HP Announces First Laser Tank Printer HP LaserJet Tank MFP 2600s for Small Businesses

Are you the owner of a small business? If yes, then take a moment to breathe a sigh of relief as HP has promised to solve all of your printing issues. In their latest announcement, they welcomed the HP LaserJet Tank MFP 2600s – a device that is said to erase all the headaches of new entrepreneurs. From the printer’s dimensions to running costs to using experience – everything has been developed by keeping small workspaces into consideration!

So, today we have gathered to welcome this amazing printing device into the market with a warm round of applause. It is said to hold some of the most promising features along with HP’s newest printing technologies!

HP Announces First Laser Tank Printer HP LaserJet Tank MFP 2600s for Small Businesses

Birth of the HP LaserJet Tank MFP 2600s

On 23rd February 2022, Xavier Garcia (Global Head of Print Hardware-Software) commented on how the rise of Covid-19 led to the birth of many small businesses in the past two years. This meant that many customers were in search of a printing solution that met their “evolving needs.” Something that reduced expenses while also delivering the necessary work in high quality could do wonders in raising the condition of these businesses and, in turn, the economy.

So, by keeping the issues faced by new entrepreneurs in mind, the developers in HP decided to manufacture an addition to their LaserJet series. The new LaserJet Tank MFP 2600s was to be aimed solely toward small or medium-sized businesses. So, a lot of research and time was directed to finding a suitable number for monthly print volumes and paper handling for such a printing device. In addition to this, features like ADFs and paper trays were added accordingly to positively impact the user’s experience. The printer also possesses a strong build, letting it perform without any flaws despite being used regularly.

Furthermore, the MFP 2600s is known for having the most innovative ink management systems. The cartridge-free performance significantly tones down the running costs besides decreasing the user’s hassles of replacing. Instead, users can opt for refilling – a process that is made extremely straightforward and requires only a handful of seconds. This also manages to be environmentally beneficial since the amount of powdered ink deposited into the surrounding is cut down.

When paired with the HP Smart App, the printer is able to receive commands from smartphones, laptops, and tablets. This allows businesses to function smoothly without having to purchase devices to dedicate them to printing. Similarly, you can also install the HP Wolf Essential to ensure that all your confidential business documents are kept secure.

Lastly, the device boasts an extremely high quality known for being far superior compared to its predecessors. As expected of laser printers, the text output is very sharp and precise, making it easy for people to read data. The long-life imaging drums are also extremely helpful as it enables the printer to be used as a photo and text printer at once.

Features That Make it Special:

Very Low Cost Per Page

As we mentioned before, the LaserJet Tank MFP 2600s has a unique ink management system that does not require replacement. The yields of the toners are also extremely high, letting them print out five thousand sheets without running out. These points combine to make everyone’s printing experience budget-friendly, lowering the maintenance expenses.

Easy Refilling

Due to the uniquely designed ink management technology, refilling the ink cartridges requires only 15 seconds. HP also claims that the process is “mess-free,” meaning that business owners can easily fill the tanks up without having to hire professionals.

Long-Lasting Imaging Drum

The HP MFP 2600s’ image drum is said to last for over a lifetime indicating that users do not have to spend too much on replacement. The drum only needs to be cleaned every now and then to keep the sharpness of images and pictures intact.

Flawless Duplex Printing Ability

When in need of saving paper, small businesses can easily use this printer to get etches on both sides of their hard copies. The 40-sheet auto document feeder will grab the pages for you, eliminating the need to stand and observe every time you make a print. In addition, a hands-free printing process is enabled, allowing time-saving.

Smaller Size

Despite holding more features than its predecessors, the printer manages to come in a smaller dimension. It can hence, effortlessly fit into small workspaces and operate perfectly. The robust body also prevents it from suffering damage while performing.

Wireless Connectivity

 All thanks to HP Wolf Essential security, every data transmitted from your computer to the printer is kept safe. Malicious hackers or viruses are unable to come in contact with them, guaranteeing that your files are in good hands. To add to this, the connection also remains uninterrupted as long as you are within the Wi-Fi range.

Seamless Scanning Feature

Besides catering to your printing needs, the HP MFP 2600s printer also manages to help you out with scanning. Money is saved as one device serves different purposes, letting you achieve all of your goals. The scanning feature is said to be flawless, letting every inch of your hard copies be turned into soft copies that can be viewed on screens.

More About HP

HP has always managed to grab the hearts of customers by bringing them products that they need. A lot of their profits are dedicated to research and development, letting the company find statistics that dictate the user’s wishes. Each of the products is then based on these results, causing the manufacture of items that are all around perfect!

HP has been leading the market with laptops, 3D printers, desktop computers, headphones, etc. To know more about these, you can visit http://www.hp.com/.