How To Print Passport Size Photo In HP Printer

HP has made quite a name for itself in the printing industry. It has introduced some remarkable photo printers over the years, notably the Envy printer series. These printers not only produce high-quality photos but are also very efficient and versatile.

Passport size photos are required for all kinds of jobs and government activities. Whether you’re printing at home or for others in your business, HP printers provide one of the best kinds of supports with ease of use.

How Should Your Passport Photo Look Like Before Printing?

If your passport photo is badly taken or looks dull and colorless, it can be quite a big disadvantage for you in job applications. It might lead to rejection in visa and government activities. So here are a few points you should look out for in your passport photo before printing.

Choosing The Passport Photo

  • Make sure the face looks perfectly clear from the crown of the head to the chin.
  • Make sure the background is plain and white, and the photo has proper lighting, with no shadows.
  • The face should be looking directly at the camera, with a slight smile or no smile.

Altering The Photo Size

  • Generally, passport photos should be either 2×2″ or 35x45mm, depending on the purpose you’re using them for.
  • Open your chosen photo in any photo editor in Windows, like Adobe Photoshop. iPhoto will work in Mac.
  • Crop the photo using the “Crop” feature and reduce it to just the face.
  • Select the cropped image and use the “Resize” option from the taskbar to give it the dimensions you need, the 35x45mm or the 2×2″. You can change the units in the “Resize” options window too.
  • Save the newly resized image.

Preparing For Print

  • Create a new, blank file with the dimensions of the paper size you’ll be using to print.
  • Drag the resized image to the new file and place it properly.
  • If you want to create multiple copies of the passport photo, select the image and right-click on the mouse. Then, select the”copy” option from the drop-down menu.
  • In the same way, click the “paste” option for as many photos as you need in the file and place them separately for ease of cutting. If you’re on Mac, you don’t need to follow these steps.

Passport Photos Printing Process On An HP Printer

HP has introduced smart photo-printing software to make it easy for you to print photos comfortably. We’ll show you both the processes of printing passport photos with the HP software as well as the “manual” way.

Printing Without The HP Software

  • Right-click on the image file and select the “Print” option.
  • Choose the same size for both “Paper Size” and “Photo Size” options.
  • Select “photo on photo paper” for the “Presets” attribute.
  • Press the “Print” command to execute the print.

Printing Photos With HP Photo-Printing Software

If you’re printing using the photo-printing software, you don’t have to follow the “Preparing for Print” step we described above.

  • Open the software and choose the template that will give you the number of copies of the passport photo you need.
  • Drag your resized photo into the side section of the template.
  • Next, drag the photo from the section to the boxes in the template.
  • Double-click on the photo to get access to editing features, with which you can rotate and adjust the position of the photo, making sure it’s perfectly visible.
  • Click on the “Print” option at the top.
  • Select the proper paper size from the window that pops up and click on the “Print” button to execute the print.