What Is Borderless Printing?

Do you ever wonder how you can print your photos more beautiful and make them look more elegant? Yes, you do require a good printer and high-quality paper for your photos to flourish. But, did you know about borderless printing?

Borderless printing is a special kind of printing that makes your photos and artwork look much more eye-catching than normal printing. It’s not employed while printing photographs and printing brochures, flyers, and scrapbook pages.

What Is Borderless Printing?

Like the name might suggest, borderless printing is basically printing without the usual borders on the sides of the paper. It’s also referred to as full-bleed printing in the wide-format printing industries.

Unlike the usual prints that have certain margins while printing and keep some whitespace beyond the margins, the borderless printing process totally removes that.

The printers that are capable of executing this process are programmed to automatically increase the size of the image by a certain amount to fill up the page properly.

Along with cutting off the unnecessary white spaces, images also look more pleasing and attention-grabbing when they take up a whole page, with the help of borderless printing.

A Guide To Borderless Printing

Borderless printing is not necessarily a very complicated process. Still, at the same time, you do need to be careful of a few things to ensure your print is executed perfectly.

Different printers are configured differently for the same task. Therefore, it’s best to refer to the instructions manual that comes with your printer to learn about the types of paper and sizes of paper your printer is compatible with.

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Even among printers that are capable of borderless printing, they won’t be supporting the same print settings. For example, some only work with a certain type of paper, while others can only print on a fixed size of paper.

All printers require a driver to be installed on your computer for the printing process to go smoothly. The manufacturers have already programmed a built-in printing process in most drivers, should you choose to print in borderless settings. 

The driver, coupled with your printer’s ink cartridges, resizes the image so that it covers the spaces beyond the margins.

Generally, the increase in size isn’t more than 1-2% of the original image, which makes sense because the whitespaces beyond the margins don’t take up too much space anyway.

For a lot of other drivers, you can choose the amount of resizing you want to be done on your image and what will actually print out, much like choosing a background wallpaper for your phone or PC.

They also come with various resizing options that you can try out before giving the print command.

Since the cartridges will be working beyond the usual margins of the paper, there can be over-use of the ink. The extra ink is received by a built-in “sponge” inside the printer, and the ink is retained.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Borderless Printer

Before you go and get your photographs printed out beautifully, you need to make sure you got the best borderless printer! Let’s discuss a few aspects you should look out for!

Type of Paper

Firstly, you should decide on the type of paper you want to print your artwork, graphical designs, or photos on, and then ensure that your printer will support borderless printing on that kind of paper.

Different borderless printers support various ranges of paper types. For example, some printers can only print borderless on glossy media, while others support both glossy and matte media.

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As it happens, a few printers are also only compatible with certain ranges of weight and thickness of the paper.

Size of Paper

You should grade the borderless printers you want in accordance with the kind of paper sizes you want to print on. For example, if you want to print tabloid-size brochures or A4-size flyers, your printer will need to be compatible with that size.

Several printers can only print under borderless settings up to legal-sized paper, while many others can print on as large as 13×19″ paper sizes.

Roll Widths

If you’re going for large-format or wide-format borderless printers, roll widths are a necessary feature to look out for.

It goes without saying that you should opt for the printer that supports the greatest range of roll widths. As a result, you can make uninterrupted prints for a longer period of time, enhancing your productivity.

However, a larger range of roll widths may come at a price. In that case, you can always settle for the borderless printer that will just satisfy your roll width needs.

There are a huge number of options when it comes to roll width range; the longest roll width supported by a printer right now is around 54″.

How To Print Borderless

Aforementioned, borderless printing isn’t rocket science. It is a relatively simple process, but it requires you to be careful and mindful of the settings being chosen.

Focusing on those small but essential settings, we’ll provide you with an easy guide on borderless printing for the most commonly-used software and operating systems, so you can go on and execute your mind-blowing work to perfection!

Borderless Printing With Word

Preparing For Print

  • Open the word document and from the taskbar on the top, select the “Layout” option.
  • Click on the leftmost “Margin” option and select “Custom Margins” at the bottom.
  • On the resulting window, change the values of the “Top,” “Bottom,” “Left,” and “Right” features to “0”.
  • Click on the “OK” button at the bottom of the window.
  • If a message box pops up asking you to “move margins inside the printable area,” click on “Ignore.”

Executing The Print

  • Click on “File” from the top taskbar and select the “Print” option
  • Choose the correct printer and enter the number of pages to print more than one copy.
  • Select the “Print” button with the “Printer” icon to execute the print.

Borderless Printing with PDF

Whether you’re using Adobe Reader or EaseUS PDF Editor for viewing your PDF, the steps for borderless printing are more or less similar.

Preparing For Print

  • Open your PDF document and navigate to the “Page Setup” or “Page Design” window.
  • Set all the values under the “Margin” section to “0” or select the “Remove White Margins” option.

Carrying Out The Print

  • Click on “File” from the left corner.
  • Select the “Print” option and choose the correct printer from the resulting window.
  • Click on the “Properties” button and select “Borderless Printing.”
  • Press “OK” and then hit the “Print” button to print out your PDF.

Borderless Printing With Photoshop

Readying The Image For Print

  • Open your image in Photoshop and click on “Image” from the top taskbar.
  • Select “Image Size” from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter the size of the paper you’re using in the “Width” option of the window that pops up, and press “OK.”
  • Next, click on “File” on the top-left corner and select “Print.”
  • Choose the printer you’re using from the drop-down list.
  • Open the “Print Settings” window.
  • Make sure the “Source” and “Size” features are correctly chosen.
  • Tick on the “Borderless” option and click on the “Expansion” button.
  • Select “Auto Expand” under the “Method of Enlargement” section and hit “OK”. You can increase or decrease the enlargement with the slider below.
  • Next, click on the “Roll Paper” button and select the “Double Cut” option.
  • Finally, tick on the “Save Roll Paper” option and press “OK”.

Printing The Image

  • After the above-mentioned changes, your image should look borderless in the preview window. If it’s not, repeat the process above.
  • Once you’re satisfied, hit “Print” to print out your image!

Borderless Printing Using Windows

  • Click on the Windows button on the bottom-left edge of your screen and enter the “Control Panel”.
  • Next, click on “View Devices and Printers”.
  • Double-click on your printer and open “Display Printer Properties”.
  • Open the “Print Preferences” option.
  • Tick the “Borderless” box.
  • Choose the correct type of paper and the correct paper size.
  • Press “OK” and close the printer driver window.
  • Open your desired file, whether it’s a document or an image.
  • Select the “File” option on the left top corner and give the print command.

Borderless Printing Using A Mac

  • Open your desired file in any image or other format.
  • Press “Command + P” on your keyboard to open the Printer dialog box.
  • Select “Printer Properties” and click on “show details”.
  • After that, click on “Media and Layout”.
  • Fill up the options for paper type and paper size correctly and click “OK”.
  • In the new dialog box, select “Borderless” option along with your paper size.
  • Hit “Print” to carry out the print command.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between The Border And Borderless Printing?

Border printing prints your image within a certain dimension on the paper with proper margins on the top, bottom, and sides.

On the other hand, Borderless printing fills up the entire paper with the image, readjusting the size of the image so all of it is covered on the paper and no portion of the picture is lost. There are also no margins or unused whitespaces on the paper.

How To Turn On Borderless Printing?

For Photoshop

  • Open print settings from your Photoshop file by pressing “Ctrl + P” on the keyboard.
  • Tick the “Borderless” box.
  • Next, click on the “Roll Paper” option and select “Double-Cut” from the drop-down menu.
  • Press “OK,” and borderless printing is turned on.

For Word and PDF files

  • Navigate to the “Page Layout” option of your file.
  • Set all the numerical values to “0” in the margin section.
  • Click “OK,” and borderless printing will be on.

Is It Possible To Print Without Borders?

Yes, it is possible to print without borders by enabling the borderless settings for your printer before you execute the print command. You can also set all the margins to “0,” that will also let you print without borders.

How Do I Make My Printer Print Borderless?

  • Open the image or document file you want to print.
  • Press “Ctrl + P” on your keyboard to open the Print Settings.
  • Enter the “Page Settings” or “Page Layout” settings.
  • Turn on the “Borderless” option by ticking the box. If there’s no such option, change all the numerical values under the “Margin Section” to zero.
  • Click “OK” and hit “Print” to make your printer print borderless.