2 Easy Ways To Print On Both Sides Of Index Card

Sometimes you might need to display information on both sides of index cards. So, you have to print both sides. Unfortunately, the default setting remains for one side of the page at a time. You can change the setting if you know how to print on both sides of index card.

You have to go to the print setting and find whether the print is one-sided or two-sided. Enable the duplex printing mode and print on both sides. Alternatively, you can go to the setting and command an odd or even number of pages to print. And when the even or odd number is printed down, print the rest using the same pages but reversely.

Both of the methods are pretty easy. You can use either of them.

How To Print On Both Sides Of Index Card?

How To Proceed?

Most of us rely on the automatic setting of the printing machine. But when the device doesn’t have your desired setting, you need to adjust it manually. The same goes for printing options.

You have two choices of printing on both sides: automatic and manual.

Method-1 (Automatic)

When your design is complete, press “ctrl+p” or go to the File tab and click. A floating window will appear on the screen with many options about the printed page. You will notice an option called sided printing.

If the setting remains duplex or two-sided printing, you won’t have to change it. But when you see it is set on one-sided printing, change it to “print on both sides.” Now the printer is ready to deliver duplex-printed pages.

If your printer works as a printer and copy machine, it will have automatic settings pre-installed.

Method-2 (Manual)

Suppose your printer doesn’t have any automatic duplex printing option. Then how can you print on both sides? There’s another way for that.

When you press “ctrl+p,” the floating page will show print properties. Find out the submit option. It will show “ all pages in range” by default. Click on that, and two more options will appear.

Choose odd pages or even pages to print and command print. When the printed pages come out, put them inside the printer again.But make sure that the printed side is facing downwards.

Then, again go to the submit and select the other option to print. If you choose odd pages at first, now select the even pages and vice versa.

After printing, you will get duplex-printed index cards.

Bottom Line

It’s pretty common to have double-sided printed index cards. Not everyone can carry out this easy task. But now you can as you’ve learned how to print on both sides of index card.

Make sure the even and odd alignment doesn’t get mismatched. Or else you will get the same printed page multiple times. Work carefully!