Are dot matrix printers still used? (Pros & Cons)

As an owner of a computer, you definitely need a printer. If you work on your computer, then the need for a printer will keep growing in you over time. However, since there are so many types of printers available in the market, it is very easy to get confused to choosing one for yourself. 

If you do not have much knowledge about printers, let us tell you that there is a type of printer called Dot Matrix printer. Throughout this article, we will give a brief description of the dot matrix printer so that you get all the knowledge about this type of printer at the end.

How Does A Dot Matrix Printer Work

What Is A Dot-Matrix Printer?

Printers have different kinds according to the way they work. For example, some printers use inkjet technology or laser technology. A Dot matrix printer (DMP) is almost the same as an inkjet printer. 

Dot-matrix is also known as an impact matrix printer. The name derives from how it prints. Dot-matrix performs using the impact of small hammers on a ribbon. The only technology similar to dot matrix is inkjet. In the case of a dot printer, letters are formed by a matrix of dots. 

Dot-matrix printers are considered to be old-fashioned nowadays. They have limitations to the way they print. People consider an inkjet printer or a laser printer over a dot matrix. Though outdated, there are so many sectors where dot printers are still used. 

How Does A Dot Matrix Printer Work?

Dot-matrix printers have similarities with both typewriter and inkjet printers in performance. For example, the way typewriters used to use small hammers or pins to punch letters on a paper; dot printers adopted a similar technique. Likewise, dot printers use small dots to make letters or characters the same way inkjet does.

A DMP has a print head that runs back and forth on a page. There are many small pins that strike an ink-soaked ribbon and print on the paper. The pins are connected to small electromagnets. While printing, the printer can actually print one line of text at a time. 

A dot printer has a single vertical line of a dot-making instrument on its print head.  This is the reason why it can not print more than one line at a time. The source of ink in a DMP is a cloth ribbon. The ribbon is soaked in ink, and every time the pins strike the ribbon, it produces a matrix of dots on the paper. 

A dot matrix has a roller fixed in it. On the both edges of the roller, there are two clips. The function of the clips is to hold the paper while it is printing. Mostly there are no holding trays for paper in this type of device. 

Benefits And Uses Of A Dot Matrix Printer

Although the dot matrix is mostly considered out of date, there are still a lot of sectors where these devices are used. A dot printer can come with a lot of limitations, but there are some benefits to it too. In today’s market, a matrix printer is cheaper and more durable than any other type of printer. 

Dot-matrix printers are very much durable. They can function smoothly even in a dirty and hot environment. The ink of a dot printer does not dry out quickly. The printout slowly starts fading when the ink is running out, which gives you the warning to change it. The printing cost is also lower than any other printer. 

A dot printer can make carbon copies of the printout. It uses paper continuously and does not need a frequent change of paper. There is a special kind of paper used for a dot matrix. This paper comes in a bundle. Once you stick one piece of paper in the printer, it will automatically feed paper. 

What Are The Disadvantages Of A Dot Matrix Printer?

Dot matrix printers were once one of its kinds. It used to be a common device in all workplaces. However, there is no argument that this machine also has disadvantages. It produces loud noises while printing something. It is even very slow in printing.

A matrix printer usually produces low-quality printings. The graphics resolution is also quite low. If you want to print a color image, this device might not be the best choice. There are no options available for choosing a color.

A huge disadvantage of a dot printer is that the pins will often get bent. Such problems will create paper blocks and spoil the printing. Unfortunately, even though paper blocks are a common problem in every printer, fixing them is a very hard task in the case of dot matrices.

The ink of a matrix printer is not so dark and eye-catchy. This will be a major problem if you try to scan it. The paper setting is also a hectic job. If there is any mistake in setting the paper, it will end up in a paper jam. Finally, since a dot printer uses small but visible dots to produce a character, the placement of one single dot can change the look of any letter. 

Does A Dot Matrix Printer Need Ink?

There is a need for ink in every type of printer. A dot matrix printer is also no different. However, there is no liquid or powder ink used in it. Instead, it uses a cloth ribbon. The ribbon is soaked in ink. When the pins hit the ribbon, it strikes the paper and print small dots. If the ribbon runs out of ink, the printouts will slowly start fading.

Is A Dot Matrix Printer Expensive?

Dot-matrix printers are now archaic. There are many new printers that can serve better than a DMP. Even though it is old-fashioned and less used, a dot printer is actually not so expensive. It is obvious that it is sold cheaply because of its limitations and outdated functions.