Notary Signing Agent Supplies (Experts’ Take!)

If you decide to be a notary officer and offer services to the community, you should be more organized than anyone. Therefore, all the necessary items should be near your hands. But there are some limitations or restrictions in buying them. So, what are the notary signing agent supplies?

A notary should always have a notary stamp, notary bond, notary metal embosser, notary journal, and notary insurance. A fee chart, printer, inkless thumb printer, office accessories, legal-size envelopes, legal paper or pads, calculator, acknowledgment, and invoices will come in handy too.

Without these supplies, you can’t imagine working as a notary officer. Of course, a perfect notary officer will always be ready to perform any reasonable request for notarization. But how can you perform your duties without the proper essentials, right?

Notary Signing Agent Supplies

What Supplies Does a Notary Need?

As a notary service officer, you need to serve the public and keep their request adequately and efficiently. That’s why always keep your necessary items in your collection. It will be better tofollow a notary checklist to keep things in order.

A Notary Stamp

Ordering the notary stamp is your first and foremost duty after becoming a notary officer. It stays at the top of loan signing agent supplies.

You will get a list of manufacturers along with the notary public commission packet who make authorized notary stamps. Without an authorized contractor, you can’t make your own stamp.

It will be best to order an extra stamp. That’s because in case you lose the first one, it will take time to get a new notary stamp. And also, you have to send a detailed mail immediately to the secretary of state explaining how you lost it.

Don’t forget to file a police report and send a copy to the secretary in certified mail. Make sure you include your name, signature, and notary public commission number.

When the secretary sends you a duplicate certificate, only then can you order a new stamp. Without the seal, you are no longer in business.

How To Use A Notary Style Stamp

Notary Bond      

It’s also known as a surety bond which is your safety armor. In most states, you need to purchase a notary bond and maintain it while serving publicly. But what’s the job of a notary bond?

Well, the notary bond ensures your safety during your service. However, it adds a minimal layer of protection. That means if your service causes a customer financial loss or somehow your service proves to be a fraud act, you can claim your notary bond to save you from the situation.

A company will pay for your surety claim. But you need to keep in mind that they will come after your E&O carrier for reimbursement. So, it’s a must-have item on your notary supplies list.

Notary Metal Embosser (Metal Embosser Seal)

The notary metal embosser is needed to complete any official work or transactions. It contains all the necessary information of the notary on a document.

Most of the time, the public asks to add the notary metal embosser on their documents if they are in an official business or ready to perform foreign transactions. The metal embosser seal is also used in a county clerk’s office. It seals the instruments that are going to be used in the office.

How To Use A Notary Seal Embosser

Notary Journal

It’s your choice to include the notary journal in your notary public tools. That’s because it’s required only in a few states. However, we highly recommend keeping it on your list and maintaining it.

The notary journal will help you work in a more organized way. It will keep records of your previous and running notary acts. The journal will also shield you whenever you are accused of false or incorrect acts. It will be your proof in your defense.

But don’t forget to secure its location. As the journal includes all the classified information regarding your notary acts, it should not be in public hands. Instead, keep it securely in your locker or a lockable briefcase.

How to Choose a Notary Journal

Notary Insurance

When you enter into the notary business, you will be at risk at any time. However, the damage will be more significant when you are sued for some accusation. That’s because your name and signature are used in many legal documents as a notary officer. So, you are obligated to respond to any lawsuit.

That’s why any notary public officer should seriously consider the errors and omissions (E&O) insurance policy. The policy helps you grant a certain amount whenever you call for approval of loans. It may vary from company to company according to their policies.

But rest assured because it’s one of few notary-public supplies that protect the notary officer while the notary bond protects customers. 

Inkless Thumb Printer

If you are new at notary business, you should know that most states ask for a thumbprint while dealing with legal documents, especially with the properties. It’s because copying a thumbprint is a nearly impossible job. That’s why the inkless thumb printer is another crucial essential in your notary tools. 

Some states can even ask for fines if there’s no thumbprint in property documents. Just like the journals, a thumbprint acts like evidence for a proper notary service from you. Remember to keep an extra inkless thumb printer just in case.

Fee Chart

You must know that all the notary acts cost a certain fee. There’s a chart for the state notary fees. The chart also includes all the additional charges along with the basic charges.

Therefore, you don’t need to waste time explaining the fees for certain notary acts. Just show the chart to the customer and then deal with the acts. The chart also verifies from accruement of charging extra fees and clears the doubts.

Office Accessories

The office accessories are must-have items in your notary service office. Therefore, they occupy a considerable part of your notary checklist.

This list includes pens, a stapler, staple pins, paper clips, a roll of tape, and rubber fingertips. All these accessories help to make the job easy for you.

Suppose you get a 50-page notary document to complete. How can you go through those pages with rubber fingertips? How can you assemble all the pages without staples or paper clips? How can you make the corrections without a pen?

It makes sense, right? There’s a saying – “work smartly, not blindly.” These accessories are helpful to complete a notary act in thefastest and most organized way.

Legal Size Envelopes

Suppose you just finished a set of documents for your present work. How would you handle the papers to your customer without an envelope? Where are your manners?

That’s where you would need legal-size envelopes. Most of the notary and legal documents don’t come in A4 size. So, you will need legal-size envelopes to deliver the documents to your customers. The envelopes also help keep the records organized and separate each of your projects.

Otherwise, you can’t just keep all those important documents on your table or drawer.

A Printer

Days of writing on notary documents are over. All the notary officers complete their papers in MS Word or other software and print them. As a new notary officer, you should also have a printer.

You can’t just go to the printing stores daily or your colleagues to print your documents. A printer will allow printing all the documents whenever you want.

Legal Pad or Paper

You will need properly sized papers (legal, A4, and others) and ink to print the documents. Unfortunately, legal-size papers with stamps may not be available in nearby stores. So, it would be wise to keep the collection of all the necessary papers along with legal size.

Make sure you get high-quality legal pads. Otherwise, the ink on the papers will get faded over time and destroy your documents. Also, keep a notepad nearby to take the necessary notes regarding the case.


It’s one of the additional accessories you want to keep on your table. Notary services need a lot of calculations when dealing with properties, fines, etc. You don’t need to calculate those huge numbers in your mind. Just grab the calculator and get it done in a minute.

Sometimes you may also need to add or cut some percentage from the fees regarding the notary acts. Again, it will be easy to write those numbers while having a calculator in hand.

Acknowledgments And Invoices

Invoices are important, especially when you notice that your notary-certified documents are not valid at that moment for some reason. In such cases, you will need a jurat or acknowledgment or invoices approved by your state.

You can easily attach the invoices to those documents and make them valid. These invoices or jurats don’t come with notary public commissions. You need to go to their website and download them yourself.


The notary in any state needs skills and patience. Notary tools play a crucial role in developing skills and achieving success. We hope the notary signing agent supplies checklist will be beneficial to you.

All these tools in your collection will help you perform better service and bring customer satisfaction. All the best with your new job as a notary signing agent!

What Supplies Do You Need as a Notary Loan Signing Agent?