Can You Print Index Cards From Microsoft Word?

Index cards are pretty handy for us in various ways like taking notes, context lists, leaving messages for someone, etc. You can design and print cards through Microsoft word. So, how would you print index cards in word?

You can create index cards in two ways in Microsoft ways. Firstly, you need to open a blank document and go to the layout option and landscape mood. Then, go to the size option and choose which dimension you want. In the second method, you need to go mailing tabs on a blank document. Then, choose labels and find the index cards option. You will see every possible measurement of index cards.

There’s also an option of creating a single or a sheet of cards at a time, depending on your demand.

How To Proceed?

There are two methods by which you can make and print your preferable index cards.

Through Layout

At first, you need to create a blank document in MS word.

Then, a “layout” option will appear at the top of the page. Click on the layout and select landscape. Most people select landscapes because of their versatility. But you can also create a portrait index card.

After selecting the landscape, don’t rush to write on the page. That’s because you need to choose the exact dimension of your index cards.

There are several sizes on that option like A4, A3, legal, and other custom measurements. The 10 × 15cm and 13 × 18 cm are the most versatile ones among the users.

Now, your desirable index card is ready to edit. You can write necessary information or just print blank cards of those sizes.

Index cards don’t have to look dull and remain black & white. You can add different colors and themes from the design tab.

Through Mailings

You need to start by opening a blank document. Then, find the mailings tab on the top of this page.

At the top corner of the mailing tab, you will see the option called “labels.” So, when you click on labels, you will see a different page opening on the screen.

Select options, and then product numbers will appear. You will see several index card options. Each of the index cards contains different measurements. Select according to your need and add some colors from the design tab.

Then, you can print colorful index cards within a minute. But some extra procedure is needed if you want to print a sheet. Just copy and paste the single design on an A4 page and command print.


These templates make your job easier and save time. So, if you wonder how would you print index cards in word, this passage has enough information to guide you. Use these templates and print your desirable index cards without any hassle.