Which side of photo paper goes up in HP printer?

The Hewlett-Packard (HP) printers have made a huge name for themselves in the printing industry with their exceptional print quality and smooth printing performance.

They are preferred over lots of other printing-focused brands. HP is just getting better with time, and if you already own one of their printers, you are way ahead of everyone!

Color HP printers deliver amazing output for both black-and-white and colorful prints. However, while loading plain paper can be pretty straightforward, putting picture paper into the printer can be a headscratcher for some of you.

Today, we’ll provide you with a detailed guide into loading photo paper into an HP printer for the best photo output.

How To Load Picture Paper Into An HP Printer

Step 1: Handling the Picture Paper.

  1. Make sure your hands aren’t wet or dirty.
  2. Whether it’s a single photo paper or a bundle, handle them carefully by holding on to one of the edges. Do not touch the body of the paper.
  3. If it’s a bundle, gently stack them together and tap them against a flat surface so that they’re even against each other.

Step 2: Setting up the Printer

  1. Refer to the instructions manual of your printer and ensure that it supports printing on photo paper.
  2. Pull out or lift the paper tray, depending on your printer’s mechanism.
  3. Remove any and all types of paper from the tray.
  4. Push each of the paper guides on the sides as much as possible. If there’s a guide at the bottom, push it outwards too.
  5. Open the output tray, along with the tray extender, and ensure that it’s clean.

Step 3: Loading the Photo Paper

  1. Hold the print side of your photo paper for putting into the paper tray.
  2. If there’s a customborder on one of the sides of the paper, make sure that side is facing outwards or on top (for top load printers).
  3. Gently place the photo paper or the bundle on one side of the tray and nudge it against the paper guide.
  4. Slowly slide the other paper guide on the opposite end until it’s just against the edges of the photo paper. Your photo paper should be between the two paper guides now.
  5. Make sure that the paper didn’t bend or crease due to the pressure from the guides. If they did, adjust the guides to create some space.
  6. Close the paper input tray if the mechanism of your HP printer permits.


And, there you have it! You can quite easily load picture paper into an HP printer in just a few steps; it’s only a matter of seconds!

You can adjust the printing settings in your computer and then conveniently print as many photos as you want using your HP printer, in the highest quality.