How to Print on Vellum: Tips and Tricks

If you are here, that means you already know what vellum paper is and why it is used for? If you don’t, that’s not a problem too because this article is here to help you out. Printing can be done on vellum paper but it’s not that easy the way it is said. You know the type of paper vellum is and all the workings have to be done with care. This article will provide you with all the necessary tips and tricks to ease your process of printing on vellum paper.

What Is Vellum?

Vellum is smooth, a transparent paper which is like tracing paper, that is used for arts and crafts. It is used to make greeting cards, scrapbooks, envelopes, and papercrafts. Vellum papers are semi-transparent or translucent. Depending on the quality and weight of the vellum paper is the transparency. Heavier vellum papers are less transparent than lighter ones. Vellum papers are mostly waterproof and this is why the ink easily settles on the top.

How to Print on Vellum: Tips and Tricks

Which Printer Is Best For Vellum: Laser Or Inkjet?

Before deciding which printer is best for vellum you must know, vellum paper can be printed on both laser and inkjet printers. The following will help you decide which printer is more preferable for using on vellum paper.

Using Laser Printer For Vellum Paper

Laser printers give a very dry layer of ink on top of the vellum paper and because of that there is no chance for the ink to smudge and destroy the paper, moreover, they fuse the ink with the drum and toner. They print on vellum paper very quickly and the ink dries up fast too as less ink is used. Laser printer uses less ink so it is more cost-effective.

However, there is a chance for the ink to come off the paper and get attached to other papers. But don’t worry; high-quality laser printers won’t let you experience this.

Using Ink-Jet Printer For Vellum Paper

Even though using inkjet printers is very easy and it is not that costly but it gives out wet inks on the vellum paper so, it takes a lot of time for the ink to dry on the vellum paper. As the material of vellum paper is plastic-like and non-porous, it makes it even more difficult to dry. So, there is a high chance for the ink to smear and smudge after the printing is done.

What Are The Tips & Tricks Of Printing On Vellum?

Vellum papers are translucent, delicate papers and unless they are printed without being taken care of, the process will be very tough. The following tips and tricks are very vital, and if followed thus way printing on vellum paper will seem much easier.

  1. There are two sides of vellum paper but you cannot print on both sides. Your first task is to choose the right side of the paper. You have to print on the more permeable side. This will help the ink color to set perfectly. The trick you can use to find out the right side is to use your damp finger and rub it on both sides of the paper. The stickier side is the permeable side so print on that side.
  2. Vellum paper must be dried after the printing is done. One of the options is to air dry them by leaving them in the open air and the other option is to use a hairdryer to dry the ink.
  3. Do not print more than one paper at a time, as the ink may smudge on the other papers. Make sure to print one paper at a time.
  4. Check whether your printer supports HP ink, if it does make sure to use it because this ink is smudge-proof and waterproof as well.
  5. Make sure to use the best quality vellum paper. Good quality paper will give out good quality prints.
  6. Do not select dark images to be printed on vellum paper, vellum paper shows the best output if the images are light-toned.
  7. Try to keep big spaces between the words printed on vellum paper, this will lower the chance of overlapping of words by ink smearing.
  8. Don’t change your setting of printer to high-quality prints because that will need more ink on the paper and more time will be needed to dry the ink.
  9. Make sure to give your printer a rest after printing some papers, continuous printing will jam your printer and the print quality will drop. So, print vellum paper in small batches.
  10. Adjust the weight set to lower the weight if you are using a laser printer to help with printing quality and jamming of the printer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Side Do You Print On Vellum Paper?

The textures are not the same on the two sides of the vellum paper, one side is more absorbent and permeable than the other side. It is very much easier to print on the absorbent and permeable side to make the printing process easier. You can also check by dampening your finger and rub against both sides, the stickier side is the side you will use to print.

How Do You Print A Picture On Vellum?

To print a picture on vellum, first of all, you have to insert the paper in the feed tray. Choose the picture that you want to print on your computer or phone. Now, adjust the setting of your printer and make sure you give a margin on the paper. Simply, print the picture on vellum paper and now lay the vellum paper comfortably on a flat place and keep it there for a while to dry the ink.

Is Vellum Paper Good For Screen Printing?

Yes, vellum paper is a perfect choice for screen printing. For screen printing, the following inks are used: discharge inks, plastisol inks, and water-based inks. Even though all of these inks aren’t suitable for vellum paper, Discharge inks are appropriate for vellum paper as they don’t require any additional layers of ink and will not smudge on the vellum paper.


Printing on vellum paper is quite a hard task so stay very determined and careful while doing the printing.  Make sure you can get the best quality printing on your vellum paper and for that choose your printer wisely. I believe the tips and tricks mentioned in this article will come in help while printing on the vellum paper.