Printeriors 2022: Innovative Sustainable Printing Technologies

Between 31st May and 3rd June 2022, the world will witness Printeriors 2022 at the FESPA Global Print Expo in Messe Berlin, Germany. Interior design pieces that are outputs of innovative sustainable printing technologies will be showcased with the intention of shedding light on their environmentally responsible technologies and rightfully sourced materials.

Stumbling into the South Entrance of the Expo will introduce you to the enthralling works of renowned artist Jasper Goodall. A seven-themed zone filled with textured artworks has been accommodated, holding his depictions of nature into account. Each piece aims to make viewers feel at ease and activate a sensation of tranquility through visual details.

In addition to the old concepts, Nature’s Canopy and Surface Micro have been added as two new themes. These themes aim to share the spirit of sustainability whilst promoting new textures with all the audiences.

Printeriors 2022 is the brainchild of 30 partners who have cooperated to introduce the versatility of printing devices. Hence, wall coverings, metal artworks, fine arts, lightings and lightboxes, window films, lenticular pieces, textiles, printed leather, rugs, signage, adorned tabletops, cushions, and fabric walls of exceptional quality will be exhibited there.

The FESPA Textile Ambassador and Printeriors Curators Debbie McKeegan stated that Covid-19 had drawn everyone’s attention to their nature and home environment. As a result, eco-conscious brands and interior designing products have seen a surge in sales and attention. This year’s Expo aims to introduce sustainable home ornamentation products that offer durability and bring creativity. In other words, they will ‘demonstrate that stunning multi-sensory interiors can be created while still safeguarding our planet.”

In addition to these products, you can also check out the stunning textured glass film embedded walls manufactured using Drytac. Their vinyl products, signage, wallpapers, and floor features will also be put on display. HP – one of the world’s leading manufacturing brands, will also be contributing to textile, graphics, wall covering, and white ink decorative prints to all the seven themes.

Avid fans of Kornit can also enjoy their work in the Surface Micro zone theme, where the impact of their prints on the textile printing world is visible. In addition, 3D textures accomplished using the NeoPigment ink technology have also been put on display, promising to awe thousands.

If you go on a tour, do not forget to check out the Tropical Neons and Surface Micro zones, as they will hold leather prints manufactured by Premium Partner Brother. In addition, a peek at the Cacti Geos and Organic Flora-themed zones will display the outstanding wall coverings of Mimaki.

So, visit and explore the creations of all the above-mentioned brands along with those put up by the other partners. Agfa, Ava Cad/Cam, EFI, EFKA, Eye 4 Colour, Image, John Mark, Pongs, Premier Digital Textiles, PressOn, R A Smart, Sentec International, Veika Dimense, and Zimmer have all diligently made amazing contributions to the FESPA Expo.

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