Can You Make Waterproof Stickers With Silhouette Cameo?

Waterproof stickers are pretty useful, especially on containers or surfaces that regularly come in contact with water. You can easily design and print these stickers if you have a silhouette. So, how to make waterproof stickers with silhouette cameo?

Find some matte to glossy waterproof sticker sheets that are printable. Then select the measurements and design your label using the software. Make some rough designs if you need them. Insert the paper after finalizing the design and command print. Stick one of those and check the result.

Well, the process seems pretty straightforward. But a wrong measurement can ruin your stickers and the whole process. You have no boundary in graphics once you set the measurements. Any possible design can be printed out of the silhouette.

How To Print?

You can use waterproof stickers on your different bottles, at the front door, and many other things that might have a chance to get in touch with water.

There is no need to go to the stores where you may not find stickers according to your desired designs or texts. You can make those with your silhouette printer.

Here are the few steps you need to follow:

Step-1: Labeling Surface

At first, you need to decide at which surface you are going to use these stickers like fruit jars, water bottles, perfume bottles, spray bottles, etc.Therefore, you need to gather some of those containers and measure their dimensions.

If either of them has existing labels on them, just peel them off from the bottle. Don’t forget to remove the adhesives quickly. You can use rubbing alcohol to dissolve the glue.

Step-2: Dimensions Of The Stickers

Now you have to measure the dimension of the stickers based on the open surface of the container.

Suppose you want to attach the stickers to your spray and water bottles. So, take a measuring tape and determine the dimensions of those surfaces to which the stickers will be attached.

Any wrong measurement may demolish the beauty of your stickers. So, measure carefully. Cross-check the measurements two or three times if needed.

Step-3: Silhouette Studio

After that, open your silhouette studio to optimize the measurements and create your designs.

Go to the page setup, and you will see several options like length, height, organizations, etc. Enter the values according to your measurements, and the software will automatically optimize the size of the stickers. You can also adjust the print border and cut the border of your sticker.

After finalizing, a blank page will appear on the screen. If you want more than one sticker on a single page, you can just copy and paste the dimensions from the previous one.

But if each of them has a different dimension, you have to enter that information individually.

Step-4: Make Few Rough Cuts

You can use the draw tools to create different shapes of the stickers like circles, rectangular, triangular, etc.If the sticker is of other shapes rather than rectangles, you need to draw the outline first and then fix the dimensions.

It’s safe to make a few rough cuts if you are a newbie at silhouette studio. Make several copies of the same shapes using the drawing tools. Once you get asuitable one, you can delete the others.

Step-5: Use Your Creativity In Design

Now it’s time to show your creativity on the cameo. Add colors, graphics, and texts according to your wish.

In silhouette studio, you have no limits to creating designs within the shape you fix earlier. Show your knowledge in designs and sense of colors. If you find it too hard to design in the studio, you can create your desired design using other software or tablets and import them on the silhouette.

The software will adjust the measurements once you import the design file. You can also use any random designs from the internet and import them.

Step-6: Print And Cut The Stickers

When the design is set, you can command print. Several stickers can be printed out on a single page. So, you can print many stickers as long as they fit in the dimensions and the page.

Insert your waterproof paper into the printer and command print. The type of these sticky paper is of your choice. You can print on matte or glossy paper. And now you have to cut the individual stickers.

If you have the latest model, you can use silhouette cut to separate the stickers more precisely. The standard cut setting is a single pass, speed 4, force 14, and blade 2.

You can adjust these settings based on the width of the paper and the number of printed stickers on a single page.

Step-7: Apply The Stickers

And finally, it’s testing time!

Peel one of the printed stickers and attach it to your bottle. If you can’t attach it correctly the first time, you can just adjust the position of the sticker as the adhesives are not very powerful.

Have doubts? Get the bottle over a tap and start water flow. No damage will appear on the sticker!

A ProTip For You

Though the method of making waterproof stickers with silhouette cameo is pretty easy, this pro-tip will come in handy.

The first thing you should know is that these stickers can’t resist water damage if they are in contact with water for a long time.You need to find better-quality sticky papers that have standard adhesive power.

Otherwise, cheap ones will get off with a simple rubbing on the surface. If you are a beginner, design and print a single sticker to test your skill before moving on to printing batches!

Bottom Line

Waterproof stickers are helpful in various ways. It’s better to print them at home if you have a silhouette cameo rather than buying random ones from stores.

We have shown you how to make waterproof stickers with silhouette cameo with brief details. Hopefully, the technique covers all the necessary points so that you can design and print stickers on your own. Happy printing!