Is 110 lb Cardstock Thick?

Cardstock is a type of paper that comes with a huge variety of options. One can choose between finishes and colors, but it mainly differs with its wide range of thicknesses. 60 lb, 65 lb, 80 lb, 100 lb, 110 lb, 160 lb, etc. are commonly preferred options.

Amongst all the unique cardstocks, we have our favorite – the 110 lb cardstock. It has a sturdy build with a superior quality which nicely holds up ink on its surface. This makes it ideal for different sets of tasks like making cards, invites, book covers, magazines, scrapbook papers, etc.

Want to know more about cardstock? Wondering how thick is 110 lb cardstock? Allow us to explain!

How Thick Is 110 Lb Cardstock?

What Does 110 Lb Cardstock Mean?

In the United States, a paper’s weight does not define the heaviness of one piece of paper. Instead, it indicates the net mass of 500 uncut sheets. So, for cardstock paper, if 500 pieces combine to show a value of 110 lb when placed on a weighing scale, they are known as 110 lb cardstock. Other than showing their mass in pounds, their weight can also be defined as 298 gsm (gram per square meter).

Such cardstock papers are known to usually have a dimension of 8 ½ x 11 inches. Special printers are required to print on them as they are thicker than most papers and thus, can get stuck.

What Is 110 Lb Cardstock Used For?

As mentioned before, the 110 lb cardstock can accomplish distinct sets of tasks. The thickness gravely contributes to its longevity, making it ideal for printing business cards. It can be easily kept in pockets and handed out when needed without creating any unattractive folds. Receivers of the business card can then store your contact information for a long time.

Since thickness also allows ink to set more nicely onto the paper’s surface, 110 lb cardstock can also be utilized for making invites. Texts printed on cardstock are of crisp quality, and the graphics also stand out. The availability of a wide range of textures acts as an added benefit since you can easily pair types with your wedding or party themes. For example, 110 lb cardstock papers with leafy or woody themes could be used for events that take place outdoors.

Crafters also tend to use 110 lb cardstock for making cards and pages of their scrapbooks. They can paste on several pieces and draw on them using markers and pens. One can also print pictures on their surface using a printer that supports printing on heavy media. Similarly, greeting cards and bookmarks can also be manufactured. As several colors are offered, users are granted a wide range of options. You can easily get pastel, dark, or light-colored cardstocks from stationery stores and make the necessary combinations for your work.

How Thick Is 110 Lb Cardstock?

If you had not guessed already, 110 lb cardstock is extremely desirable simply because of its thickness. This allows it to provide stunning prints, which bring along the advantage of being long-lasting. As a result, users can save their work for years onward without having them fade away or become damaged. But people still remain confused about what really is the thickness of a 110 lb cardstock.

When measured using the calipers system – that is, the unit denoted to thousandths of an inch – cardstock has a thickness of 0.013 calipers. This value may seem extremely tiny though it is pretty big for a paper thickness. Hence, not all printers can print on 110 lb printers without getting jammed and creating tons of problems. So, if you intend to print on this thick cardstock, you need to invest in a printer that has a maximum media weight that exceeds or is equal to 110 lb.

110 Lb Cardstock Thickness In Mm

Measuring the thickness of a sheet of 110 lb cardstock in mm shows a value of 0.33 millimeters. That alone is able to represent how thick this type of cardstock paper is. Digital calipers can be used to easily measure this thickness. While purchasing a printer, you can also compare this value to the printer’s maximum allowed thickness to fish out a suitable kind.

Final Words

How thick is 110 lb cardstock?

If you have thoroughly gone through our article, you will know the accurate answer. We have also explained the weight and uses for further convenience. In case you intend to use 110 lb cardstock, do note down all the figures during the article. This will help you shop for a printer that will effortlessly get your tasks done without creating any hassle. Have a fun time printing on all the types of 110 lb cardstock!