Can You Put A Password On A Wireless Printer? Learn How!

Security is paramount in this time and age whether you’re operating the printer in your office or school, allowing access to all its features to everyone can be quite risky as well as dangerous.

So, how do you prevent that from happening?

Most modern printers come with exceptional security features, giving you a great amount of control over access to your printer.

However, you may be operating a printer that doesn’t have security protocols integrated.

Either way, you have nothing to worry about! Because today, we’ll take you through the simple steps of protecting your printer from unwanted access, whether it comes with integrated security features or not!

How To Password Protect A Wireless Printer?

How to Password Protect a Wireless Printer

Printers With Integrated Security Features

Modern, smart printers have various security features integrated with them.

For example, HP has its own protocols, such as HP Wolf security. Brother also has their own safety measures with Secure Function Lock.

All these protocols work with Password Protection and have similar procedures. Finally, we’ll give you a brief overview on the simple steps required to safeguard your printer.

1. Finding Your IP Address

  • Visit the app, website or navigate the LCD screen of your printer and open the “Control Panel”.
  • Open the “Network” option. The name varies from printer to printer.
  • Search for your IP address from the resulting window and note it down.

2. Browsing to Printer Website

  • Enter the IP address you noted down in the last step on your browser window.
  • Accept all the permissions and ignore the warnings to proceed to the webpage.
  • Find your way to the “Settings” option and open it.

3. Implementing the Password

  • Depending on your printer, you’ll find different options on your printer. Try to look for “Security”, “Administrator”, or similar attributes and select it.
  • Select “Password Settings” or the corresponding feature of your printer.
  • Follow the steps and instructions to create a unique and strong password. Your password should ideally be a mixture of capital and small letters, numbers, as well as symbols.
  • Save the password and ensure that you remember it well.

These smart printers also allow you to set passwords and restrictions for individual devices, giving you great control over who gets to access what information and facilities.

Printers With No Integrated Security Features

You may own a printer that doesn’t come with various protocols programmed into it. As a result, you may not be able to set a password as easily as the previous method.

However, the problem is highly minimized by various software available nowadays, such as Printlock. Therefore, you can try it out without any cost for a few limited features, but you’ll need to pay for the entire service.

  • From the printlock website or any reliable source, download the software.
  • Install it correctly and launch the application.
  • From the “available printers” section, select your printer.
  • Under the “admin password” section on the bottom of the window, enter your unique password and verify it once more.
  • Click on “ok” and you’re all set!

Printlock comes with strong password-protection features that is very simple to set up.

However, it does come at a cost and it goes without saying that the security protocols aren’t as strong as the ones programmed into the smart printers. But, something’s better than nothing, right?!