How Much Does It Cost to Print a T-Shirt?

To have your design printed on your t-shirt, you might wonder how much does it cost to print a t-shirt. Or you might even need to learn about it before starting your t-shirt printing business. Either way, knowing about the prices will give you a better idea of entrepreneurship.

The cost of printing a t-shirt varies from $1 to $6.50. But of course, it depends on your printing method preference. There are quite a few types of printing methods. The fabric quality matters too. You also can’t help considering other relevant issues like order quantity, design size, delivery time, extra features, etc.

When designing a t-shirt for printing, you must know the best competency between fabric and printing methods. Consider every single detail for measuring the exact cost of printing a t-shirt.

How Much Does It Cost to Print a T-Shirt?

Cost Of Different Types of T-Shirt Printing Method

Usually, t-shirt printing costs from $1 to $6.50. You need to choose your printing method based on the fabric quality. And thus, the best competency will differ from one printing method to another.

Screen Printing

If you’ve been using a printed t-shirt for a long time and it still looks terrific, it is probably screen-printed. This process guarantees perfect reproduction of the design.

Many professionals trust screen printing as it gives good results. Based on the quality of this method, the printing cost of a T-Shirt might vary from $3.5 to $6.

Dye Sublimation

You will find this method ideal for big and complex designs. A t-shirt covered in a pattern was most likely prepared using this method.

One important thing to note about this method is the material of the t-shirt. You can use dye Sublimation only on lightweight fabrics. For instance, this method will suit Polyester fabric the most. Otherwise, the results are terrible when using it on cotton fabric.

Though this process ensures high quality, you should have a lot of knowledge to use it. Printing a t-shirt with this method will cost you $1.5 to $2.80 each.

Direct To Garment (DTG) Technique

This is another unique technology for those who are inventive and wish to experiment with t-shirts. This is somewhat a new method within the printing industry. It offers impressive results, specifically for advanced designs. There are no thick layers on the shirt, and you’ll love its softness.

You will need to consider a cost between $3.20 to $6.35 while thinking of printing your t-shirt through the DTG method.

Heat Press Printing

With a few differences, heat press printing also works similarly to dye sublimation. It is preferable for fewer t-shirts. If you are up to experimenting with your solo designs, this way is pretty easy to apply.

One of the main advantages is that very complex designs can be replicated. This technique results in a soft and nice t-shirt with a vibrant and durable design. It gives you the ability to use the full-color spectrum to achieve the desired result. Go for cotton to apply this method for the best results.

Based on your order quantity or design requirements, this method will cost you $1 to $4.35 for each t-shirt.

Vinyl Cutting

Like the name, the fundamental focus here remains on the cutting process. In contrast to previous methods, the material is cut very precisely here. The pattern is then applied to the fabric.

This very type of t-shirt printing is fair for both young and old. However, it is mainly used for small designs such as logos and brand names. You will often find t-shirts made of this method among the sports industries. Polyester is the preferable fabric in this case.

With this method, you may print a t-shirt from $1.75 to $3.80.

Hand And Spray Painting, Airbrushing

Professionals primarily use machines to print on fabrics in this age of science. Whatever, we cannot forget the old t-shirt printing methods.

This is a method for hobbyists as it offers the freedom to experiment and creativity. However, remember that the result largely depends on your skills. Cotton suits best in this method.

Considering other variables, this method might cost you $3.30 – $6.50 for printing each t-shirt.

Some Other Variables That Might Affect T-Shirt Printing Cost

T-shirt printing cost varies from one method to another. The variations are based on fabric and printing methods. But a few circumstantial aspects might also affect your t-shirt printing cost.

Order Quantity

If you order a decent amount of t-shirts, your printing cost remains the same. When the order is huge, you will be able to print your t-shirt with less money.

Due to some design limitations and logistical constraints, you might need to pay the extra money in case of fewer orders. As for larger orders, this price variation becomes negligible and is ignored when calculating the total cost of printing t-shirts.

Extra Features

Your printing cost will rise high when you have a custom design and add some extra features to your print. The maxim is that more service requires you more money. A simple design will cost you less, in other words.

The t-shirt color also makes a difference in cost. However, the color variation of the design won’t bother you as much as the fabric color.

Number of Designs

If you are printing in different places of your t-shirt, you will have to pay more than simply having the design only at the front side or whatsoever.

The more designs you wish, the more money you need to pay. If you want more than one design printed in different places of a t-shirt, you need to count extra money for that.

Delivery Time

The delivery time is also a considerable matter determining the cost of t-shirt printing.

Suppose you wish to get the delivery in a shorter period than the usual one. In that case, the provider will charge you extra money. Delivery within a short time is more expensive than expected. Keep the shipping cost in your mind along with this.

Types of Fabric

You can’t help but fix your preference regarding the t-shirt fabric. There are a few choices like cotton, Linen, Rayon, Lycra, Polyester, etc. Each of these comes with different characteristics.

As you will be trying a particular printing method on different fabrics according to your comfortable choice, the average cost will vary from $0.4 to $1.2.


Knowing how much does it cost to print a t-shirt will help you get an idea if you are to order some products, either for your personal use or for business purposes. However, you need to know the tiny details regarding fabrics to get a high-end result.

Go for your preferences that serve individual necessity. Match your budget along with your t-shirt printing method. Different methods will offer you different characteristics. Remember that the t-shirt print might differ significantly if the fabric is not chosen according to your printing method.