A complete Guide On Printing Digital Scrapbook Paper

Including digital papers in your files will help you boost your crafting journey. In addition, you can use them to decorate your scrapbooks, crafting pads, and journals.

Such paper can be purchased from online scrapbooking stores or professional designers.  If you are talented, you can also use various editing software to customize some papers for yourself. Scrapbook papers have standard sizes that are not similar to the regular printing paper. So, printing can get a little tricky. Nonetheless, making a few changes to settings and using the right type of paper will do your work justice.

Wondering how to print digital scrapbook paper?

Give us a few minutes to get into the details!

Printing Digital Scrapbook Paper

Size Differences:

Scrapbooking papers come in several sizes. However, the ones with dimensions of 12 x 12 inches and 8 ½ x 11 inches are most commonly used. These are considered to be the sizes of standard scrapbooking paper.

Besides that, you can also check out digital scrapbook papers of sizes 6 x 6 inches, 8 x 8 inches, 4 ½ x 6 ½ inches, and 5 ½ x 7 ½ inches. These are more likely to be used to make small picture albums that hold memoirs of events. You also have them act as backgrounds for photos on big pages.

Your scrapbook paper’s size is dependent on your printer and the size of your digital paper. We always advise our readers to purchase digital papers after seeing the maximum sheet size supported by their printer. One does not want to squeeze their work to fit it in.

Once you have purchased or designed digital scrapbook papers of a certain size, you should buy papers in that size. These include cardstock, vellum, acetate sheets, matte photo paper, glossy photo paper, or sticker paper.

Printing On Cardstock:

Although several types of scrapbook papers are available, people usually go for cardstock. As it is available in several colors, crafters can decorate until they are satisfied. It also has a durable build which lets their work last for a long time.

However, due to its thickness, printing on cardstock can be rather agonizing. Several crafters go through extreme frustration during this process because of constant printer jams.

The reason behind this is the fact that scrapbook cardstock is not designed for printing. It is engineered with the idea of making cutouts and stamping kept in mind. The non-flexibility of such cardstocks gives printers a hard time rolling them in.

So, what can you do?

Instead of purchasing scrapbooking cardstock, you should look into printer-friendly cardstock.  A huge variety of options are available. Cotton, linen, woodgrain, felt, canvas, etc., are some of the most common types of cardstocks.

Printer Settings:

As we mentioned in the beginning, the right printer settings will ensure your output is of superior quality. Here are some changes you can make:

  • Four types of quality are usually given – text, text and image, photo, and best photo. While printing your digital scrapbook paper, always choose the Best Photo option (even if your work has no pictures). This ensures that the digital scrapbook paper is printed to the best of the printer’s ability.
  • Change the Paper Size according to the size of your digital scrapbook paper. If the size option is not already provided, manually type in size.
  • Changing the Paper Type before printing is extremely important. This controls the amount of ink set onto the page and ensures that there are no bleeds. You can also change the paper type based on the texture of the surface—for example, Glossy Photo Paper or Premium Matte (the most suitable setting for cardstock).
  • If your printer supports borderless printing, then do not forget to enable that. Your digital scrapbook papers will look a lot better without a white frame surrounding them.
  • Adjust the paper margins if you do not have a borderless printing option. Again, you can choose to narrow down the margins according to your wish.

Printer settings differ amongst manufacturers. Reading the points mentioned will give you a rough idea, but it is best if you experiment with them. This will help you find the ones that will suit your paper the most. 

Once you have found the ideal printer settings according to your page, note them down. Then, in the future, while using that particular type of scrapbook paper, you will not have to experiment again to find the right type. Instead, simply follow the settings you used before to get the best outcome.

Ink Choice:

There’s always confusion regarding this topic. Is generic third-party ink suitable for scrapbook printing? Or should I stick to using the original ink produced by printer manufacturers?

Although the inks produced by manufacturers are costly, they are of extremely high quality. As a result, users are guaranteed an output whose color looks just as it did on screen. Furthermore, as the ink is engineered with the thought of these printers kept in mind, your printing machine suffers from zero damage. 

On the other hand, you might not get the expected result when generic third-party ink is used. Some colors may seem bland compared to the ones you choose during the designing process. Unlike the ink produced by manufacturers, such inks react poorly with printer heads. They clog them up and cause damage over time.

So, if you were to ask us, we suggest you choose the inks produced by manufacturers. It’s better to invest some extra money on the ink rather than having to spend a lot more later for printer maintenance.

Final Steps:

Now that you are done with all the important parts, you can head on to the last steps.

Before using your home printer to get prints, take a moment to think. Will printing at home cost you more than having them printed out somewhere else?

Many online stores are available where you can send your work. Once they have been printed, you can have them delivered to your home within 2 to 3 days. Local internet cafes, libraries, or Costco can also have printing services available.

Estimate a cost per page by seeing how many pages you can print with one ink cartridge. Then, compare this cost with the price lists of other places to conclude which is the better option.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can You Print Digital Scrapbook Pages?

Yes, you can print out digital scrapbook pages. All you need is a suitable printer, correct printer settings, and the right type of paper. Be patient with the process and take your time. Then, follow the pieces of advice mentioned in our article to achieve the best results.

Can You Put Scrapbook Paper In The Printer?

Scrapbook paper can be put into the printer as long as its dimensions are supported by it. Besides that, the scrapbook paper should be printer-friendly. If it is too rigid, the printer will get jammed due to the inability to be rolled in.

How Do I Sell Digital Scrapbook Paper?

Once you have designed your digital scrapbook paper, convert it to the necessary file format. Zip them up to minimize the size and then put them up on selling platforms. Etsy, Scrap Girls, and Creative Market are some places where people commonly sell their digital works.