What Is The Difference Between Giclee Print And Art Print?

There are many types of printed art present in the market. But giclee print and art print are affordable for people who like art, and these prints look nice on the wall too. But which one would you prefer if you don’t know the difference between a giclee print and an art print?

Gicleeprint looks like the original piece of art because materials of good qualities are used in this type of print. But art print is done on a commercial basis. There are also other differences between them regarding color spectrum, constitutes, longevity and paper type.

Fine art defines a person’s taste and speaks about their personality. But not everyone can afford an original piece of art. This is where printed art comes in.

What Is The Difference Between Giclee Print And Art Print?

What is Giclee Print?

Giclee printing is a method that uses pigment-based ink instead of dyes to print art on a canvas or an archival paper. It is like a giant inkjet printer, but the usage of pigment-based ink resembles the actual paint.

Here’s a little trivia – the word giclee comes from the French verb gicler, which means spray, squirt, or spout!

What is Art Print?

Art print means artwork printed on paper, metal surface, wood, fabric, etc.

In simple words, art print is the commercial reproduction of a piece of art by the artist or the permitted authority. Generally, finearts are printed on high-quality paper with great attention to color reproduction.

Difference Between giclee Print And Art Print

Both giclee and art print are unique in their way. So, you’ll need a clear view of the difference between giclee print and art print.


Of course, there’s a difference in their constitutes. Giclee print uses pigment-based ink. On the other hand, art print uses dye-based ink to print an image.


Longevity depends on the exposure of the art to a heat source, exposure to bright light sources, storage conditions, pollutants in the storage, etc.

A giclee printed art will last for almost 200 years with proper care. In daylight, it’ll last for 100-150 years.

On the contrary, an art print lasts for an average of 40 years under sunlight. If you keep it in the dark, it may last for almost 80 years.


Archival or Museum-grade papers are used for giclee printing. These papers give a more alluring and convincing look to the art.

The image or art is printed on paper or card because of using Dye-based ink.

Color Spectrum

giclee gives a full spectrum of colors in the highest and sharpest resolutions. It is done on vivid paper. But the images are still gleaming.

But art printslook glossy, and you won’t be able to find details like giclee prints.

Giclee Printing Process

If you have a wish to make your own giclee print, then start on your own today. Just follow these simple steps:

Step1: Choose the Right Paper

Use an archival, museum-grade paper, or canvas to get the best result with giclee.

Archival is an acid-free and cotton base paper. So, when you’re buying agiclee print, never hesitate to ask the seller about the quality of the paper.

Step2: Use the Right Resolution

The right amount of resolution will give you a more detailed print of an image. For a giclee print, the minimum resolution requirement is 300 dpi (dots per inch).

Do not use lower dpi because it’ll make the print blurry. You might also lose a lot of details and color accuracy.

Step3: Use the Right Ink

Use pigment-based ink. These types of inks have small colored particles in suspension. As a result, you’ll be able to produce more detailed work.

The advantage of using pigment-based ink is that it’ll give your print a longer lifespan and superior color tone.

Step4: Selection of Printer

Inkjet printers are easy to use and render a good quality image. You have to use a printer that can hold up a massive variety of color cartridges for desired giclee print.

Epson and Canon have a wide range of cartridges and give a good color tone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are gicleeprints worth it?

It is worth something if the printing is done using good quality ink and canvas or archival paper.

Remember to never pay more than an original.The Standard price of a giclee print should be half of the original work.

2. Is giclee better than printing?

Giclee print is, of course, better than art printing. Because giclee uses almost every shade of original color. So, it has the most explicit details and the best resolution.

The archival paper or surface used in printing is acid-free, which ensures the long-lasting of the print.

3. How do you tell if it is giclee printing?

To know if the printing is giclee or not, run your hand all over the paper. It is original if you feel the paint and some layer of color.

A giclee print looks more like the original. So, if your hand doesn’t face any roughness and moves easily, then it’s a giclee print.

4. Why are giclee prints so Expensive?

If the material used for printing is of premium quality and there’s a good story behind it, it will make the print expensive.When it’s a well-known artist’s work, you’ll have to pay more than the average price.

5. How long will giclee prints last?

If the materials used in a giclee print are good quality and you take good care of it, it’ll last for 150-200 years. It indeed is long enough to keep everyone happy.

But if there is not enough care, it won’t last long.


It’s hard to find the best quality print in the market. Almost all renowned suppliers have their own versions of art prints and giclee. Though there are some famous names you can rely on, you need to choose among them.

As you read the passage about the difference between a giclee print and an Art Print, you can now select the best one. It would be best to do research before purchasing one. It’ll be your loss if you don’t know the correct information!