What Does Printer Offline Mean?

After altering all the settings, your fingers finally move to the hit the Print button. However, as you sit still and anticipate the results to show up, an error message pops on the screen. What does it say?

Your printer is offline and hence, unable to make any further prints!

From experience, I can tell that the situation is rather frustrating. It delays work and prevents you from completing your tasks due to time.

What Does Printer Offline Mean?

What Does Printer Offline Mean?

A printing device will often lose its connection with your PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc. This can result from a poor internet connection or disruptions in your cable settings.

Naturally, when this happens, the printer is unable to be a part of your network, causing a communication gap to be created. The printer is not a component of the group now, so you cannot send commands to it with the help of your smart device. According to printing terminology, the device is then said to be offline!

An offline printer can be of no aid to you since it cannot receive any printing instructions. In addition, it is unable to identify what your hard copy should look like and is, therefore, powerless hardware. To allow it to serve your printing needs once again, you will have to get the printer online.

Why Do Printers Go Offline?

There are many reasons your printer will be unable to link up with a device, causing a break in data transmission. As there is a break in the circulation of information, your printer will appear to be offline. Here are some of the most common reasons why this occurs:

  • Unattached Cables: Even the slightest movement from the original position can result in your cables offering a deranged connection. Wired linking is hence cut off, bringing about an offline printer.
  • Poor Wi-Fi Connection: Although wireless printers promise no interruptions from cables, they often react poorly to bad Wi-Fi connections. When the printer is not properly within the range or cannot receive a good signal, it will appear to be offline.
  • Uninstalled Printer: Towards the beginning, if your printer’s driver has not been properly installed on your computer, you will be unable to connect to it. So, instead of rushing, follow all the necessary steps and then head on to give printing orders.
  • Bugs or Viruses: Malicious bugs or viruses can prevent your printing device from coming online. They create numerous hassles throughout your printing process, making it hard to accomplish any tasks. So, it is best to install anti-virus software that will help you avoid this complication altogether.

How to Get Your Printer Back Online:

To finish the last steps of your task, you will need to get your printer back online. That way, your computer will be able to couple up with the device and make prints once again. Here are some of the steps that you need to follow:

Step One: Checking the Printer’s Connection

While dealing with printers that function using wired connectivity technology, you must check the USB or Ethernet cables. First, move the ends to ensure they are appropriately fixated into the designated position. If this does not work, try detaching and reattaching the cables to see if any difference is created in the printer’s status.

On the other hand, if you work with wireless printers, you will have to check out the internet connection. Firstly, make sure that both the devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and then check the signal strength. Next, try moving the printer closer to your router to get better reception and access a stronger link-up between both devices. If this still does not work, you can go ahead and disconnect them from the Wi-Fi network and reconnect after a couple of seconds.

Step Two: Clear the Queue

Sometimes specific commands can wreak internal havoc within your printer, causing it to go offline. If this happens, following the previous step will not solve the problem. Instead, you will be required to remove all the tasks from the printer’s spooler, causing the queue to be cleared up.

Once you have removed all the assigned tasks, turn the printer off for a second before turning it on. You should now check the network to see whether the printer is online or offline.

Step Three: Restarting Both Devices

Hardware can often become faulty with time, creating many issues like the one at hand. So, when like this, you should try to restart your machines to see if it makes any difference.

Initially, try only restarting your printer and then checking the network to see if it is back online. However, if it is still offline, you should try restarting your computer or laptop, as they might be the ones causing problems.

Step Four: Install and Reinstall

All printers come with their software that needs to be installed to enable secure and smooth communication. So, check to ensure that you have installed your printer’s application properly on the device you wish to print from.

If your printer still appears to be offline, you should uninstall it from your computer.

After removing all of its files, follow the installation steps to reinstall it on your PC. First, click on the ‘Add Device’ option by going to the ‘Devices’ menu on settings, and then type the name of your printer to install it. This might cause any bugs to be erased on the printer’s firmware.

Step Five: Update the Printer’s Firmware

Is your printer’s software properly installed and updated? Or is it missing some necessary files?

You must keep a regular check on this since otherwise; the printer will lack the proper communication skills. In addition, this might show offline in the network, causing hindrances to your printing.

So, take a moment to look into any new updates that might be present. Then, download them using a solid Wi-Fi connection and check your printer’s status within the network once again.

These are the five steps that can ensure your printer comes back online within an instant. However, if the issue remains, take a second to call a professional for help since your hardware must be suffering from some serious issues.