Quick Fix To Dry Printer Ink On Glossy Paper

We use glossy paper to give a shiny look to printed images or documents. But the problem appears when the ink doesn’t dry, and the paper gets stuck with each other. So, how to dry printer ink on glossy paper to avoid such messy situations?

You have to collect the correct paper and choose the proper ink-paper combination to hasten the drying of the ink. And don’t forget to change the printer settings on glossy papers. You can place individual papers under an infrared lamp after printing. It will dry the ink for under two or three minutes.

Humidity and room temperature also make a difference in the drying time of the ink. So, make sure all the conditions are at an optimal level.

How To Dry Printer Ink On Glossy Paper

How To Hasten The Drying?

With proper conditions, a glossy paper takes two or three minutes to dry. But if the ink is too dense or you choose the wrong one, it may take one hour to a full day to dry a single printed paper.

However, you can fasten the drying process by following steps:

Choose The Correct Paper

All the glossy papers are not of the same quality. And some of the papers aren’t compatible with every printer. So, if you have an inkjet printer, make sure you insert such glossy papers that are compatible with it.

Otherwise, the machine can’t control the ink density, and your papers may remain wet for too long, or you get fuzzy words.

Proper Ink-Paper Combo

As ink drying is your main concern here, make sure you get the best ink to print your glossy papers. But all the brands don’t work well on every printer.

You have to buy specific ink for your particular printer. For example, if you have an Epson printer, ink of their brand will work well with your printer rather than any third party.

Don’t Forget To Change The Settings

There’s an option at the settings to optimize the printing with glossy papers. In every printer, you will notice an option called “photo paper” or “glossy paper.” So, all you need to do is to select the option before commanding the print.

It will reduce the drying time of the ink on paper by optimizing ink density.

Buy An Infrared Lamp

An infrared lamp is the best option to increase the drying time of glossy papers. So, you have to place the individual paper under the infrared light and wait for a minute. After that, your printed documents will be dry enough to work with.

Surroundings Matter

Room temperature and humidity affect the drying time of the ink. Low humidity is best for optimal drying conditions.


You can follow some quick tips to avoid some hassle while dealing with glossy paper print. First of all, always insert a single paper at a time. And secondly, don’t make a stack until all the documents dry.


If your glossy paper doesn’t dry properly, it will stick together in a stack and overlap the ink with others. So, it’s your primary duty to learn how to dry printer ink on glossy paper, or else your work will go in vain. Follow those tactics and see how they save your day.