Can You Put Legal Size Paper In A Printer?

Isn’t it frustrating if your paper jams while printing or come out all creased and destroyed? Well, a very possible reason for that can be improper loading of the paper in the printer!

While putting paper in the printer, whether it’s A4 or legal-size, can be quite a simple task, but a slight tweak or improper orientation can hamper the printing process greatly.

Below, we take a look at the simple steps you need to follow to put legal size paper in the printer so that your legal documents are printed flawlessly.

How Do You Put Legal Size Paper In A Printer?

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Loading Legal Size Paper In A Printer

How To Load Legal Size Paper In Brother Printer

  • Open the paper tray and place it separately after detaching from the printer.
  • Spread the paper guides (two on the side and one at the center) of the paper tray as wide as possible.
  • Take your set of legal-size paper and gently tap them against a flat surface to make sure all the pages are evenly placed.
  • Check your printer’s paper-handling capacity from the instructions manual and make sure the number of legal-size sheets you’ll be placing is less than the capacity.
  • Carefully place the paper set on the paper tray, with the side you want to print on facing down.
  • Nudge the set forward to make it touch the front end of the tray.
  • Adjust the paper guides and make sure they’re all touching the edge of the legal-size paper set.
  • Gently place the tray in the same compartment of the printer, ensuring that the edges are connected properly.
  • Push the paper tray inwards to close it and start printing.

How To Load Legal Size Paper In HP Printer

  • Open the paper tray on the front of the paper tray, much like opening a door.
  • Pull-on the paper length guide downwards to extend the size of the paper tray.
  • Separate the paper width guides as far as possible.
  • Make sure the number of legal-size sheets that you’re planning to use is lower than the paper-handling capacity of your HP printer.
  • Tap the stack of paper against a flat surface to ensure all the pages are even and straight.
  • Place your sheets of paper on the paper tray with the printing side facing up and check that both sides are even.
  • Slowly nudge the stack forwards until it’s against the inside of the printer and doesn’t move further.
  • Constrict the paper width guides on the left and right until they’re touching the sides of the paper set.
  • Push the paper length guide upwards and against the bottom part of the paper set and start printing!

How To Put Legal Size Paper In An Epson Printer

  • Pull outwards on the notch, which is situated in front of the paper tray of the Epson printer.
  • Take the paper tray out and hold it with one hand.
  • On the other hand, press the “Extension” button on the body of the tray.
  • While pressing on the button, pull outwards from the edge of the tray; this extends the size of the tray.
  • Release the button and keep on extending the tray until the button resets back to its original position.
  • According to the paper-handling capacity of the tray, take a certain number of legal-size sheets.
  • Carefully insert the sheets between the guides on the edge and push inwards.
  • Adjust the position of the bottom paper guide so that it’s touching the legal-size pages.
  • Gently place the paper tray inside its compartment in the printer and slide it inside. Then, you’re all ready to print!