Can You Print From A Tablet To A Wireless Printer? (A Complete Guide!)

As tablets have bigger screens, they convenience people’s eyesight, making them the more preferred option. Portability and wireless features also ensure insane popularity, causing them to be sold out in stores. Since datasheets, images, presentations, and videos can be easily viewed in one, many consider them to be the perfect device for offices. However, what would make them even more appropriate for your workspace?

You guessed that right – enabling print commands.

Offices frequently require documents to be printed out to share hard copies. Your tablet can do the same by connecting to wireless printers and wondering how to print from tablet to wireless printer?

Read on to learn more!

How To Print From Tablet To Wireless Printer

How To Print From Tablet To Wireless Printer

Method One: Connecting to Your Wireless Printer Using Wi-Fi

  1. Connect the printer to its power supply to switch it on. Using the control panel, link it up with your Wi-Fi by typing in any necessary passwords.
  2. On your tablet, open the Settings application and then proceed to seek the Wi-Fi option. Next, connect the device with the same Wi-Fi network to access a wireless connection with your printing device.
  3. Open the Settings application once again and then click on Connections. Scroll down until you see the More connection settings tab on the menu and then press on it.
  4. A Printing option will be present on the More connection settings menu, which must be clicked upon.
  5. Choose whichever one seems most suitable for you from the print services present on your device. For example, while using an HP printer, you should use the HP Print Service, and while using an Epson device, the Epson Print Enabler is ideal. You can also use the Samsung Print Service Plugin or the Default Print Service, which works with printers of all brands.
  6. Once you have clicked on the print service, you will be presented with a button that can be slid to the right to turn it on. Your printer’s name will now most likely show up, and you should click on it using your finger to add it as a printer.

Method Two: Connecting to Your Wireless Printer Using Bluetooth

  1. Turn on your printing device and enable the Bluetooth connectivity mode by using the control panel.
  2. Unlock your tablet and swipe down to open the notification panel. It would be best to press the Bluetooth icon to turn it on and wait for the nearby devices to show up. For example, if your printer is hidden, tick the box present before the Make this device visible option.
  3. As soon as your printer’s name appears on the list of Bluetooth connectivity picks, click on it to pair both the machines up. Next, press the Connect button, and you might have to enter a PIN or passcode to link them up. Sometimes, a message will show up on the control panel’s touchscreen, asking for your approval.
  4. Now, open the image or file you wish to print and press down on the Share icon. A pop-up menu will appear, which will display many options. Look for the Bluetooth icon and immediately click on it.
  5. Once your printing device’s name comes up on the list provided, tap on it to send the file. Depending on your printer, the file might be printed automatically, or a message will be seen on the control panel asking you to input printing commands.

Method Three: Connecting to Your Wireless Printer Using Cloud Connectivity

  1. Open the Google Chrome application on your tablet and log in to your Chrome account.
  2. The Settings should be accessed by clicking on the menu present on the top right corner, and then you should proceed to click on the Show Advanced Settings button.
  3. After following the previous step, you will be given many alternatives. Look for the one that says Google Cloud Print and then tap on it to find the Sign in to Google Cloud Print button. It would help if you now typed in your Google account credentials.

After logging into the Google Cloud Print site, you should not select the printer that you wish to connect to the account. Now, as long as you are logged into the Google account while using the tablet, you will be able to make prints wirelessly!