How To Get A Free Thermal Printer From UPS

If you own a small business and have to ship items on a daily basis, you obviously know the importance of a thermal printer. Moreover, you most definitely also know how expensive thermal printers and shipping can be.

But, what if we told you we knew a foolproof way to save you a huge amount of expense when it comes to shipping? Yes, you read that right!

UPS helps out hundreds and thousands of aspiring business owners like you who use their services by providing a thermal printer for free or almost for free. Of course, you also receive other services along with it.

So, without ado, let’s take a deep dive into it!

Which Thermal Printer Does UPS Offer For Free?

According to their website, UPS will provide you with the Zebra LP 2844 thermal printer for free or almost for free. We say “almost” because you may have to pay a very small amount of $2 per month in some instances.

However, UPS doesn’t stop there! Do you know how shipping tags, boxes, and labels cost a lot? Well, not anymore! We’ll help you get these items free of charge! Additionally, you’ll also receive more shipping services entirely for free!

How Do I Get A Free Thermal Printer From UPS?

Step 1: Creating An Account

(Skip this step if you already have an account)

  • Log into the UPS website by simply typing “” on your browser’s search bar.
  • On the top-right corner, select the yellow button, and that will redirect you to a new page.
  • After that, create your UPS account using authentic and credible information. You can also link it to one of you social networking sites.

Step 2: Contacting Customer Care

  • You have to dial the number “1-888-742-5877” for UPS customer support.
    People with hearing problems can dial the number “1-800-833-0056” for TeleType services, such as Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD).
  • You can only communicate with customer care representatives from 7am to 9pm EST on working days.
  • Since the calls are first dealt with by AI, it’ll give you a bunch of options and ask you to enter a certain number on your dial.
  • Press “0” to directly connect your line to one of the representatives.

Step 3: Acquiring Your Free Thermal Printer

  • Once you contact one of the customer care representatives, ask them to connect you to a higher official who can help you create an account for your shipping services.
  • The higher official will then direct and help you create a shipping account. Already having a UPS account will speed up the process.
  • When your account is up and running, you should bring up the subject of renting printers from UPS.
  • The official will probably present UPS’ normal $2 per month rental offer to you.
  • Gently try to convince the official not to charge you the said fee because your business carries out high volumes of shipping week in, week out.
    The stronger your convincing grounds are, the higher the chances for you to receive the thermal printer for free.

It’s important to note that you should only go for the free printer if you are genuinely shipping in high volumes.

If you don’t provide the officials with authentic information, you might also lose the free services they provide in the future.

How To Get Shipping Services From UPS For Free?

The free shipping services are easier to acquire than the free thermal printer, and it doesn’t involve convincing a manager either! UPS will cut down a huge amount of your shipping expenses with this amazing service!

Step 1

  • Enter the UPS website and log in to your shipping account.

If you don’t have a shipping account yet, dial the number “1-888-742-5877” to contact UPS customer support. They will help you to set up a shipping account.

Step 2

  • After your account has been created, enter the “Profile” page from the “Home” section.

Step 3

  • Navigate to the bottom of the page and click on “Order Supplies.” It’s under the section “Other Useful Links”.

Step 4

  • From the new page, under the “Supplies” section, you can conveniently select all the items you need and add them to the cart.

There are shipping tags and forms, both blank and filled. In addition, there are a variety of Direct Thermal Labels that you can choose from according to your requirements, such as the 4″ X 8″ and 4″ X 6″ in fan-fold format. There are also rolling labels of 4″ X 6.25″ and 4″ X 8″.

Moreover, there are boxes, pouches, envelopes, and other packing items.

Step 5

  • After you’re done with selecting the items, go to your cart and check out, just like you would do in Amazon or eBay. The only difference is that you don’t need to add your card to make any kind of payment.

That’s it! After that, you’ll only need to wait a few more days until your shipping items arrive, and you can start rocking your business without paying a single penny!

What Should I Do If The Items Are Damaged?

Due to unfortunate circumstances, the thermal printer may start malfunctioning, or the items you received may be damaged. UPS has been very generous in these cases.

If by any chance, your thermal printer starts malfunctioning, or you receive damaged goods, you need to contact customer care at “1-888-742-5877”.

Unless and until the damage occurs from a preventable action, the UPS official will most definitely replace your item with a brand new one, so you can get back to your smooth business processes!