF format and print them whenever you need to. So, if you have a printer, you must be questioning – How can I print out a certificate?

You need to navigate to your desired certificate from the web and download it as a PDF. After opening the PDF, find the print option or press “ctrl+p” and the printing options will appear in a floating window. Then check out the printing properties and command print.

It’s very safe to keep certificates digitally because you can print them again when you lose the previous one somehow.

How To Print?

Suppose you have participated in a competition and achieved a placement. The authority told you to download the certificate from their website.

So, at first, you need to locate or navigate the certificate download option and download it. In modern machines, the system will automatically download the certificate.

Then, open your certificate on adobe acrobat or other similar apps and search print options. Or else, you can press “ctrl+p.” A floating window will appear on the screen containing all the necessary printing properties.

You can easily modify those options. Suppose you want to print the certificate on A4 paper and make two copies of them. So, select the A4 option on the print format and command two copies.

Before you click the “print” option, make sure you have the appropriate paper inserted in your printer. Typically, 160gsm parchment papers are used to print the certificates. So, insert the parchment paper and then command print.

If you want to use standard A4 paper (65, 80, 120gsm), you may get a wet paper after printing. It will be less durable and will fade quickly.

What If There’s No PDF Format?

This kind of problem often occurs when your PC or whatever device you are using is of the old generation. So, they don’t have such built-in options to save in PDF format. Therefore, you have to install additional software or a web browser to convert the document into PDF while downloading.

You will also find a button called “PDF” at the bottom of those certain websites. Click the PDF icon, and the certificate will be downloaded as a PDF.

If you don’t find any PDF option, the authority may create a private option for the certificates. When you have access, the PDF will appear on your credential window.


Certificates carry our valuable achievements and related memories. Nowadays, most of the competitions and seminars occur online, and they provide digital certificates.

Hopefully, your question is now answered. If you follow the technique, you can easily print any certificate within a minute.