How Many Pages Can Be Printed with One Laser Cartridge?

Tired of changing ink cartridges? How many pages can be printed with one laser cartridge? Keep reading to know

If you’ve been printing your documents for some time, you should know that replacing cartridges is the most expensive part of owning a printer. Within no time, the money you invested in replacing cartridges can be more than the money you invested in the printer itself.

The number of pages you can print with one laser toner cartridge ranges from 2000 to 3500. If you use a high-capacity cartridge, the number can be even higher, ranging from 6500 to over 10,000 pages. On the other hand, the page yield of a standard inkjet cartridge is somewhere around 200 to 250 pages.

How frequently you change cartridges depends on how many pages can be printed with one laser cartridge. However, in the great debate between laser printers vs. inkjet printers, the former seems to lead this one.

How Many Pages Can Be Printed with One Laser Cartridge?

Why Page Yield Is Important

In an environment where you need to print hundreds of pages frequently, the cost of printing per page is significant. The cost primarily depends on two variables – the price of pages and the cartridge cost in respect of its page yield.

The cost of pages in most cases is constant. The cost of the cartridge and page yield of the cartridge heavily influence the cost of printing per page. So knowing how many pages you can print with one cartridge is very important to minimize the cost of printing per page.

Cost and Page Yield of Different Laser Cartridges

Cartridges from different vendors cost differently.

For example, the HP laser toner cartridges cost around 80 USD to 110 USD and have a page yield of 2000 to 3500 pages per cartridge. Cartridges of HP CP2025 color LaserJet retail for about £110 and have a page yield of 2,800 (color) and 3,500 (black).

Some budget-friendly options are also available. For example, Samsung’s ML2160 monochrome laser printer costs about £50. But the cartridges also cost £50 – and print a comparatively modest amount of 1,500 pages.

Apart from the standard cartridges, some high-yield cartridges are also available. These can cost over 200 USD but have a whopping high page yield ranging from 10,000 to 12,000 pages.

Some refilled cartridges or cartridges from third-party vendors are available for way less price and can be labeled with the exact page yield as the OEMs.

But it is recommended not to buy them as they tend to make below-average quality prints that don’t look pleasant to our eyes. Moreover, their actual page yield tends to be way less than advertised.

You should note that the page yield mentioned above is based on only 5%-page coverage. This is about a third-of-a-page of double-spaced text. If the printed documents are text-heavy and include graphics, the actual yield can be way less than mentioned.

How Laser Printers Work

Unlike their inkjet counterparts, laser printers do not use ink cartridges. Instead, they use a dry, negatively charged toner cartridge to print using negative and positive charges on a rotating drum.

First, the rotating drum surface is charged negatively. Then a laser form beams the information from the soft copy onto the drum and creates a positive charge.

The positively charged imaging area of the drum attracts the molecules of the toner cartridge. When the drum rotates, the image is then transferred to the paper. The dry toner on the paper is then fused using a heated roller, and voila! You’ve got a printed image of a document on paper.

Why Laser Printers Are Efficient

The laser printing procedure is more efficient than ink cartridges that use tiny drops of ink to print.

Using charged dry powder or toner instead of drops of ink significantly reduces the cartridge wastage and increases page yield. Another disadvantage of the inkjet cartridge is that it dries up with time and can reduce the page yield even more.

Even though inkjet printers might produce brighter and more colorful prints, laser printers are preferable. This rings truer when considering the number of pages you can print with a single cartridge.


While inkjet printers are more colorful and brighter, laser printers are the way to go! Especially when we think about the efficiency and cost of printing per page, a laser printer can save you a lot of money with its high page yield advantage.

The laser cartridges might cost more. But the high page yield ultimately gives more value for money. Just check how many pages can be printed with one laser cartridge and compare it with its inkjet counterpart, and you’ll see that it’s true.