Can you fold laminated paper?

Lamination is one of the best ways to protect and preserve your precious documents and photos. Lamination brought a huge revolution in the printing industry since it was easy and affordable for general people. You definitely felt the necessity to preserve some important documents at one point in life. Lamination gives you the ultimate advantage of keeping your papers well protected after several years. 

Just like everything else, lamination also comes with a disadvantage. It coats your documents with plastic but ends up making them hard to fold. However, this is not a great problem that you will face in your everyday life. But if you have dealt with the problem at least once in your life, this article will definitely be helpful for you. 

How To Fold Laminated Paper

What Is Lamination?

In order to understand the problem with folding laminated papers, we must talk about what lamination actually is. Lamination is a method to wrap layers around a particular object. To make it simple, lamination is a process where a piece of paper is coated with transparent plastic. 

There are some particular types of machines that are used to laminate. These are called “laminators”. You put your paper in the laminator where some plastic sheets are already installed. The machine uses heat or pressure and sticks two transparent plastic sheets on both sides of the paper and seals it.

It is not necessary that only paper can be laminated. This technology is even used to create shatterproof glass for cars. Photos, stickers, and cards are also easily laminated. The primary purpose of lamination is to increase the durability of the documents and protect it from water or any other materials that can destroy them. 

Why We Laminate

We laminate different things for different purposes. For example, you might laminate your certificates or important office documents so that they can be usable for a long time. On the other hand, someone who is into arts and crafts might laminate their beautiful artwork to protect them from external heat or water. The main reason for laminate is to safeguard and increase the permanence of a material.

When you laminate something, you make them untouchable as they are coated with a plastic layer. This layer makes the object resilient from dust, wrinkles, and moistures. Lamination also makes the product untearable. 

We often print out some of our photos which carry unforgettable memories. These photos are also laminated at some point so that they last longer. Lamination protects photos from being damaged by any stain. Dirt and dampness will not reach your photos if they are laminated. Teachers even laminate their study materials so that they can use them every year for new classes. 

You will often find that the menu of a restaurant is laminated. Since it is touched by many people every day, there is a very good chance for it to be torned or wrinkled. Lamination shields it from these problems. In addition, reusable tags, instructions to operate a machine, factory rules, etc. are also laminated to make the work easy. 

How To Fold Laminated Paper?

When you laminate something, it is definitely not anything you want to fold. People do not laminate an object that needs folding. It is not common to fold a laminated piece since folding it is not an easy task. But a situation might arise where you might need to fold laminated paper. To assist you in this situation, let us discuss how you can fold laminated paper. 

There is a special type of machine that can fold papers. You can use it to fold your laminated paper. This machine is mostly used in offices or factories, so let’s talk about how you can fold laminated paper using things around you.

In order to do the task, you need a paper scorer, a laminator, and a paper cutter. If you do not have a paper scorer, you can use a butter knife or a pen with no ink. The first thing you need to do is decide which part of the paper you want to fold. Then, after selecting the lines, you need to use the paper scorer to crease through the lines. This will end up creating a wrinkle on your selected lines. 

After you are done creating, you need to select the particular size of laminating sheet for your paper. If you are ready with your laminating sheet, put your paper in the laminating sheets and insert them into the laminator. After completing the lamination, you have a laminated paper that can be folded. 

The hard part of the task is done. All you need to do now is fold the creased lines. The folding should be done slowly. If you hurry in folding, then it can cause a split. Do the same for every crease. 

Laminating At Home

It is an undeniable fact that we need lamination for various purposes. You need to buy a laminator or go to a stationery shop for laminating. If you do not need to laminate regularly, buying a laminator is definitely not a good idea. But if you need to laminate most often, then you should buy a laminator without a second thought. 

Buying a laminator is not a difficult task since so many options are available in the market. If you are worried about using a laminator, then let us inform you that it is as easy as pie. If you have a laminator, you do not need to face the trouble of going to the computer store again and again.

Laminating at home is very easy with a laminator. Laminators have different types and functions. If it sounds tough, then be assured that it is not a hard job to laminate at home. Let us help you in the easiest way possible. 

The first thing you need to do is check whether your laminator needs warm-up time. There are some types of laminators that need a few minutes to warm up. If it needs to warm up, then wait for a while. If not, you can just switch on the machine and start laminating.

The next thing to do is check whether the paper you want to laminate will fit in the machine. If it does, then you have one less thing to worry about. Next task is to put the paper in the laminating sheet. It is a simple task yet needs perfection. You will have to put the paper perfectly in between the laminating sheet so that there is enough space on the edges. 

After fixing the laminating sheet now, it is time to put it in the laminator. There are some laminators that have two options to laminate. One is laminating with heat, and the other is without heat. It depends on the quality of your paper, whether you need heat or not. If your paper can handle the heat, then choose the heating option. Otherwise, selecting the second option will be better. Let us remind you that not all laminators have multiple options to laminate. 

We are almost done. After putting the paper in, you need to wait. The machine will take the paper in by itself. Your laminated paper will come out the other way. You can cut the extra sheet at the edges to give your paper a good look. 

Fixing Bad Lamination

There are drawbacks to all the things we do. In the case of lamination, you will also face some problems. If you laminate most often, then you can agree that sometimes laminated papers peel back or get curved. In situations like these, you end up wasting laminated sheets. A bad lamination can even destroy your valuable papers. Of course, you cannot laminate all the time perfectly, but you can definitely fix your bad lamination. You need to know some tricks to fix a lousy lamination.

If your laminated sheet starts to peel back, it can cause you to waste plastic sheets. It will also end up wasting your money and efforts. If you are facing such a situation, you can use a technique to fix it. First, take your laminated sheet and put it on a smooth surface. Now take your iron machine and select the least hot option. Since too much heat can melt the laminating sheet, you need to be very careful. For caution, put one or two papers above the laminating sheet.

Now iron on the papers and check whether the peel back is getting together again. Keep checking repeatedly. Make sure the laminating sheet does not overheat. When you realize that the peel back is fixed, remove the iron. Remember that you must not put the iron directly on the laminating sheet. Doing such will melt the sheet, and it will create a mess. 

The other problem that people most often face is laminated paper getting curved. Nowadays, laminators come with a feature called “decurling.” Decurling bars are installed in those laminators. Your curved paper will come through the decurling bars after getting laminated. These bars will fix any uneven lamination. 

As all the laminators do not have a de curling feature, it can be a difficulty if your one does not have it. However, there is nothing to worry about because we have a solution to this problem. There is one solution where you can take off the lamination and redo it again. However, it is a little troublesome and creates wastage of the laminating sheet. 

The easiest way you can fix a curve is by applying heat to it. You can follow the process we have just discussed for peeling back. You can also put something heavy on a curved sheet for a while. There is a chance it will fix it. The best option is right after laminating something; you can keep it under a heavy object so that it does not curve at all. 

Removing Lamination From Paper

Since we have talked about fixing bad lamination, you might wonder whether it is possible to remove lousy lamination. First, let us admit that we can make mistakes since we are human in any part of our lives. While laminating something, you can make mistakes. Therefore, you might feel the necessity of removing the lamination.

Laminating is not rocket science. It is easy for anyone to do. But when you make a mistake in laminating, you need to put a little effort into fixing it or removing it. There is nothing to worry about because we have got your back in this problem. Let us guide you on how to remove lamination from a paper. 

There are a few techniques you can follow to remove lamination. For the first technique, you will need an iron and two papers. The process is very easy. Keep your laminated paper on one of the papers. Put the other one above the laminated paper. Now you need to apply heat to the laminated paper. Start from one corner. After heating the paper, try to remove the plastic cover. You will see that it is easily coming out. Keep heating the paper until all of the laminations is removed. 

There is another way you can apply heat. If you are not comfortable with using iron since it can melt the plastic, you can use a hairdryer. Hairdryers are very easy and safe to use. You do not need to cover the laminated paper. Just switch on the hairdryer and blow hot air on the laminated paper. Next, slowly peel the laminated sheet. It will come out very easily. In case the laminated sheet does not come out. First, you can cut a small piece of plastic on the corner of the paper. This process is the most effective so far. 

The last trick that we are going to teach you is the easiest one. For this, you need scissors. Take your laminated paper. Now start cutting all the outer edges where there is only a plastic coating. If you are done cutting all the extra edges, you should be able to peel off the plastic cover with your hand easily. It is as simple as it sounds. 


1. Is Lamination Costly?

The answer to the question of whether laminating is costly or not depends on a few factors. There are some significant differences between laminating at home and laminating in an office or a factory. When you laminate at home, you have to consider the cost of a few things. Your first cost is the price of the laminator you own. Then comes the cost of the laminating sheets. The more you laminate, the more sheets you will need. Finally, there is also the cost of the electricity bill. 

If you do not own a laminator, you obviously go to a computer store to laminate. In the shops, the cost of laminating a piece of paper varies depending on the size of the paper. For example, a normal A4-size paper can cost you around one dollar. Size above that will cost you around two dollars.

2. How Long Can Laminated Paper Hold For?

The lifespan of a laminated paper cannot be determined so easily. Since lamination is a plastic coating, its durability depends on how you use it and where you use it. It is for sure that the plastic will not melt unless you are directly exposing it to any heat source like fire. The coating will last for many years if you are using it in a careful manner. 

The longevity of lamination also depends on the machine you are using to laminate. A good laminator will definitely make sure that the coating does not come out so easily. If your manner of use and the surrounding is in favor, the lamination will outlive your life. 

3. Can you fold a laminated sheet?

It is not recommended to fold a laminated sheet. Folding is not something laminated paper is supposed to do. But there can be situations where you would need to fold a laminated sheet. In cases like this, you can create the paper before laminating—crease on the part where you want to fold. Then, after laminating, slowly fold on the creased line.

4. Can I cut laminated paper?

A laminated paper can be easily cut. It is the same as cutting normal paper. A laminated paper is just paper coated with plastic wrap. Both plastic and paper can be cut easily. So you can cut a laminated paper if you feel the need to do so. However, you cannot tear the laminated paper. 

5. What is a laminated paper used for?

The main purpose of laminating is to protect the paper and make it last a long time. Since it will last long, laminated paper can be used for different motives. It depends on you how you want to use it. It can be used for a restaurant menu, arts, and crafts, tags, ID cards, etc.