Poshmark Shipping & Packaging Guide

Say what? You have made a sale?!

We are excited for you! However, remember that when it comes to online business, satisfying the customer’s demand requires not only outstanding quality products and immaculate packaging and quick shipping but also you want the eyes of your Poshmark customer to shine up. Their veins to be filled with thrill upon receiving the package. Besides that, neat packaging with clear labels immediately increases the speed of the shipping process since it is easier for the mailman to handle.

Hence, to assist you with your business, we offer a Poshmark shipping and packaging guide to help you nail all the basics and more!

 Poshmark Shipping & Packaging Guide

How Does Poshmark Shipping Work?

Businesses that make sales via Poshmark are immediately given a pre-paid, pre-addressed, USPS shipping label with a UPS tracking barcode and other necessary information mentioned on it. You can easily download this from your sales list and have it printed on any paper. The label should then be pasted on the box that holds the item you are going to sell. 

Once the package has been handed over to the local USPS, the barcode is scanned and logged into the USPS tracking system. Finally, a mail consisting of all the tracking information is sent to the seller and buyer. 

As soon as the mail delivery system delivers the package, the buyer is sent another mail asking to review and accept it. Accepting a package immediately allows the seller to gain access to the money they earned. In case the buyer is not satisfied with the purchase, they are allowed to make a return request. 

Once the package has been delivered by the seller to the USPS and logged into the system, if it is by any chance lost, then Poshmark will take care of all the costs. 

Find The Right Shipping Parcel

Poshmark only lets its users utilize the Priority Mail, Priority Flat Rate, and Priority Regional Rate boxes, which can be easily found at the local USPS; you will not be charged for this. You can also have them ordered online to your doorstep from the Postal Store. 

We will recommend all sellers carefully place the items within the box and stuff them in tissue, newspaper, or paper that will make sure it doesn’t break. If you wish to reuse an old box, remember to remove the Poshmark label from it completely and put on a new label. 

Branding & Personalized Packaging

In order to make sure your package stands out in the eyes of all customers, the packaging needs to be memorable, organized, and attractive looking. Hence, get all your creativity ready and unleash all your energy into creating your signature look that all customers can immediately recognize. For example, tie necessary items with ribbons, and instead of stuffing tissues or newspapers for extra support of item, you can opt to use vibrant tissues and decorative wrapping papers. 

You can also use this moment to include your business cards, a thank you card for purchasing, brochures, advertisements, or even a handwritten note; some sellers will even go as far as adding a free item or treats that help in leaving an outstanding impression to all the buyers. 

While packaging, remember to never cover the USPS shipping label as that will end up covering important information or the barcode, which will make the mailman’s job difficult. 

Shipping & Packaging Faqs

What Kind Of Box Can I Use To Ship Out My Order?

Poshmark allows its users to use boxes found in the following category: Priority Mail, Priority Mail Flat Rate, and Priority Mail Region Rate. Express Mail is forbidden, and so are any other boxes supplied by USPS. Besides that, the boxes cannot be larger than 108 inches when length and width. 

If you do not have the boxes listed above, you can get them for free at your local USPS or have them brought to your doorstep using Postal Store. Any brown cardboard boxes lying around or envelopes can also be used to send out shipping orders as long as any former labels are removed.

How Do I Package My Poshmark Orders?

Once you have grabbed the correct Priority Mail box, place your product inside and cushion it with tissues, old newspapers, or decorative papers; it is advisable to use some colorful things to make the packaging seem extra special. Paste your business card onto the inside, and you can also send a thank you note to the buyers. 

Once everything has been placed inside, seal the mouth and other places to ensure the product doesn’t fall out. You should also paste it on your Poshmark shipping label so that it can be tracked and delivered to the right place. 

Can I Print My Shipping Label On Adhesive Labels?

Poshmark shipping labels can be printed on adhesive labels, which are easier to paste on. If you are using the app, all you need to do is visit your Account Tab, choose the My Seller Tools option, and see the Shipping Label Settings, where you can select the page dimensions accordingly. 

If you are using the Poshmark website, you need to select your profile picture present on the top-right corner of the page, visit the Account Settings option, and then choose the Shipping Label Settings to set the necessary page dimensions. 

What Are The Shipping Rates On Poshmark?

On Poshmark, buyers have pay $7.45 to ship anything over 5 lbs. If the item is overweight, the seller has to pay the extra sum; anything over 5 lbs and under 10 lbs is $20. Buyers are most likely to receive their order within 1 to 3 business days. 

How Do I Ship My Item Once It’s Sold?

Once your item is sold, go to your profile and select the My Sales option from the drop-down menu. Next, select the sold item you wish to ship from the list that appears, and you will soon notice the Download Shipping Label option. Click on it and notice that a dialogue box appears immediately where you can press down on the Download option. You can now print out this shipping label. 

 Now, piece together the Priority Mail box and place your item within it carefully. Once the necessary steps have been taken for safe packaging, paste the Poshmark label and leave the package at the local USPS. 

Who Pays The Shipping On Poshmark?

In Poshmark, the buyer is asked to pay the shipping cost ($7.45 as long as the package is under 5 lbs), which, at times, can be lowered by the seller. This, in turn, cuts off some of the money from the seller’s profits; however, they are expected to get on the buyer’s good books, which could increase sales. On the other hand, if the shipped item exceeds the 5 lbs limit, the seller is asked to pay an extra sum.