How To Print Poshmark Labels Without A Printer

So, you’ve made a sale on Poshmark, and now, since you don’t have the luxury of a functioning printer at home, you’re sitting on your order, languishing. You know that you must get some obscure labels printed somewhere else, but how can you most cost-effectively do just that and stay on top of your Poshmark game? Read on to find out. 

Step 1: Access The Poshmark Label Of The Order

On the Poshmark website, navigate to My sales in the account menu. Locate the order you want the label of and click select, after which click on the ‘Download Shipping label’ option and let that pdf download. 

Alternatively, you can find the same pdf of the label attached to the email that Poshmark sent after the order was placed. The pdf will hold the image of the label in 4*6 size format.

Step 2: Optimizing size to save money

Whether it’s on adhesive paper or on regular document paper, if you have more than one label to print, it’s a good idea to use the letter size to print 2 labels on one sheet of paper. It would reduce the cost by half as the print shop would now be printing one sheet, not two. 

Open the Pdf file in Adobe or other Pdf readers of choice. Hover over the label. As aforementioned, it is an image that gets selected when you click on it and will be copied to the clipboard when your hit copy. 

Now open Microsoft word. Set the paper orientation to landscape and the paper size to the letter. Paste the image of the side of the label by the side, and tweak it with the size so as to have a little white space as possible. Then export the file as a pdf.

Repeat for as many labels as you need so that you end up having half as many pdfs as your shipping labels. Make sure to name the files, so you don’t misplace your label and print the wrong labels.

If you decide that you would rather spend the money on a normal print than spend time on making the label pdfs, for instance, if you have a lot of orders to deal with every day, feel free to skip this step.

Step 3: Getting Your Pdf Printed

This step will require you to research the best printing service in terms of printing charge, quality of prints, and whether or not they print on adhesive paper. You don’t need to print on adhesive. You could print on a document paper and then stick it to the package using tape or glue-, the location. Suggested examples include printing at a library, or print shops, or any local shipping place. 

So there you have it- you know everything about printing your Poshmark label. I hope you now won’t let not owning a printer or a label printer, for that matter, be that rate-limiting step in your business. Let’s get that bread, shall we?

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