Step-By-Step Guide On Printing 12×12 Scrapbooking Paper

With digital creators designing new scrapbooking papers every day, the internet is home to thousands of designs to meet your scrapbooking project needs. And if you’re a hardcore enthusiast, you might really be digging the versatile 12 x 12 size. Or perhaps instead, you run a physical scrapbook paper selling business since you are aware that scrapbooking hasn’t gone out of style, even in this widely digital world.

Whatever the purpose, it should be obvious that printing the digital scrapbooking paper is a fundamental step- one that you’re not quite sure how to execute properly. So stay with me because this article entails everything you need to know to get you started on the printing of that 12 x12 scrapbook paper.

How To Print 12x12 Scrapbooking Paper

Printing 12×12 Scrapbooking Paper

Gather Your Materials:

Printing involves two core components that you should get right

  1. The printer
  2. The paper

The Printer

Regular Entry level office printers do not handle the 12 x 12 size. You will require a wide-format inkjet printer. While Canons, Epson, and Brother printers are most raved about for this, make sure to read reviews and buying guides before purchasing one. What printer you get will depend on your needs, your budget, and the printer’s abilities.

For example, while a wide format printer can handle the 12 x 12 size, if you are planning on printing the 12×12 digital scrapbook paper design in the letter format, it will override the need to get such a printer. Can the printer print with high color definition and resolution? What type of paper can it handle? Can it perform borderless printing? If so, to what degree? (More on this later)

Note that inks sold by a printer company are best suited for its printer and deliver the full-color range. But if that seems like an added luxury, you can go for more affordable generic inks.

The Paper

As the scrapbooking paper on the market comes in a wide variety of thicknesses and coatings, so can the scrapbooking paper you print on your own. The need to buy specialty paper depends on your project. Maybe a paper with a metallic coating? Or perhaps, a thicker cardstock? Pay attention to the weight, size, and finish detailed in the product description.

Altering Print Settings

Download the digital scrapbook paper design that measures 12 x 12, like a jpeg or a pdf. I would discourage printing right from the browser as not enabling all the right settings can lead to poor results. 

To enable borderless printing, go to printing preference for your printer in ‘Device manager.’ Next, click on the layout tab and set the margins to 0. Note that some printers can print to do borderless printing but may not print borderless at the 12 x12 sizes. Read the printer’s specifications to ensure this. If you cannot set 0 margins, the good news is that many have suggested various workarounds on the internet, although this is beyond the scope of the article.

Printing A JPG

Right-click on the JPG file and click print. Choose your printer. Select the right paper size (12×12) and the paper type. Enable the fit picture to frame. Make sure ‘full-page photo’ is selected from the sidebar on the right. Load the printing tray with your 12×12 paper and then hit print. 

Printing a PDF

Open your PDF in adobe reader or acrobat dc—hit cntl+p to open the print window. Enable ‘fit.’ Choose the paper size from “page setup.’ The orientation will not matter as both the design and the paper are square. If this size is not included, exit the page setup window and click ‘advanced.’ Under the ‘paper/quality tab, locate the custom paper size option and enter 12 inches for both height and width. Exit, then hit print.

And so, that was a brief outline of the basic steps in printing 12 x12 scrapbooking paper. Good luck.