What Is Digital Paper?

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz about purchasing digital papers. Bloggers and crafters will put them up for selling and audiences can buy them to design their journals and scrapbooks. However, there still remains a lot of confusion surrounding the topic.

What Is Digital Paper?

What Is Digital Paper?

Unlike regularly used paper, digital papers are soft copies found in jpeg, pdf, png format. Depending on the artist, some of these papers are decorated to suit different colors or themes. Some are also plain with just lines that can be written on.

Usually, such papers are known to have dimensions of 12 x 12 inches or 8.5 x 11 inches. These sizes are the most preferred as people like to use them for making pages of their scrapbooks. However, they can be made as small as A10 sheets.

Digital papers are built using the Anoto pattern, which consists of dots that can be 0. 3mm apart at most. Hence, users can print using a printer with as low a printing resolution as 600 x 1000 dpi.

What Are Digital Papers Used For?

Digital papers are commonly used for scrapbooking and journaling. Once you have purchased a digital paper, you can print it out on scrapbooking paper. They will act as the perfect background on top of which you can write things or paste images. As long as the good-quality paper is used, you can preserve memories in the book. Then, years later, you can look back into them as if they were an album consisting of your memories.

Invitations can also be made using digital paper. This allows people to print their cards at home and save a lot of money. You only need to pay for downloading the file and then spend a little bit on pages.

Some people also write on digital papers electronically using a digital pen. They can write notes and other stuff on it and have them printed out or simply store them as a soft copy. Remember to print on durable paper to store them for a long time!

How To Make Digital Papers?

Instead of purchasing, you can simply design a custom digital paper for yourself. The process requires very little effort, and you can receive stunning results. Of course, along with a little bit of skill, you will need photo editing software to get the job done. Photoshop is our favorite!

  1. Open your designing software and create a workspace. Keep your work in mind and type in the suitable dimensions in inches.
  2. Think of a theme for your digital paper and add a background color accordingly. You can use textures to increase its appeal.
  3. Add in designs using the shape option and apply fun graphics. Remember to draw lines or place dots for your writing spot.
  4. Use the photoshop tools like shapes, stamps, and brushes to include all you need in your digital papers.
  5. Once you are done, save your work in jpeg or png form.

Congrats! You have made your own set of digital papers!

How To Use Digital Paper In Crafting

Digital papers can be used for completing several crafting tasks. To do so, you need to print them out using a printer that provides high-resolution output.

Remember to use some high-quality paper to receive prints that meet the standard. Cardstock paper, translucent vellum, glossy photo paper, matter paper, etc., are some options that are commonly used. You need to choose a paper according to the colors seen in the paper. For example, to do justice for dark-themed digital paper, use matter paper. Whereas for eye-catching backgrounds consisting of bright images, cardstock or glossy paper are good options.

Once you have printed out the digital paper, you can use them for making cards, bookmarks, paper objects, origami tasks, etc. You can also cut off small pieces and add them to the background of big crafty projects.

How To Buy And Download Digital Paper

To buy digital papers, look into the websites of bloggers that sell printables. You can also check sites like Etsy, where many users sell their digital work. Such sites will ask you to make a payment via credit card or through some other plausible options. Once you are done, the digital paper will be available for download. You can also get free digital papers from sites like Pixabay, Pinterest, etc.

While downloading, run the file through trustworthy anti-virus software. This will keep your device safe from malware.

How To Print Your Digital Paper

Things you will need:

  • A printer that can make colored prints.
  • A paper whose dimensions match your digital paper’s size.


  1. Open the file you are going to print and make sure it is in the correct size. If not, should start by cropping off parts from the side.
  2. Once you are done, press on the print option and wait for the list of settings to open up. For example, alter the orientation, change the paper size, and choose a paper type.
  3. Insert your paper in the feed tray and make sure your printer recognizes that it is loaded.
  4. Select the print button on the Print dialogue box shown on your screen.

Tips For Using Digital Paper

  • Printers with borderless printing ability should be used for printing out backgrounds.
  • While printing, do not try to squeeze or enlarge the digital paper. Print them out on pages that have the same size as your digital paper.
  • If your printer doesn’t offer high-resolution prints, refrain from using detailed digital papers.
  • For making scrapbook pages using digital paper, use heavy cardstock. Ink sets nicely on these, and you are offered a sharp quality.
  • Write on your digital paper electronically instead of printing them out and then writing. This way, you can use various fonts and styles.
  • Do not print out your digital paper on textured paper unless it matches your theme. Sometimes, textures can ruin the details and look of your digital paper.

What is digital scrapbook paper?

A digital paper that can be used to design scrapbooks is referred to as digital scrapbook paper. These papers usually have a dimension of 12 x 12 inches or 8.5 x 11 inches and are found in jpeg or png format.

Digital scrapbook papers can be printed out on cardstocks of various colors and textures. However, if you hope for a good result, it is best to check out a printer-friendly one.

How to use digital scrapbook paper

To use digital scrapbook paper, you need to print it out on the ideal type of scrapbook paper. Once you have done this, you can paste it onto your scrapbook to form a nice and colorful background. You can also cut out various shapes from the printed digital scrapbook paper or make pockets with it. To take things up a notch, you can add them to the backgrounds of photos and add stickers that accentuate the theme.