Is Printer Necessary For Home?

With covid haunting the streets, the number of printers sold per day only keeps on increasing. 

As people find themselves working from home and taking online classes, the files on their personal computers seem to keep on piling up, leading to a tortuous, unorganized mess. At such a time, documents must be printed so that going through them doesn’t make the readers want to pull off their hair. 

Are you considering purchasing a printer? Wondering is printer necessary for home? Are you confused about the related costs? 

As usual, we are here to relay the necessary info and make your life a little easier!

Is Printer Necessary For Home?

Do I Need A Printer?

Due to the global pandemic, you likely have to handle office or school matters from home. What used to be going to the local internet café to get a print once or twice a month is now several trips that require towering piles of documents to be printed; i.e., if the internet café hasn’t been shut down due to all the Covid restrictions.  

If you are tired of printing these necessary documents, then there are possibly two options you can choose from – purchasing a printer or looking through soft copies of your documents. 

With your screen time being at an all-time high, we can guess the latter might not be feasible. Other than that, hard copies are easier to modify and can be marked per choice without causing any permanent changes to the file. 

If you agree, then it is very likely that you need to start browsing for a printer. 

Besides this, if you have things like cards, pictures, labels, etc., that you used to otherwise purchase but now can’t due to the threat of life caused due to the coronavirus, you can now rest assured! All of these can be printed using modern-day printers. 

Things You Can Print


Hardcopies are always less challenging to work in comparison to soft copies. Using your printer, you can now get prints and alter them per need without having to worry about creating complications to the original documents; feel free to highlight or underline the necessary parts!


There will be loads of times when you need to print images for your work, school, or personal purposes. Having a printer allows you to print the photos using a few mouse clicks and get all tasks done instantly. Some printers even offer borderless prints which are appealing to look at. 


Going out to buy stamps might be too much of a hassle. With the correct type of paper in hand, you can now get them printed instead; all you will require is a few clicks. Again, saving time is the key!


Life can be made a lot more fun with some customized stickers at one’s disposal. For example, printing stickers of your favorite characters, flowers, or bands and adding them to your belonging for a personal touch will make a dull life seem much more enjoyable. 

You can also try selling stickers designed by you for some extra profit. 


Wishing others always makes one feel contented inside. With a printer available in your house, you can go ahead and have cards printed for every occasion. Get well soon cards, birthday cards, anniversary cards, holiday cards, etc., will all seem way likable when printed with customized writings. 


A printer will help you unleash your inner creativity in the world. You can print and sell your artworks, bookmarks, planners, comics, etc., and receive much more exposure given that the print quality does your work justice. 

How Much Is A Printer Cost?

Printer prices can range from about $150 to $300 depending on the features they offer and their printing technology. 

Laser printer, although more expensive, will serve you well in the long term as it doesn’t have print heads that require frequent maintenance; the toners, although expensive, last longer, causing a decrease in cost per page. In addition, laser printers will churn out prints at a stunningly fast speed, greatly benefiting users. 

Inkjet printers are usually cheaper despite having intriguing characteristics; most inkjet printers these days have the multifunctional ability to take on the tasks of scanners, copiers, and fax machines besides the usual printing tasks. However, low speeds on inkjet printers can act as a drawback to users. Besides that, they run out of ink quickly and require frequent maintenance due to the clogging of print heads. 

What Else Do You Need To Have For Printing?

A printer is not all you need to make prints; paper, ink cartridges, and toners are the necessities of running a printer. 

Printer Paper

Different types of paper like vellum, cardstock, photo paper, offset paper, transfer paper, etc., are available; their prices differ depending on availability, thickness, and sturdiness. You can purchase whichever you wish based on the task you want to accomplish. For example, A4-sized offset papers are commonly used brought and used for printing documents. 


Colorless printer requires black ink while color printers require cyan, magenta, yellow and black ink to make the proper prints. These ink are available in a powdered or aqueous form, which you need to purchase will depend on your printer’s printing technology. Some printers are only compatible with the ink produced by the manufacturers, while others are equally compatible with third-party inks. 


Laser printers use toner cartridges. They consist of powdered ink, which is positively charged and attracted to the negatively charged section of the paper to get prints during the printing process. Toner cartridges are more expensive than ink cartridges, but in terms of longevity, they take the crown. 

Is It Cheaper To Have A Printer At Home Or Print At A Copy/Print Shop?

If you use a printer once every blue moon, then having a printer is likely to be expensive for you. In such a situation, you should resort to getting prints at some other places instead. 

However, if you are a student or office worker who prints daily or even weekly, considers buying a printing as a more budget-friendly option. Cost per page is gravely decreased nearly by half, although replacing the ink might seem burdensome at times, and buying the pages might seem overpowering. 

Other Uses Of A Printer          

With all the great traits that printers offer, you can now easily use them to start new businesses. For example, many will use printers to print on shirts and fabric, while others will design bookmarks, cards, planners, and stickers to sell them. In addition, labels can be made for goods that need to be delivered to places, and advertisement brochures and magazines can be published as long as the printer supports the correct type of paper and borderless prints. 

Besides that, with a multifunctional printer, users can get their written works scanned or copied and send faxes. 

Things To Consider Before Buying A Printer For Home

Inkjet Vs. Laser

Firstly, you have to choose a printing technology; laser printers are the ideal choice for printing documents, while inkjet printers offer better photo prints. You also need to consider the initial cost of purchasing a printer that is higher for laser printers than inkjet printers. 

Color Vs. Black And White

Next, you have to decide whether the printer output should be colored or black and white; remember that this will affect how much ink you need to purchase. This choice has to be made after considering all the tasks you wish to carry out using the printer. 


If you intend to print large documents often using your printer, then you should consider grabbing a printer with a fast speed. Laser printers are faster than inkjet and, thus, are considered to be the better choice for office work. 

Special Features

Look into all the printer characteristics and seek out the ones that will help you out. For example, duplex printing and automatic document feeding options help gravely in saving time. Next, check the connectivity and choose the type you prefer; wireless connectivity allows handling of tasks hands-free, while wired connectivity might be safer but messier. 

Ease Of Use

Lastly, buy something easy to operate. Commands should be straightforward to execute so that anyone in your house can easily use the printer whenever necessary. 


Is printer necessary for home?

We hope you have reached a conclusion with this article and have also learned what to look for while shopping for a printer. Tedious walks to the printing stores or internet cafes can now be easily avoided. Have a fun time printing!