2 Easy ways To Print Maps For D&D (Don’t Miss!)

Dungeons and dragons allow players to explore new characters, role-playing, treasure hunting, battles, and enjoy living a fantasy novel. In addition, many players like to make their own stories and maps in D&D. Here’s how to print maps for D&D.

You can download D&D maps online to save trouble. Just check the measurements before printing. Set the rulers to inches on Photoshop or PosteRazor. Make sure to set the standard paper size. Create several layers and drop the images. Keep a 0.5-inch border on each side for joining them later. Print each image in a PDF format and join them together afterward.

Remember that adjustment of the scales is the most important thing here. You might face trouble at the beginning. But it gets easier as you get the hang of it.

What is a D&D Map?

D&D or Dungeons and Dragons is a trendy board game. The game basically proceeds as a live story. Players will find new things about themselves as they reach the goal while fighting the foes and rescuing friends to add new levels.

But the most crucial part of the game is the map. It decides the turns and twists of the story as players choose their directions. That’s why printing a good-quality map and understanding the process is critical in setting up the game.

How To Print a D&D Map?

Download and install PosteRazor or Photoshop. These software will help you to execute a PDF format of any JPG files.

Download your favorite map. Select it as Input for your installed software. You might notice that the size in inches is not like the actual map’s. But you will be fixing that later.

Using PosteRazor

PosteRazor is the easiest option for printing D&D maps.

First, select your paper of choice. A standard-sized paper of 8.5 x 11 inches is better to start with. Keep borders on each side of about 0.5 inches. This is for the overlapping of the printouts while joining them together.

You should also set the final map size. Just define the height and the width of the map as ‘Absolute Size,’ and you are good to go. You can also change the size by reducing the absolute size by your required percentage. This will leave you with smaller squares but the exact proportions of the map.

Save the file as a PDF file. The final step is to click ‘Print,’ and that’s it!

Using Photoshop

If you’re using Photoshop, you’ll need to set a grid line on the picture. Then, divide the image into standard paper-sized rectangles. Next, create layers for each of them and drop them individually.

Save each picture as PDF files and print them individually. Then, join them together, and you’re done!


Printing your D&D map may seem tricky at first. But once you follow the instructions correctly, you’ll know how easy and fast it is. You can even fold your map without actually folding the standard papers.

Another tip is to use water-resistant film papers. That will keep your map good as new for a long time. So now go print your map and have fun playing Dungeons & Dragons with your friends!